Lower back pain

I suffer from lower back pain when I run outside and then for a day or so afterwards. It's just niggly and although I still manage to do pretty good times, it definitely does hold me back, any thoughts?


  • go and see a chiropracter or sports physio..
  • I am just recovering from a lower back injury and the physio advised me that this is a common problem for runners and cyclists.

    Lack of specific back exercises (strengthening and stretching) is the problem.

    Solution? More exercises.
  • Pilate exercises to strengthen back and good stretching with hams and quads.

    Argos do a gym ball for about £9.99 which are very good for core stability exercises

    Good luck
  • Good advice from brunette bird, only be careful buying the reebok ball from argos, i've had two and they both burst. You can get a quality burst resistant ball for @£20.
  • hmmm... this thread was started some time ago, but I too am suffering with lower back pain.

    It's worse in the morning but better by the afternoon. I also don't notice or feel it if I run, it's afterwards the next day that I feel it.

    I don't suppose anyone has suggestions for specific exercises for the lower back?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Strengthening the core muscles helps the lower back, quisquam. That's cos these (mainly abdominal) muscles actually 'splint' the back. Hence the sugestions re Pilates and the swiss ball.

    Other than that, go and see a sports fizz and ask then to give you exercises to help your specific problem.

    I manage my 'normal' back pain by keeping active and using my swiss ball as a computer chair but am currently having to do specific exercises to help a sacro-iliac problem.

    Good luck!
  • It depends on the specific cause of your back pain. A good sports physio or osteopath can diagnose you and suggest appropriate exercises.

    Core stability seems to be the key so Pilates and gym ball exercises are recommended as above. Lieing on your back and bringing your knees to your chest or doing the ankle on knee piriformis exercise is helpful. I've also got on well by adding the bridge exercise to my stretching routine.
  • Your tips and advice are definitely helpful and much appreciated!

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