JKExer Apexfit 9100M treadmill

I'm trying to find a good budget treadmill. I've found a JKEXER Apexfit 9100M for £500 (RRP £1500 apparently), but I can't find any info about the treadmill on the web.

Anyone know if it is any good or not? If not any suggestions for a good budget readmill appreciated.



  • Hi

    I know a fair bit about equipment and especially treadmills. Never heard of the JKEXER, which means if you do buy it and something goes wrong......ARGHHHH

    anyway, with a 1500 pound budget, you'll be able to get a great one. Have a look at www.totallyfitness.co.uk I got one there and they are all from major brands. I shopped around and found them to be the cheapest as well, which is always nice.

    hope this helps.
  • Emma i import and sell these treadmills in Cyprus and so far never had a problem with them. JKEXER is a Taiwanese company specialising in fitness equipment. Apexfit 9100m is a very solid model with a net weight of 101Kgs so it should be more than adequate for your running needs. I sold this model to a lot of my friends who run regularly and they are all happy. The motor is 2.5HP DC continuous (meaning output even under the worst circumstances so i dont see why it should give you any problems).
    Please also see their website for additional information: http://www.b2b-fitness-equipment-manufacturer.com/
    I hope the above help you make a decision. BTW the quoted price of GBP500 is dirt cheap.
  • Yes I have heard abput it you can take treadmills from your gym

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