Quadriceps Exercises please !


Id be grateful if somebody could point me in the direction of some simple but efficient stretches / exercises to strengthen the quadriceps and / or knees.

Ideally they can be done at home too without the aid of a £5000 multi-gym. Could probably stretch to a stability ball or elastic band if necassary !!!!

Thanks in advance, Stu


  • Ok, bag of shopping around you ankle. Sit on a chair and basically lift the shopping from the knee.
  • Buy that man a pint ! Thats the type od straight forward exercise i like - cheers matey ! Ill send the missus out for 12 Grolsch when i get in on the basis I need them as part of my recovery routine!!!!!!!

  • if you have knee problems you shouldn't be doing quad extensions like that, Jon (or even roper ones on a machine) according to a physio who used to treat me.

    He recommended fit-ball squats (ball on wall, back on ball, squat so quads go parallel with floor but knees don't go out further than the toes).
  • If it's a weakness... Then yes, you should
  • I should expand on that. I had a weak quad that mean the outside top one was pushing my knee cap to track diagonally inwards. To balance things out, I did that very exercise and things were sorted within weeks. I guess it depends on the prob, but that certainly built the strength up.
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