It came this morning

Got mine this morning.
Any one else?


  • What came, your fleece or your acceptance letter?
  • Nope

    I am still waiting and I have not bequethed
  • I got mine this morning too ... Accepted !!
    Better start with the serious training now !!
  • This morning the postman knocked at the door.....
    My heart fell for it could only be the fleece!!
    A single ray of hope was that the fleece was for my wife who also entered, followed by a desperate wish that the fleece was for me so I could be the one to stay in bed on these cold winter mornings.
    In the end it was a package for the previous occupant - long gone, why can't some companies work out how to change people's addresses.
    So I live to hope for one more day at least.

  • This is like waiting for Christmas> Iknow my cheque has been cashed and I haven't bequeathed but I still can'nt sleep at night waiting for the post. SAD!
  • Mrs FF just phoned me at work. I'm IN!!!!
  • I'm late for work cos I waited for the postman - and 15 minutes after he normally arrives he still hadn't turned up. Hopefully he wasn't weighed down by a heavy fleece. Now I'll be wondering all day.

    This is doing my head in...
  • It is almost too much to bear, nothing from postman pat yesterday and opening the front door this evening will be a key moment (pardon the pun) in my year.

    Reserve plan is to run for the Guide Dogs but they have a ballot as well.....
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Got mine. Number 55743.

  • I'm in too! And Oracle's gonna love how I did it....

    See my "Why did I bequeath" thread for more!

    Oh, and I'm number 16321.

  • OK I expect you all to go the the URWFRC website and update your details immediately. We want to see who is in and what times you are all hoping to do so we can arrange meeting points and running groups etc.
  • yes!! first time i've entered, cant believe it.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    still nothing, but I got in this year through the ballot,so I've made room in the wardrobe for the fleece already....

  • Thanks for reminding me, SB - just been and done it.

    I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed not to get a fleece, in a bizarre far-too-sad kind of way, because I nearly live in fleeces and an FLM one would have been a nice addition....

  • I am sure you can buy on for FLM Mr A
  • Are there any of you who are in but have *not* had your cheques cashed yet?

  • Me, Neil

    But that is because the travel agency has not asked for any money yet

  • I know, SB, I'm one of those "mugs" who handed over a wodge of cash for an FLM technical shirt in 2001 - which I love, as it kept me very cool over the summer.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Me in. Yeah! Off to the other site now SB.

  • My wife got here acceptance this morning - she bequeathed and was rejected but got a place in the draw for 1000 extra's

    Still don't know about myself - but i do have a gold bond anyway
  • Yep, I'm in as well! How nervous was I opening that envelope?!!! Must admit I'm actually looking forward to all the training (have run it 3 times so I know what's in store!) and for anyone out there who hasn't yet run it; it will be one of the most memorable days of your life so treasure every second (minute, hour, day?...)
  • Ok Reminder update info on the urwfrc website so we can all meet up etc.

  • Got my acceptance form today (though I knew I would be in through a Good For Age place). Still excited to receive it and looking forward to training tonight.

    Doesn't even matter if it chucks it down tonight and the lanes are a mud bath tonight will still be a good run!
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Looks like I'm nipping home at lunchtime!

    I did phone FLM a couple of days ago who reckong the mailing will take place over a week or so.

    I would like to know for certain (cheque's been cashed but I still don't believe I'm in) before I go to the physio tonight. Knowing my luck he's going to tell me I'll never run again!
  • I havent heard as yet but sounds like it could be up to a week or so ? What would be the latest to wait before chasing them up ? anybody know. My cheque was cashed but cnanot remember if I bequeathed !
  • I spoke to someone at FLM this morning, they said that if you haven't heard by 9th December then call and they will have a database to look info up on.
  • I'm in!!!!!

    First time of entering, can't believe it!

    My wife (fat girl slim) hasn't heard yet though.
  • Rob - has your cheque been cashed yet?
  • I gat a royal mail card (missed it I was in bed) two packages, fleeces? One ray of hope on the card the initial is 'L' My daughter, I live in hope!
  • Did not get into London, my fleece arrived this morning (with dear John…) My only hope now is to get the club entry and as I’m the only member of the club who applied, I’m hopeful
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