Why did I bequeath?

OK, so some of you may have seen the, erm, "discussions" I've had with Oracle in this section about why you should bequeath your entry fee. Here comes a bizarre coincidence....

Got a letter from FLM this morning: at the top it says "Congratulations: your entry for the Flora London Marathon to be held on Sunday April 13, 2003 has been accepted".

Excellent! But here comes the funny bit....

I have a little yellow sticker on my acceptance form. It says "Congratulations! You were rejected in the initial Ballot, but are one of the 1,000 winners of the Bequest Draw"

Now, how funny is that!


  • Wow ! Almost like they have been following the arguments, and thought they'd give us a bit of a laugh !

    Congratulations !! Now did you win that prize of the holiday in Club La Santa as well, or did they reckon that would be pushing it too far ? ;-)

  • I don't know, but I might just enter that "Win a night of passion with Kylie Minogue, Winona Ryder and Caprice" competition after all....
  • Mr A, well done, that's hilarious. I have been following the discussions with interest!

    Why bequeath indeed!!!
  • my wife got a place this way - although she is currently shaking like a leaf and regreting ever letting me persuade her to enter !!
  • mrs Simes you will have a ball.
  • Yes, it works!
    I received my congratulations letter this morning with a yellow sticker saying I was rejected in the initial ballot but was one of the winners in the Bequest Draw.
    Just fancy that, and I was in two minds whether to bequeath or not.
  • I agreed to bequeath the money also and have got a place for the second year in a row by doing so (and not through the bequest draw but the initial ballot))
    I don't know whether it's coincidence or not, but I'm happy!

  • I have been told by an insider that FLM looks down on people who don't bequeth, but this was after I had entered and bequethed.
    My arguement is that it takes a lot of organisation, some dont like the commecialisation but without it and the bequethed money etc FLM wouldn't happen or have the atmosphere.
    How much is spent on lottery tickets, is it to win or to donate. How much goes to charity and how much to fat cats in USA?
    You have far better odds of a place in FLM than the lottery and it costs a hell of a lot less (£27 versus £52). Bequeth one and all.
  • I'd be more happy to bequeath if it didn't go to giving the elites tens of thousands of pounds worth of appearance money.
  • Graham, not convinced.

    Top marathon runners vs top footballers....who would you rather be a pound behind eh?

    People pay hundreds of pounds a year for season tickets for football, where do you think the majority of the money gets spent?
  • Don't see the connection.

    Football - pay money to see football, see footballer, footballer gets money. Job's a good 'un.
    Marathon - pay money to run, run. Everyone's happy.
    Bequeathing - pay money to run, don't run, other runners get paid for showing up. You sit at home.

    Did bequeath this year, didn't last year, purely because I could do with a fleece, and it seemed a better cost/risk than just for a t-shirt. I don't think it is in any way a donation to charity though.
  • Good grief, It is the way it is, take away the elite - take away a part of the spectacle. They push their bodies to the limits, their next race could easily be their last, that means their livelyhood up the spout. If I was that good I'd want a fair whack. Anyhow don't you think that Flora, Lucozade et al might pay the prize fund? If you take those sorts of arguments to the extreme we would all start feeling guilty about buying 'lifes little luxuries' instead of donating every last expendable penny to charity.
  • Well said Moe my sentiments exactly!
  • Butty: you'll be in don't worry!
  • Who said take away the elite? Increase the prizes for performance - if you are elite, then you should be coming in the top twenty anyway. But tens of thousands of pounds appearance money?? Not convinced.

    Anyway, I got in through the extra 1,000 places so... erm... as you were.
  • All of the discussion made me think long and hard about if I should have bequeathed or not.... Then I got in in the extra 1000 and answered my question.
  • I always bequeath cos i think its the right thing to do
    ok Im naive
  • I have bequeathed but haven't heard anything yet. Do you think I should be looking forward to my winter runs in a warm flora fleece or will I have to make do with the heat generated by the muscles of my face grinning that I have got in!!
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