Sub 3 for FLM, but middle aged!!!!

Age 48
Only started competitive running late last year, after years of neglect.

PB 3h 06m set in Nov04 (4th marathon ever, 3rd one in the last six months)

Ran a peak 55mpw prior to that attempt.

In London for being good for age.

Would be interested to swap notes with anyone of a similar age daft enough, to be trying a sub 3 when they should be acting their age, and playing golf.

Especially would like to know, whether moving up to 70mpw, would crock me at my age, or should I continue pratting around with the lower mileage to save on wear and tear.


  • Napoleon - I'm 43 and have been running for almost 6 years. Ran PR of 2:57 last year on 65 miles maximum. I'm planning to get up to 70 miles this time and hoping to improve on the time. Regarding your proposed increased mileage - best advice I can offer is listen to your body. Try gradually increaing and you can usually tell by too many aches and pains if you are pushing the limit.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Anthony, I'll take your advice on board.

    Seems to be a big thing on here about 70mpw, especially amongst the sub 2.45 mob.

    Not certain if I have either the time or the inclination to bother to reach that level, however it is reassuring that you have done it at 65mpw.

    Good luck if you are doing the FLM.


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