Wide Foot Stikes Again

Now I've got wide feet, oh man, wide feet. Remember as a kid when you used
to go into shoe shops and the width thing went to H well I was nearer M (if there was an M).

So Running, well when I first started I had a pair of Saucony, they must
have been wide cos they were brill (compared to my footie boots which gave
me hell every Sunday!). Even brill meant a nasty corn on the left little toe
and the occasional blister on the big toe right foot, I put up with this
as just something that happens when you run.

From their I went from trainer to trainer Saucony, Nike, Adidas. All to be
frank, buggered my feet. To the point I didn't want to run anymore.

Then I went on holiday to the USA, I ended up in Super Runner Shop in New York
I never knew New Balance did super wide fittings! Yee Haa, yankee doodle doo,
4E width fitting, absolute heaven. Never looked back, no foot bother at all
doing about 20-30 miles a week.

Then disaster struck, I did the Suicide Six a muddy boggy affair including
a wade thru a brook! I must say at this point wide feet in muddy conditions
are akin to being like a mountain goat, everyone else falling over but not
me ha! My trainers deeply, well, shafted!

No worries I thought, i'll go to a running shop and get some more.
'Sorry mate, New Balance don't do 4E in the UK'. Arrrrrgggggh! Cue
some emails to the USA and a pair were sent on their way.

UNTIL, those nasty people at Customs added £47.14 to the total, more than
half the value of the shoe! I rang and asked how they came to the total
and the facist on the phone couldn't tell me. In that case I asked why
I had been charged an £18 inspection fee if they had not even opened the
package, 'Sorry, don't know'. I asked for my money back, 'You'll have to fill
out two forms'.

The point of my tale

a) anybody know somewhere in the UK that stocks New Balance 4E width trainers?

b) order anything from abroad, get them to mark it 'Gift, No Value', otherwise
you run the risk of customs well and truly shafting you.


  • TAWB - Naturally I can't help you with NB, but it is possible (albeit rare) to get Saucony extra wide fitting in the UK.

    We have two styles available. If you're neutral, there is the Grid Jazz Wide, if you pronate, there is the Grid Omni Wide.

    As you have found previously, Saucony are usually a wide fitting anyway, so we don't offer many of our shoes in the extra fitting, however, the Omni and the Jazz are our most popular styles, so we have taken the decision to carry stock.

    If you'd like to let me know your location, either by posting here or emailing me directly, I can let you know a store near to you which either has the stock or would be prepared to order them in for you.

    I hope this helps.
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