Runing Number - Does it mean anything

Got a number of 56075 this year. Can I read anything in to this? Any ideas whether this means starting from the Green start or one of the others?


  • The number that I got with my acceptance last year was different to my acttual race number, so not sure if it does mean anything.
  • yes you're right - just dug out my number from this year totally different from the running number on the acceptance form. Oh well doesn't matter at this stage.
  • Mine's 08938. Haven't a clue what it means.
  • FLM have just chenged their numbering scheme - I know how it works for Gold Bond numbers but not for ballot entries - last year there were two numbers - one they gave out on the entry form and one number that they give you at the exhibition - your running number. They have abolished the double number system this year so the first number you are given is your actual running number. It makes their admin a lot easier this way. I'd imagine that, as they are doing this for Gold Bonds they are likely to be doing it across the board.
  • Does this mean my international Entry Number of 512 will be my race number????
  • Good, my number is 55 something which means both of us will be at the green start, from where i have started my last 2 marathons, this is the best of the 3 starts (red,blue & green) as it is the smallest which means we will get over the start line quicker...
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