I started running recently and purchased mizuno wave mercury shoes - great for road. BUT i love trail running and seem to spend all my time on muddy tracks etc. do i need to buy trail shoes or should i stick with what i have...?


  • It depends on a) how much money you have available to get separate trail shoes, b) what your wave mercury shoes are like on the trails and c) whether you are willing to trash your road shoes!!!
    I'd recommend the Nike Storm Pegasus to anyone,as they are a wicked trail shoe with good grip and water-resistant upper.Might be worth a try?
  • Stormy Pegs are really good. I do most of my running on the road, but I hate getting wet feet, so I went for the more waterproof Storm instead of the road version. They're not too bright on wet wooden bridges or concrete, but perfectly ok on everything else--and it's nice to be able to take shortcuts over muddy fields without slipping about too much.
  • Got to be Adidas Swoop. 100% grip, nice and snug fit to stop that mud sucking the trainers right off your feet.
  • Nike have a new trail shoe out 'Tipo' supposed to be excellent. Thinking of getting some myself.
  • Hilly - Its the Tupu and definitely worth a try too,but a bit dodgy on sloppy mud.Depends what you'll be running on...
  • sensible- I know, sorry, silly me!

    Thinking of giving them a go. I do run sometimes in very sloppy mud, also do lots of multi terrain running. Would you think Walshes or NB or Fell Dancer's better? Advice appreciated.
  • Cant help with advice on any of the others,I've only run in the Tupus!!Sorry about that.Managed 85 minutes today in a very wet national park in the Lake District with them and they were very good,no problems at all.They dry out pretty quick too!!
  • sensible-I like the sound of these Tupus! About size, have you had to go up/down a size to your normal shoe size? The reason I ask is I know roughly with different makes what shoe size to go for. Nike I normally have to have a size bigger than my mormal shoe size, whereas Saucony Swerve I have to go up 2 sizes.
  • I'm running in my normal shoe size with the Tupus,8.5!Other Nike shoes have come up big/small but the Tupus seem fine
  • I bought Walshes in the end from Ironbridge Runner in Exeter as I couldn't get any Tupu's-sold out of my size! The Walshes feel good though, can't wait to try them out now.
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