our trans-atlantic cousins

...in a forum and this is the sort of thing I get in response....

"I love to dance in the rain, it cleanses the soul, and look how powerful rain dancing was and is for our native-american brothers and sisters,"

Oh, for goodness sake - lighten up!


  • Oo-er! Best stay this side of the pond then eh?
    However, over on the Mature Thread we have a resident of S.Carolina who must have lots of British genes in him from somewhere - he even does irony!!!
  • I've always found the contributors on US RW forum good sports and whenever I've been on there I've always been touched by how welcoming (and indulgent) they are to the likes of me.

    (Chimp's eyes mist over at the antics of Baby Jingles)
  • Yes, but did the experience help to cleanse your soul?
  • Baby Jingles??

    Well he cleansed the back of wee piglet's neck but that's an extremely long tale.
  • Thanks Chimp for the reminder; Baby Jingles and his total sincerity will remain imprinted in my memory for many years to come. It is rare to come across a man with such willingness to share details of his 'little probems'.
  • And no, my soul didn';t feel cleansed afterwards, but the laughter did me a power of good on a dark and stormy night
  • "Cleansing the back of wee piglet's neck" ... is that an american equivelant of "choking the bishop"?
  • ...or piddling on a pig?
  • If I'd been drinking coffee, it'd be all over my monitor now. Instead it's just snot on the keyboard.

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