Race time predictor

My pb's are as follows:
10k 1:05:51 (May '04)
half 2:25:30 (March '03)
marathon 5:24:57 (April '04)

The RW race time predictor suggests that I should be able to do a sub 5:00 marathon.

What should I concentrate on first - speedwork or building endurance?


  • I'd say endurance would be key to a sub 5 hour...but what do you think added the 24 minutes in April?
  • Amanadarunning -
    It was my third - times have been pretty similar for the other two (5:30 and 5:26). I'm 55 and at present rate of improvement will crash through the 5 hour mark whenI'm 71!
    Had a real "down" patch at about 10 miles - felt so bad I had doubts about finishing - but did the last 10k split faster then the second. Torrential very cold rain in the last mile didn't help, but neither was enough to add 25 minutes.

    I was surprised to see the RW time - it seems like a lot to take off the current marathon pb.
  • Hi K2
    I reckon amandarunning has it right. You need to be pushing back hitting the wall to 20 miles if you can. Then you only have a 10K to run to get to the finish line. Endurance endurance endurance. sadly it needs a lot of time to build it up.
    Hope you are wearing your FLM t-shirt :-)
  • Hi Podro
    Hmm - that's sort of what I thought. I'm probably doing a marathon next week (long story!) and having a go at the Oldbury 30 on Jan 23rd so should have built up endurance a bit by April, so long as I can keep up motivation.

    Not wearing T-shirt today but flaunt it proudly as often as possible - I think of you every time so hope your ears/eyes were burning!
  • K2
    I've found that speed has come with endurance. Just did Leicester with no speedwork training because I always seem to get injured by running as fast as possible. Plenty of long slow runs and managed to knock 21 mins off my FLM time. Now aimimg for a GFA time for FLM 2006. Not in FLM 2005 (so far), will do a different one in the spring if I don't get in.
  • Podro - Congratulations! If I knocked 21 minutes off my time I'd be nearly there.
    I had wondered if running very hard might be counter-productive for me as I then need at least a day off, possibly 2. I'm well-aware that I take longer to recover than younger running friends.
    I've got a FLM 2005 place - if I have a spare T-shirt, it's yours.
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