computer expert required!

Help needed please!
I have windows xp - everytime I go on the net this annoying "search companion" pops up on the left hand side. I don't want it and would love to know how to get rid of it permanently!
Can someone put me out of my misery please?


  • You're infested with spyware. If you search for an anti-spyware tool on google and run it, you'll probably find you've got dozens of things installed. They should also remove them for you to some extent.
  • assuming you are a little tech savvie...

    some quick tips.

    1. press control alt delete on your PC, click on processes tab, and then look for exe files like search.exe, or anything suspicious. Note them down, and then search for them in windows explorer. Anything suspicious, google it and delete as appropriate.

    2. go to control panel, click on add/remove programs, look through the list, and if you see any search bar apps that look suspicious, google them and then remove them.

    Also, get the spyware tool as suggested. I just tend to hunt them down myself and swot them!!

  • THis is what to do:

    Do a search on Google for Spybot and Spywareblaster.

    Go to their websites, download, install and run them.

    Don't download any others at this stage. Most spyware tools are themselves spyware. These two are clean and respectable and free.

    THis may not be the whole answer, but it's a start.

    You should also consider downloading Mozilla Firefox which is a much more secure browser than Internet Explorer.

    Finally, make sure you have a firewall. If you have XP, you're in luck. Make sure it's turned on. It's default setting (crazily) is off.

    Moghul is right about his point 1, but to be honest I think that's too geeky for you. Let Spybot and these other measures do it for you.
  • thanks for your help people, my swatter is at the ready!
  • Diamond geezers!
    I'm free at last!
  • check out ad-aware, you can find it easily using google. Free to download. Detects lots of nasty robots, spyware, and other beasties. You might be amazed at just how much cr*p is on your pc, I know I was when I first ran it.
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