Running in Nottingham

Hi!! Anyone in Nottingham (Wollaton area)looking for an 'occasional' running partner? I've been running for nearly 4 months, have completed one 5 mile and two 10K races and am training for a 10 miler before competing in the Robin Hood Half Marathon next month.

My problem - my wife works 4 nights per week and childcare responsibilities mean that my prospects of joining a running club are limited at the moment.

My longer runs (7-9 miles) are restricted to Monday evenings and weekends - anyone else in a similar position seeking some additional motivation drop me a line.

Just so you know - I am far from being an elite athlete!! - my 10Ks have been run in 51 and 52 mins so you won't need to worry about being left behind!!!!




  • Hi Pete,

    Unfortunately I'm a runner from Mansfield so unable to be a training partner for you.

    Just a word on running clubs though - I felt unable to commit to joining a local club due to not being able to fit in with the training nights that they run and not liking the fact that the runners of the club seem generally too good !

    So I was pleased to discover the online running club team - a "virtual" online running club which does have affiliated status.

    I joined and have been really pleased with the support on their forum from fellow members, of extremely varied abilities.

    A group of us are planning to meet up before the Robin Hood Half Marathon, and I dare say you may see some of us in our team vests as it seems to be a popular event with the members !

    So if you are looking to join a club but may have problems with keeping to the meeting dates, consider team as it features a number of benefits without the commitment.

    Full details are on the website. (

    And thanks for your info on the Clumber Park 10k, ou never know - I may see you there !
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