New Poll.

How many times have you been accepted ?
How many times have you been rejected?

Me, accepted twice, rejected twice.


  • Rejected twice
    Accepted Never
  • Accepted twice
    Rejected never

  • What are we talking about here? Women?

    Accepted - always
    Rejected - never


    OK, since I know it's FLM:

    Accepted - once (today!)
    Rejected - once (2001)
  • Accepted never
    Rejected Once
  • Ballot Accepted Once
    Ballot Rejected Once
    Good For Age Accepted Once
  • Rejected 4 times
    Accepted 1 time
    Good for age 1 time
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Same as Mr A (apart from his first answers), once & once.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Three all plus GFA place for 2003. I have never bequeathed.
  • Rejected once
    Accepted twice
  • Rejected 3 times
    Await the 4th attempt this week !
  • As Wolfy,

    Rejected 4 times
    Accepted once
    Good for age once

  • Applied once, accepted once (this year)
  • Rejected once (this year). Boo, hiss, phew!!!!
  • 2001 got a gaurenteed entry in March off a bloke in the pub.
    2002 accepted thru ballot.
    2003 good for age.
  • 1999 accepted first time through ballot
    2000 accepted second time through ballot (had to hold over to 2001 due to stress fracture)
    2001 held over place but decided I didn't want to run. Ran Bungay Black Dog marathon instead.
    2002 good for age place from run at Bungay.
    2003 good for age place.
  • rejected twice
    awaiting third time answer
  • My better half told me off for calling myself a FLM reject. Being rejected, apparently, is different from being a reject. This little bit of Jesuitical sophistry distracted me from my sulking, but not half as much as my mother, who went 'Ballot? What ballot? I thought you just turned up and ran these races. You mean you have to enter beforehand?' then went on to add kindly, 'Anyway, you don't want to run all that way. It would really knock you about, and anyway, you might not be able to do it, you know.'

    Hmmm. Actually, Benz, I think I preferred it when I was waiting for the postman ;-)
  • Applied twice, rejected twice :(
  • Once accepted, once rejected, awaiting this year's result.
  • Applied once
    Rejected once

    My only 100% record at anything!!!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    94 - accepted
    95 - rejected
    96 - rejected
    97 - rejected
    98 - rejected
    99 - rejected
    00 - rejected
    01 - rejected
    02 - accepted
    03 - still waiting, but I got accepted last year..........
  • 1998 - rejected
    1999 - rejected
    2000 - forgot to post entry !!!
    2001 - rejected
    2002 - accepted
    2003 - still waiting,
    but reckon it's a no-no
  • Applied once, accepted once...
  • 2003 Accepted
  • 98 accepted 1st time
    99 rejected got gold bond place
    00 rejected got gold bond place
    o1 rejected ran newyork instead
    02 rejected won club place
    o3 accepted good 4 age place
    love london
  • 1998 - accepted
    1999 - accepted
    2002 - Good for age

    and the Mrs
    2001 - rejected but got club place
    2002 - accepted

    Guess we're lucky.
  • Since 1989 have been accepted through ballot 6 times and have had 3 Gold Bond entries. Have been rejected 2001 and 2002 and think rejected this year as well.
  • 01 - rejected
    02 - still waiting...
  • 1999 rejected
    2000 accepted and ran
    2001 rejected so ran Sheffield. Missed Good for Age by 5 secs
    2002 rejected so ran Robin Hood with my fab fiance to get in to FLM with a Good for Age place for 2003!
    Good luck to all those waiting. Hope to see you there.
  • 1999 accepted by extra bequeath draw
    2003 accepted

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