Followed the RW schedule last year with a couple of adaptations here and there. Worked for me in that I acheived my target time.

However, this year I'm going to concentrate a bit more on speed work. It's never been my strong point and I really struggled with the speed work on the schedule.

Will be starting my build up 4 weeks earlier (didn't start til Jan last year).

Will probably do another race during the build up only did one last year


  • My cheque's cleared, and I didn't bequeath, but still waiting for confirmation! I ran the FLM last year and like you, used the RW Schedule for the first time. It was really useful, because I had no idea how much training was involved and needed to run a marathon (I did it in 4.30) but I felt that I peaked a couple of weeks too soon, and was a little tired in the week running up to the marathon. I also kept reading about carboloading etc. and even though I was training I kept popping power bars. So I did put on some weight, although I didn't notice it at the time. What really did work though, was making sure I ate and drank in the early stages of the FLM, which gave me the energy to finish. I ran the FLM about 5 years ago as well, same time, but didn't eat and drink early enough, and really suffered with lack of energy at the end. What's great though, is that even though you don't realise it, training for a marathon improves your general running and distances for the future. I now run 6 - 8 miles 2 -3 times a week, and I don't think too much of it, especially when I remember those long training runs.......
  • Never bothered with carbo loading or power bars. Lucozade is about my limit and have never been 100% convinced about this over water. Got thoroughly sick of the stuff by the end of FLM took me months before I drank anymore. Yes doing the training had a great effect on my endurance. I remember finishing a mid week 10 miler and not thinking anything of it. Compare this with my first 10 miler a year or so earlier and I thought I was going to explode!
  • More speed/hill work. Less alcohol, more sleep and more focus.
  • Do longer distances (Ha - easy to say now !)

    Longest last year was a 16 mile run followed by a 4 mile hobble. Not really good enough !!

    I reckon 3 x 20 milers should do it this year. I hope !

  • You're going to video it, Oracle? Excellent, you might see my banner. I've decided to change the wording though. It's now going to read "I STOLE ORACLE'S PLACE".

  • Poor Oracle.......
  • But at least he's not bitter....
  • If you try nothing else try some power gels or carbohydrate drink in traing and see how you go. They do make a difference if you are trying to go at 80% plus of your max output for three hours. I was sceptical but have seen the light and generally try to avoid a hangover, lardy breakfast etc etc!
  • Mr A, you're brutal!! No wonder your family don't want to see you at Christmas!! I'm with Wolfy on program - more sleep definitely, and more focus - haphazard 'it'll do' style trg is not good enough. I've been meaning to join the local running club, Shrewsbury AC, for ages and never got round to it so this will give me the kick in the arse that I definitely need.

    Sierra Yankee
  • More speed endurance and try to stay virus free!! Of course that's in the hands of God, so maybe start going to church.
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