light weight running shoes?

Hi hope someone out there can offer up some suggestions I currently run in saucony omni's which are great and I have no problems with but I would like a light weight shoe for speed work and shorter races such as 5 milers and 10k. I'm about eleven and a half stone and can run a sub hour ten miler on a good day. I would appreciate some advice from anyone who's tried out some lighter shoes.


  • Run in Omnis, and have just purchased a pair of Asics Gel DS Trainers because they give some stability. GBP65 from birmingham runner (plus last year's great Omnis only GBP50). Not used them much yet, but I do feel like I can go a bit faster in them!
  • Swear by DS Trainers and have used them continuously since they came out (although Asics have made a few mistakes along the way). I think I'm on my eighth pair: I caused a great deal of amusement when I ordered a job lot that were reduced to £50.
  • thank you to both Graham's it seems that the ds trainers are a good place to start so will go to my local supplier and try them out.thanks for your help
  • I'd go for the DS trainer myself I use them for all my marathon's & faster speadwork sessions.
    I use asics racers for shorter races, either the DS racer or Tiger Paw [my favourite]
  • DS trainers are great... Flexible, light, fit well. the support isn't quite Kayano like, but there's only soooo much you can get into a shoe like that!

    AND... you can get them with tiger printed bits on!
  • New Balance 830s have done me OK over the last few months. Check them out.
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