adidas footscan day

Dear All
some people have already been enquiring about this Saturdays adidas promotion, 11th December.
Here are more details.
takes place at the store, Foot Traffic in Bolton. We are at 463 Blackburn Road, Bolton BL1 8NN. Thats the A666. Tel-01204 301230. From 9am till 5pm.
We will have the adidas footscan available in store as well as an adidas expert and a sports therapist. There will be at least 10% off all adidas footwear and clothing as well as some very special prices on the day.
There will also be a free t-shirt with all shoes purchased - worth upto £21.99 !!!
We also, as always have our free gait analysis service available in the store too.
Thanks for your enquiries.


  • No personal offence to you Paul, but in my experience the people who generally operate the Adidas footscan are dangerous undertrained muppets.......

    Take results with large pinch of salt.....
  • CraigB

    no offence taken, but firstly let me apologise for what must have been a bad experience from the store you visited.

    The adidas representative using footscan this weekend at our store works for and has been trained by adidas so you can be assured of a great service.

    We also, as always have the video gait analysis system available so you can be double sure of any recommendations.

  • Addy footscan ....

    No confidence in it .... Video analysis, spot on

    I mean come on how many people run barefoot, addy footscan works on a barefoot principal, your foot has a completely different posture when in a trainer (even if it's not right for you!!!).

    Adidas are not even a proper running brand ... far too narrow and if it wasn't for the London Marathon they would have no presence in the UK market (in my opinion ofcourse!)

  • Shame it's this weekend I'm not going to be around.

    I'm not a big fan of the foot scan, but the video analysis is really good after trying at first hand at foot traffic.

    Sorry Stuart have to disagree with your coment on Adidas shoes!!! I have a pair of adidas road shoes, trail shoes and fell shoes!!

    If they are not 'proper' running shoes imagine how much quicker you could run then Mr Freary in a pair of 'proper' running shoes!!
  • You could put that charge of not being a proper running brand at many manufacturers -e'g Asics make all manner of shoes and plenty of people wear their runners. You could also allege that Adidas weren't "proper" tennis shoe manufacturers unlike say a specialist like K Swiss, Wilson nut truth is many of the pros wear 'em. Anyway I'm sure Paul won't have your arm up your back forcing you to buy adidas!
  • Granted Paul wouldn't force u into addy .... but i'm sure the rep would!!!

    Hopey, lets agree to disagree shall we ... go onto any online retailer and see how much the new addidas product have been reduced, especially the new Ground Control System shoes, a big discount on a product soo new only means one thing ..... pants product!
    Just like Reebok!

    Stick with the top brands ....

    New Balance
    Nike (Bowerman)

    From my experiances this is how i would rate the brands in order (no addy/no reebok)
  • I must admit to being disappointed with the footscan malarky. I went to Bristol especially to try it, and was a bit perplexed by the barefoot thing. I can see the point in it, but I went to a specialist shop who just watched me run and they told me the same thing. Plus they watched me run in trainers and told me which ones were making the movement less pronounced.

    What is this video thing? Quite like the idea of that.......
  • As i understand it it's running on the treadmill while being filmed, my local store said that they can analyse me by watching me run without the need of filming, but by filming it and downloading the clip onto the PC they talked me through what i was doing.

    It let me see how the shoe worked...was well impressed with it!
    Better than JJB who are serious about running! Pah .... seriously dont give a damn so long as you spend more like!
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