Help! Training advice needed

Well, about to start full training and - oops - holiday of a lifetime booked from 2 March to 20 March. Not much opportunity for running while we're away so what to do? Should we peak before we go, follow a training plan and hold while we're away or what? Any advice gratefully received.


  • Aim to enjoy life! You haven't said what time you are aiming for but get almost ready before you go, come home well rested run a good long run and then enjoy the big day out!

    It's all about balance (oh, and preferably holiday of a lifetime at altitude).

    have fun.
  • Thanks Adrian. This is my first marathon and I'm hoping for about 4:15 - really want to be good on the training front so 3 weeks out sounds dire! No altitude in KwaZulu Natal alas... Any advance on `get ready before you go and relax while you're away'?
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