I came home from work today and saw a package. I thought it was the new Runner's World mag but there it was Flora Marathon acceptance form. I am in Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

After the initial excitment I am panicking as the furthest I have run to date is over 6 miles. I have some serious training to do but it will be well worth it. I have wanted to do this for about 6 years.

Well done if you have been accepted and bad luck to the ones who didnt.

Sammy :0)


  • Hello Sammy,

    I'm getting so jumpy waiting for the post now, thought it had arrived twice today but first time was the BMC mag and the second time something for next door - just have to keep waiting.

    I'm relieved to see someone else who has only done 6 miles before, I was starting to panic that I'm not prepared enough for it.
    What training plan are you following?
    I've got one broadly similar to the RW get you round plan and hoping it will do the trick.

    Well done

  • Hi Linda do you know whether you have got in as yet??

    The training plan I have decided to follow is from a book called "4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon" by Dave Kuehls. Though I have only ran 6 miles tops I have two goals; one is to complete the marathon and the next to do it in 4 hours. I am also looking into joining a running club as well though I run with Nike Town every Tuesday.

    I have had a relaxing and "eat what I like" weekend as it will be my last weekend for 4.5 months before I start my serious training sessions.

    Anyway let me know either way but my fingers are crossed for you.

    Sammy :0)
  • Just got back from completing Tunisa 333KM.
    26th position--94hrs 46mins.
    Very cold at night--hottish daytime.
    Hard course,constantly attacked by packs of wild desertdogs,hardest partis the wait to do it all again next year!
    Oh yes, I'm only 67 years old!!!
  • Hi Sammy,

    Still waiting but hopefullyt he postie will bering the news this week.

    I was thinking about going out wiht Nike Town sometime but seam to end up working in town on Wednesdays.
    I've got the non runners marathon trainer book which I guess is much the same as others. I'm looking at their training plan as a minimum and trying to do a litl emore if possible as people have said that training wiht the longest run at 18 miles is not quite enough.

    I'll let you know when I hear - maybe we can swap motivational notes through the training.

  • Jack just one word for you "CRAZY". ha, ha.

    Only joking. well reading your thread makes the marathon look a dodle.

    Sammy :0)
  • Linda keep me posted.

    Sammy :0)
  • Congratulations Sammy, I've just got back from a week away and my acceptance was also waiting for me on the floor - I can't really believe it! I haven't progressed much over four miles yet so am extremely anxious that I'm being a bit ambitious as I'm also struggling with a bit of a foot problem. However, the first hurdle has been overcome!! Good luck.
  • youll all be fine
    Just believe, and youll get round
    Its ok to walk BTW
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