timex bodylink

I am moved to post by a fantastic piece of service from the US website I bought a bodylink hrm/watch from in may.2 weeks ago the watch packed up,I contacted timex uk who said to mail it in and they'd look at it if I could provide proof of purchase-and it didn't matter if it was bought in the usa.Well,that was pretty helpful,especially relative to my very low expectations,but when I emailed the states to get them to mail me back a proof of purchase-cos mine is buried in a filing cabinet at home-they just said don't worry,they'd send a new watch if I mailed back the dud one.and before I could even get to the post office to get the dud in the post,I had notification that they had posted the new one,no questions asked.It arrived four days later-yesterday.so,for those of worried that a US website might give you great prices but slow delivery and no after sales service,I say,go and talk to Al at www.timexcentral.com....The original price was red hot too

I suppose I should be irritated about the watch going wrong,but luckily I still had the old one-I had upgraded to get the hrm functionality- and after a great effort like that,I really couldn't find grounds for complaint....

usual rider that I am completely unconnected to these guys...


  • Hi Alex, I bought a rather expensive Rotary watch a few years ago and after about 18 months the gold plated bits on the braclet started to come of. I took it back to the shop and they said they'd send it away. I thought yeah, the guarantees gone and that'll be that. Anyway went back as arranged and the guy came out with a spanking new watch and told me that Rotary had sent a new watch to replace the old one. The best I was expecting was a new bracelet for it. So like you I was gobsmacked.
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