Edinburgh Marathon

Ok you guys, no forum as yet (at least I cant find it).
Who is in this year??? (2005)
I just enetered for another 4 hours of absolute torture. Hope they have more water stops this year, or I will bringing along my camelbak.
Will be doing it for charity this year so it makes it all worth it in the end...doent it?


  • you didnt look at that forum did u? I have already written to it. I was on about one you can access straight from the events (edinburgh marathon) page.
  • EEEeek! Have just sent off the form which came with the rejection from the London Marathon. I could swear it detailed entry at £37, yet the website details it as £39. Am I going mad or is there really a discrepancy between the two? Would hate to be rejected for the sake of two quid.
  • £37 affiliated
    £39 not
  • aaa the official Edinburgh Marafun thread...

    OK better bookmark.

    OK firstly - too expensive
    2nd course is crap
    3rd why remove Arthur's Seat - best part IMHO
    4th yes i'm doing it!

    Also doing a 50 mile cycle before this with a bunch of fools from the Ironman Switzerland thread....So if you think removing the hill will make it too easy then why not join us ;~)
  • OK I'm in this year, missed 04 but did ok 03. 05 is flatter??
  • so they say, i havent seen the route. Does anyone have a link for the details? Anyone running for charity? Havent picked a charity yet...
  • Good luck to you all. I'm not doing it this year after the last two years but this is mainly to do with the £39 they are charging rather than anything else.

    Course should be easier in 2005 though arguably less interesting and potentially tougher if the wind blows.
  • I'm in after FLM rejection. With the cost of the entry fee, is the medal gold-plated?
  • I'm in Also just got a good deal on a hotel now planning to make a holiday of it.
  • Was thinking about it but £37 quid is outrageous - even London is cheaper. What do you get for it?
    does the fee include a donation to charity or something?
  • Good to see an 'official' thread linked to the event. I started the other one about the high entry fee, but still think I'm going to enter - though hope this doesn't give the organisers the wrong message that they can get away with such a high fee. Also disappointed about missing out Arthur's Seat, thought it was one of the best bits in 2003.
  • Hi guys. My first marathon...Just started the training, and hating the weather. Any hints on how to keep the motivation going??
    Done a few halves and 10k's, got by mainly on stubbornness and fear of failure.
    Any tips?
  • slick,
    wait until its the foulest rainiest,windiest day then force yourself to go for a run,and if you can conquer those conditions then it will motivate you to get out running every day..
    once your out in the elements its no bother,as long as youre wearing the right protective gear.
    the thing is you have to do the training if youre hoping to run the marathon...
    if we all stayed in and missed a run because the weather was bad,then we'd never get many runs under our belts
  • i'm doing the wimps version - i.e. part of a relay team. will hopefully mean that i can be at the finish to cheer you all on though :o)
  • Well that's the ballot drawn - got my acceptance last week so the campaign starts at the end of Jan !!. First time the trainers have been on since Loch Ness in October(Hi Ultrarunnerbeam). On home turf this time so looking forward to it.
  • BillyB
    Thanks mate. As the great Greek got would say, Just Do It...
    Got my confirmation letter through, so it makes it more real now, and hopefully a renewed focus.

    Gotta go, gym to go to!
  • Hello! I'm in again this year too - just getting back into training after a chaotic 6 months of life. Feels good to have entered - new target to aim for.

    Nice to see some old and new faces on this thread too - will it be as big as last years????

  • The magazine claim it'll be 10,000 stong this year. Pretty big.
    I've had to concentrate on gym work for the past couple of weeks, but aim to be out doing a few 10 milers and 10 ks before the end of next week. That's when you know you're back, and doing okay.
    More of a tortoise - I ran the relay last year, and was lucky (crafty??) enough to get the home leg. It was amazing coming over the line, although I did feel like a cheat amongst those who ran the full distance, I actually envied them. I guess that's when I decided to do the lot myself this year.
  • i recently ran part of the"new" course and if you ran it last year,you'll know what im talking about,when i say the cycle track was a bit of a drag,however theyve cut a bit of that out and we now turn off it at the red bridge which i found a lot better.
    who's all doing the great winter run in edinburgh this saturday?
    i'll be there,and looking forward to it
  • Slick, I think I'd feel a right fraud if I run the last leg because of all the people who've done the whole lot. I'm hoping for one of the first two stages so that I can make it to the finish to cheer people on.
  • More of a tortoise,
    Absolutely. That's precisely how I felt. Envious and like I was missing out, and also guilty at soaking up the wondeful atmosphere, when I'd only ran 7 miles.
    The best thing it done was give me the incentive to do the whole lot this year.

    Anyone know of some decent preparatory events, halfs, 10ks in the next couple/few months? (In Scotland preferably!!)
  • don't think it will be giving me an incentive to do it - i nearly die doing a half so dread to think what the full amount would feel like!!!
  • slick,
    lasswade 10mile.6/3...inverness half.13/3....grangemouth 10k..13/3....alloa half..20/3....dunbar 10k.2/4....
  • More of a tortoise,
    I feel knackered afetr a half marathon as well, but am getting sponsors to make sure I complete it. I genuinely think it will be a one off though.

    Thanks (again..). Where can I find details of these events? Is there a good website, or is it in the Runner's World event lsitings? I don't recognise them all. (I don't even know wher Lasswade is!)
  • Slick all scottish main events appear on the scottish athletics web site
  • Now i'm feeling v.pleased with myself.. the link thingy worked :).
  • slick..try scottish athletics website-
    www.scottishathletics.org.uk and look at fixtures
  • Some people like to do the Edinburgh to North Berwick 22 mile run at the start of May as a warm up. I found it tired me out too much last year though, so might just do it as a training run this year.
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