anybody had this before?

bit of a strange one, monday night had a bit of a lump where hairs come out around the nipple, pulled them out thinking it was a blocked hair follicule? anyway I gave it a squeeze, nothing came out from that area, but a very dark fluid came out from one of the little lumps on my areola? obviously a bit concerned so did lots of internet searching, possible causes are a type of mastitis also read that smoking can cause this, I gave up 5 yrs ago but unfortunately got v drunk on sat night and had a couple of ciggies (very dissapointed) Anyway as you do I tried squeezing the other side and exactly the same happened! I've spoken to nhs direct and the sort of put my mind at ease saying it could be sebacous? glands. Made an appointment to see my gp next wed. Was wondering though if it could have anything to do with putting microporous tape over my nips every time I go out running, could this possibly cause bacteria to colour the fluid. quite bizarre anyway, top tip don't squeeze things that shouldn't be squeezed!!


  • A friend (female) of mine had this happen to her a couple of years ago. Obviously she was very distressed thinking it was a sign of cancer etc etc. Anyway - I can't remember the exact details, but it wasn't anything major.

    Definitely see your GP - they will probably refer you to a specialist to check (if they don't you should still see one - just in case).
  • cheers pp, I've got private health care so I'll get my gp to refer, haven't been to see this gp before (transferred to my wifes gp's about 6 months ago, mainly because he does loads of running marathons etc, wanted someone runner sympathetic)
  • definitely get it checked but could well be sebaceous cyst - if it's infected they'll give you antibiotics. i had one in the middle just below where jog bra finishes, looked like i'd been shot and very painful.
    like you i messed and something vile shot out of it, (in surprising quantity!) which eased it. the antibiotics cleared the infection (which they suggested came because it's where the sweat gathers) and it was fine. i've also had one where neck joins body. occupational hazard i guess.
    good luck with it, keep us posted mm.
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