Cross Country Shoes

I am going to attempt my first cross country event in a couple of weeks time. At the moment i've only got a pair of road running shoes which will not give me the grip i will need.
Has anyone out there got any recomendations


  • I bought a pair of Nike Zoom, and will be trying them in anger tomorrow. Will let you know how they go. When you do get a pair though buy some extra spikes (12-15mm) as you only get really small spikes that don't give much traction with them
  • As some X-country courses often have streches of hard surface, I have spikes and a pair of Addidas swoops although othe options would be Walshes (or any other fell shoe) and Nike Tupus (I tried them for a while but the uppers split on me but others have had no problems at all and are very happy with them), there are probably others also worth looking at.
  • I'm in exactly the same position as Sutts. My first X-Country on Sunday and have the same concerns,

    Didn't quite upderstand Moe. How does Spikes and a pair of Addidas Swoops help if there are hard surfaces. Do they have small spikes or something.

    Also, how do you determine the length of spike you should have. I was a bit concerned about getting stuck in long spikes and damaging my ankles

    Finally, could trail shoes be enough for most x-country's. I wondered because preseumably I could use those more often for other runs.

    Any help appreciated as I have to buy some tomorrow.

    Good luck in advance Sutts. Don't know about you, but this might be my first and last race depending on how things go!


  • Sorry, Swoops are a variation on fell shoes they have eliptical shaped studs (based on their footie boots) I have found them very confidence inspiring especially down hills.

    The only time you are likely to get stuck with spikes is if you have to run on any wood etc (like stiles). One point though, if you do use long spikes and the surface is a bit stoney try putting shorter spikes at the rear two holes (near the middle of your foot)of each shoe.
  • Thanks Moe. I understand now.

    I thought that I had learned a great deal about shoes in the past year of running, but X-Country adds a whole new level of complexity.

    I've noted the names and see what the shops have tomorrow.


  • Thanks for the pointers so far

    Slow Mike - Like you this may be my first and last x-county, i'm not really sure what to expect but i'll try anything once !!!
  • i have got adidas swoops and absolutely love them, very light ride, fit like a glove great for mud but also good for road as long as there isn't to much on the course
  • Not at Chaddesden Park Sutts?
  • Yes, are you running as well popsider ?

    If so, whats it like ?, is it all on grass or are there other surfaces as well ? any info would be gratefully received
  • No I've gone and entered the Keyworth half marathon - got my dates mixed up as this XC is organised by my club - pretty sure it will all be on grass - Chad Park is fairly flat so shouldn't be too tough - they might send you into the stream for a bit though.
  • So now I find out its an opportunity to get wet as well as muddy.
    The more I find out about this x-country game the more I can't believe I let myself be talked into it.

    Only joking !!!

    This is going to be a totally new experience for me but one i'm sure I will enjoy.

    Popsider - Enjoy the Turkey Trot
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