Can anyone suggest a hotel to stay in for FLM 2003

I am in already as due to pulling out through injury last year and wondered if anyone could recommend a hotel to stay in which is both cheap and close to the start etc.
Contact details would be good too.


  • I would suggest the St Giles Hotel Totenham Court Road.

    Click Here

    Very resonably priced they lay on a runners breakfast at about 5:00 am close to the tube to Charing cross for trains to start, not too far to stagger to tube from finish. Has Swimming pull Sauna, etc for relaxing tired muscles afterwards. Online Reservations.
  • Anonther option is Hotel Ibis at Euston, yet again good access to Northern Line for the Trains from Charing Cross to start etc.
  • Thanks SB

    I'll have a look at the site when I have a bit more time, sorting out the kids at the moment!
  • I recommend travelling with running tours email I went with them last year they were absolutley brilliant, stayed in Novotel London West Hotel in Hammersmith and there is transport laid on to the start a spectator servise for your family or friends to the embankment which is close to the finish and its only a few stops on the tube back to Hammersmith its a lovely hotel, give him an email for info I would, It takes all the stress out of everything to enjoy the run
  • There's a hotel in Greenwich really near the starting point which the [URL=]arthritis research campaign[/URL] did a training day at last year. I'll try and dig out the info for you.
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  • I stayed at a Best Western hotel called crown plaza near Victoria Station last year. Nice place. Try the Best Western website.
  • Change that last message - it was the Corona Victoria hotel which is a bestwestern.
    Website: think we paid about £150 for 2 people, 2 nights B&B. It;s walking distance from the finish, just up the road from Victoria Station and tubes.
  • Ah Geezer, long time no see, still a tosser then!
  • Thistle Hotel,Westminster is as good as any.The bonus being it's near the finish.
  • Last year I stayed at St Pancas Youth Hostel and it was fantastic.

    Dirt cheap, clean, secure backage storage, shower after the race, kitchen, handy for the tube from Euston but best of all: They laid on tea and cakes and a couple of physios (young, attractive females) from the local hospital were offering massages!

    I'll be staying again even if I dont enter or get a place!
  • There is a Hotel Ibis in Greenwich, a short walk from the start. Also Hotel Clarendon in Blackheath, which would be ideal for either the Blue or Green starts.
  • I used the Travelinn at Euston last year. It is only 200 yards from Euston station, and very reasonable - £74.95 per room per night. They lay on an early breakfast on the day.
  • Don't stay in the Holiday Inn at Greenwich - near the Dome - it's uncomfortable and a nightmare to get to the start - via the jubliee line - took us 1.5 hours this year - was knackered before we began! Anywhere in town on a good rail link to Waterloo would be my tactic for next year.
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