Changing details on Acceptance Form

My application has been accepted and I am thrilled to bits as this is my first application.

I'm getting a bit paranoid now about my entry. My full name is Antonia, but I applied as Tonia (as this is what I am called)
Question - will I have problems with the officials? should I send back the forms with my full name, or am I just a paranoid successful applicant.


  • call the hotline they are normally very good at sorting out little details like this. Dont panic yourself.
  • What do you want to run as and have in the results? I want to use "Tony" so I entered as Tony and not Anthony (which is what I use for passports, bank accounts, pay cheques, etc).

    I really don't think you'll have any problem running under whatever name you want to be called.

  • At registration, the officials can ask for proof of identity to show that you are the person who entered. I am not aware of them ever actually asking anyone for this. Even if they did, a quick word of explanation would sort it out, they are just trying to guard against blatant swapping or trading of places.
  • no problem,I have run the London Marathon 8 times and have always entered in my nickname of HARVEY instead of my first given name of ARVINDER....
    You can call yourself whatever yoy like..
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