Cheap and cheerful Xmas pressie suggestions for runners

Any suggestions for something you might like to receive - like books? fun stuff?


  • I'd quite like a set of those elasitc shoe laces with the plastic quick release fastener thing - on

    A buff - see my thread in "Gear" if you don't know what they are.

    Run aid water bottles are brilliant

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  • amazon are doing Kelly Holmes Olympic diary for £5.99
  • cheers ixus - i'll check out wiggle. everytime I see your pic i think you [is it you?] looks like joey from friends.

    is it any good dodge?
  • Runaid bottle, gels.

    You can buy me a Camelbak Hawg if you want, I will be very grateful.

  • Don't know yoga but it's only 80 pages. It is quite large size wize so probably has a lot of nice pictures and it is a bit of British athletics history.
  • "Eh, how you doin'" [/ Joey accent]

    It's a pic of me Melanie :)

    I wish I had enough of a likeness so I might turn up at a few film premiers, blag a few guestlists etc haha
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Can I have some Falke Sock please? And a reflective bib. And maybe one of those belts that you can get different things to attach to it depending on how long your run will be.

    Oh, you were looking for ideas for someone else? :o(

  • A buff.

    Book - Looniness of the Long Distance Runner.
  • 2 suggestions

    A decent pair of light breathable running gloves e.g. concurve - cost about a tenner and fab

    A book - would say go for running with the legends a magnificent book of ca 500 pages with loads of info on training of ca 30 different elite runners - available from amazon for around 10 quid.

  • How about sneaker balls?
  • Oooh Talent alert!

    How U doin' Ixus?!
  • Ahem... back to xmas pressies

    I'd like some x country running shoes and also a buff

    Failing that i'd settle for cd vouchers, tickets to rock gigs or books!!

    "Dear Santa

    I've been a relatively good girl all year, and when i've been naughty its only been for the enjoyment of others, honest ;p

    Please please please could i have tickets to the download festival for xmas and i promise to be good and naughty all next year too :)

  • A powerball! (, but you can get them a lot cheaper online elsewhere). Completely addictive and fun.

    One of my best bits of running kit is a nike water bottle that has no lid - hard to explain but it won't leak, and you don't need to remember about shutting it, etc, as the water can't come out but will when you try to drink it.

    A notebook, decorated with something running-related for a running diary?


  • running diary is a good idea. cheers. what are powerballs?

    I own a buff already and they are the best. I'm looking for ideas for others and also ideas of what others can give me. I know I should know what I want but sometimes I run out of inspiration. mad huh?
  • running with legends - will look that up on amazon cheers.
  • a fluorescent beanie?
  • I have a fluorescent beanie buney, its soooo damn bright i won't wear it, feel like a traffic light!!
  • Powerballs are basically arm exercisers where the powerball spins around in your hand and you have to keep a grip on it. You get a score each time you do it, so you can keep trying to beat it.

    Another idea maybe is what I call a 'blue snake'. It's basically a long tube of blue gel that you can put in the freezer and use to ice your legs after running. Don't think they are very expensive.
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