Trying to change careers not sure I'm doing the right thing

I'm currently doing an Holistic Massage Therapy Course and have just signed up to continue the course by specialising in Sports Massage Therapy? I have another year of study to go.

I'm currently in a job that I've been in for too long and am desperate to make a change of career. I felt so sure until recently and now I'm not sure that I'll be able to support myself whilst starting out.

Anyone else out there whose made a career change into Sport Massage Therapy or a similar field. How easy was it to make the transition from a secure salary to being self-employed?


  • Is there no way to start part time till you establish a regular client base?
  • well once i qualify i intend moving countries and trying to establish a practise there, so not really.

    btw dodge, from a previous thread - how is your new career coming along - you were looking into psych nursing i think?
  • Well I've managed to get them to give me a position as a Radiology Assistant so not nursing but one of my other "paths".

    Going to a new country and setting up a new business that you've only just got into yourself will be pretty tough on all three counts. Do you have something to fall back on?
  • I know people that have tried it and given up yogajogga. I think the best way is to start off slowly if at all possible - even if that means doing some casual work to make ends meet for a couple of years while you get established. The alternative would be to get work doing massage for a sports club, physio clinic or whatever.
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    The sports massage therapist I see currently works full time in TV, and has got a slot in a local physio centre once a week. Perhaps you could do something similar whilst training.

    I'm also doing a similar thing. At the moment I'm work in an office 9-5 but am training in Holistic Stress Management and Clinical Hynotherapy. I also do Reiki. I thought I'd check all the local clinics and hospitals and see if I could get some work experience there, say on a Saturday morning or an evening session, so I can gradully build up experience and client base which will help when looking for full time role. There's got to an overlap between my current mortgage/bill paying job and my new career and I know its going to be hard work juggling the two but it will be worth it.
  • Join a local running club and try getting clients that way. Same goes for joining a gym. Do it in a casual manner of getting to know a few people and then letting them know you're a qualified massuer. Get to know coaching/gym staff or "proper" athletes/sportspeople. You could try the same by starting a martial arts class. Basically go to where there will be people who might want to take advantage of your skills but don't do it for free or offer them any deal you wouldn't offer a normal punter, ie reduction for block booking.
  • Going to RW socials might also be a good idea as well. Get to know other runners in your general location. They may be members of other clubs and so they could help spread the word for you further afield. Assuming you're any good of course.

  • thanks guys - all great advice.
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