Another London Marathon Virgin

Shock horror...I never thought i'd get in and now i'm up against it! Anyone out there have any advice on how to survive 26.2 miles? On top of that, i'm running alone so it's keeping that positive mental attitude going.....


  • Join a club, enter lots of race, train hard, eat well, sleep easy, enjoy youself.
  • I don't have time to do lots of races. I will be training hard and doing all the good things! I'm not sure if i'm at the stage that I would call running enjoyable-let's hope that changes very soon! Are you running the FLM?
  • Join the URWFRC I am going to create a new bit for runners like you and me who need support and are training alone.
  • What is the URWFRC?
  • My advice is:

    a) make the start line and
    b) don't run alone.

    because I was in your position last year, ran on my own very early most mornings, burnt out and so didn't make the start line.

    this year I'm mostly running with friends - much faster and for much less distance. That's my plan anyway.


  • Angela - look up a schedule of running to get you up to the standard and try to stick to it - you'll enjoy the day so much more then.

    Loads of schedules to choose from - look on here, under Training.

    You'll be fine if you are consistent and stick to the plan. Seeya there !
  • I'm still waiting for the ballot result but I have a gold bond in reserve so I'm definitely taking part. I don't know where you all live but I live in Ash Vale, by Aldershot and if any of you are local, I'd love some company on my training. I go out Mon & Wed evenings for about an hour (6 - 7 miles) and then I do a longer run on saturday mornings.
  • I live in Camden and would love to run with anyone who is fairly new to running and doesn't run too fast. I haven't got any set days when I train but am willing to fit in with others. I do a lot of treadmill work but haven't done any outdoors for 6 weeks. I've got to get my head around the a South African that's quite a hard pill to swollow.
  • running 26.2 miles is easy..
    trainning is hard, in fact burtal..
    if you are prepare to train hard in all weathers you will benifit on race day, follow a training schedeul and stick to it, join a club, train with a friend/partner.The most important session is the long slow run, the 2 key words are long and slow.I run my long runs very slow, much slower than my marathon pace.
  • Hey Arvinder,
    Please, let us know ... how hard is burtal? It sounds bad to me!
    Of course, "running 26.2 miles is easy".
  • Angela,
    You say you haven't got time to do lots of races, but you have time to train. Treat a race a a training run, with the added benefit of company, a bit more motivation and a nice medal at the end of it. Races will give you confidence and get you used to the different paces for different distances. If you don't train with real races, the chances are that come the big day you'll start off too fast and suffer later in the race.

    Good Luck anyway, I didn't get in and am pretty jealous. Still there are plenty of other alternatives
  • HI there everyone, running alone on the south coast, portsmouth infact, anyone in area fancy teaming up drop me a line, and yes im in the big one in april.
  • Angela you live in Camden. How about training with Nike Town, Regent Street, every Tuesday evenings at 6.30. You can run a 3 miler, 4.5 miles or 7 miles. I join them every week as I just work around the corner. However I am looking into joining a running club as i would like to add speed work etc into my training and don't feel too confident doing on my own just in case I am not doing it right.
  • All the best Angela I am too a FLM virgin, training on my own. So anyone out there from the Poole/Bournemouth area who wants a training buddy, please let me know.
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