Feet or shoes

Can anyone shed any light - when I have run for about 30 minutes my right foot starts aching across the bridge. I have to loosen off the laces of this shoe. It only happens with the right foot - is it the shoe, foot, leg???? Any ideas, anybody? Distance makes no difference and the most I manage at the moment as a sort of beginner is 7.5/8 miles.


  • Get some one to watch your running action, you might be turning you foot or have higher/lower arches on you each foot, do you get your shoes from a running shop and have them fitted?

    Do you stretch properly after and when you are not running? Might be muscle tension causing pain in your foot? Only do a good stretch when you muscles are warm, ie after a run or hot bath or massage, try doing some ankle exercises, hope this helps
  • Mmmm, must check for spelling mistakes before pressing submit!! "your" foot that should say. "you" delete before each foot!
  • Thanks Brunette bird - no I did not have my shoes fitted properly - and I will certainly do so in the future. I do stretch after my run - always have done and am very diligent about doing so. I really think its probably something to do with the shoes.
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