The Fat Club - Thursday



  • Oh dear, I'd better get myself sorted out with a proper "weigh in". Will report back. This could be nasty, especially if there are gym scales out there that take off 7lbs! Fingers crossed.
  • Good luck She - Ultimately what the scales say shouldn't matter - it's the difference they record. I'm looking forward to measuring loss in which trousers are too big - and will have to go shopping!
  • No weigh in today, so just watching very carefully what I eat. It always seems a little, then you add it up.. oh help. Can I say about bike's, get a new saddle, I got a ladies gel filled sofa !! makes all the difference as I was really in pain and considering forgetting the cycling, the shorts do help too.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Haven't lost an ounce this week, despite having run 28 miles and cycled 40. Must be all that heavier muscle that's doing it. I think I'll stop weighing myself and just measure my waist/hips once a week instead.
  • Hi all,
    Haven't weighed myself today and too late in the day now (I like to weigh in the morning as I'm always thinner - cheat!). Now, I've not been running for 2 days - went to the gym yesterday & did a bit of cardio & some weights and I was intending to go running this evening but I am soooooo hot - it's like the tropics here in Essex!! Been very good with the diet though (only cos I feel to hot to eat!) and I've been drinking loads of water (fills you up!).. I'm gonna go for a run early tomorrow morning...honest - try out my new Enell sports bra!!!!
    Michelle x
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