New course

It will seem a bit strange - but a change for the better I think.

In first few LM's I couldn't see what all the fuss was about - the cobbles never seemed to bother me; but I have to admit that the last couple of times I did feel them ripple through the aging joints!


  • Haaaaaaang on!!!!. They've changed the whole direction around the Isle of dogs - we now run counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. After 10 FLMs thats really going to throw me - bang goes my race strategy then.

    Anyone else noticed this?!?
  • NO More ************ COBBLES a real result!

    It will also make for a faster time as there won't be that wiggle through the bottleneck around St Katherines and it frees up the routes for crossing the course around Tower Bridge. A brilliant move although Sally Gunnell will have to find somewhere else to stand as the embankment by the Tower only ever had SG and a beefeater. It will help spread the crowds out around the Tower as we will get spectators on both sides around Trinity House. Although expect worse congestion at Tower Tube as a result.

    Of course you can always run that section backwards to avoid the disorientation, but frankly I think its simply great and we will egt the boost of running down off Tower Hill in crowds.
  • When i looked at the route on the website it looks shorter! Optical illusion perhaps?
  • Jenny - guess so - it can't really be shorter.
  • Glad to have picked up on this, cos for years we've done the 35k elite drinks station on The Highway. It's a 7.00am start on a Sunday, which is always hard... And as I've set it up in the wrong spot previously (I think we got away with it!) it would have been a struggle this time.

    Same road but wrong side of it!

    This will stop repetitive strain injuries for those of you running on the same old cambers round IoD, year in and out. This change of direction will balance your bodies.
  • I have been rejected this year but I think for some - and first time FLM runners especially - its a shame as I am sure a lot of people look forward to this part for its history and colour, as well as the beefeaters and resident band
  • I agree - from someone who's NOT run the race for at least 8 years - that part of the course IS memorable. I'm not convinced that the 2 reasons given for the 'radical surgery' undertaken are convincing.
    1. 'Three men slipped on wet pavement' at the Hotel. Right - so that'll never happen again, eh? Fast, tired runners won't slip on the new course when wet...?
    2. 'twists/turns slowed people down' translates for me as "we need to make this as unchallenging a course as poss, to ensure 'records' and get publicity". How many people complain about that bit of course slowing them down?
  • Yeah, how could they want to remove hazards and provide as quick a course as possible in what we all know is a big charity event and fancy dress parade, not a running race:)
  • I now get to run past my house on the IoD a little earlier.. Can't work out if this is a good thing or not....?
  • James earl Jones
    Tea no sugar and a tank of petrol vrooooooooooooom
  • Atmosphere on the Tower Cobbles what are you on. once you get past the Thistle Hotel and go under Tower Bridge its a miserable warder, Sally Gunnell, and three bewildered tourists. Aside from Blackfriars underpass is the least supported bit as you can't get there. I've never noticed the view as I'm too busy watching the cobbles.

    The new route will take you around the top of the moat with crowds on both sides, allow access from Tower Bridge back to the Race, free the bottleneck for runners and spectators at St. Katherines. The best thing they have ever done!
  • Sally Gunnel and Beefeater?

    Difficult to tell the difference these days isn't it.

    Sorry, bit harsh that i know.

  • Sally Gunnel - Didn't she win one of Viz's top 100 borderline boilers one year (your head says no but your balls say go). Someone else described a car as a Gunnel; said not much to look at but a nice little runner.

    Anyway, I liked the cobbles, just like a free mobile massage.

    Surely the point of the change was to tempt Radcliff in to entering by persuading her the course would be faster.
  • Poor Sally - I have very fond memories of her - my very first race was against her - in Stanmer Park Brighton - the Race for Life 5K - at the start/Finish line she was behind me!! - OK so she was on her second lap and I was on my first but someone somewhere will have photograph of me in front of Sally - anyway I would prefer to see Roger as encouragement to keep going!!
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