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  • Hi James how was the knee after last nights run. Cold baths and ice packs should help. Some off road running may help were you are not pound the hard roads.
    Hill session last night legs still a bit heavy after Sunday.
    Posted my entry for Belfast this morning.
    Baldy are you taking your trainers with you this weekend.
  • Treadmill would also be a bit easier on the legs. Weather looking good at the moment ltes hope it keeps. Running home this evening.
  • Hi James tonight we are doing a short pre race run. I think James will be there he might want to do a bit more as he's not racing at the weekend.
    Ran home last night legs and shoulders a bit sore today after circuits at lunchtime yesterday.
    Good luck on Sunday Seamus all the hard work done now time to go out and enjoy the race and a pint of Guiness at the end.
  • Hi Kenny and all the others, Thanks for the good wishes on Sunday. My wife and I will travel down on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the run on Sunday. In any marathon I've done I always take 2 or 3 glasses of wine the night before as it ensures a better nights sleep. Maybe I would be better without it.

    The best of luck to everyone doing the half marathon in Omagh. Everyone has a good word on that event. Regards, Seamus.
  • If it makes you sleep better it can't be bad for you Seamus. Peter Ferris is going down to run the ultra he will be looking out for you.
  • I have been searching the forum for some kind folk who might give me advice on good spots to run while in Ireland.

    I will be visiting in July, and will need to get in 4 training runs for a Marathon in the states.

    I will be flying into Dublin, and staying in several different locations in Southern Ireland. Any suggestions?
  • Jackie - The best place in Dublin would be around the Phoenix Park. There's lots of roadways through it and you can run on the grass as well. Its the most enjoyable part of the Dublin Marathon.

    In the more rural areas of southern Ireland it would be safe enough to run on any of the roads. Regards, Seamus.
  • Hi everybody - Just back from Connemara.

    Did it in 4hrs 16 mins. I was aiming for under 4 hours but I need to train harder. I did Dublin in 4 hrs 4 mins but I now realise that Dublin is an easy circuit compared to the hills in Connemara. I did the first 13.1 miles in 1 hr 54 mins. I thought that I could take it easier in the second half. At mile 20 I was 3 hrs 3 mins running. That left me with 6 miles to do in 57 mins. I didn't manage it. It actually took me about72 mins to complete those last 6 miles.

    Anyway I will be back and in the next few years I intend to do the Connemara Marathon in under 4 hours.

    I'm going to start running up Glenshane to get prepared for those hills. Some people have told me that Connemara is as tough as Snowdownia Marathon.

    How did you all fare in Omagh?. It was a beautiful day for running.

    Regards, Seamus.
  • Well done Seamus Connemara is not an easy marathon and 4:16 is a good time. Was this faster than last year? Training on the hills would help. Are you doing Belfast Seamus?
    Omagh was a warm day. I ran the same time as Stranraer but it was hard work. I felt better at Stranraer. But I just trained as normal all week and didn't cut down before the race as my main target for the year is to complet Belfast. I would like to do 4 hours in Belfast but I don't thing I am in that shape at the moment.
  • Hi Kenny - You did well in Omagh. It was a great day on Saturday.

    I am entered for Belfast and am looking forward to it.

    The good thing about running is that you always strive to improve upon times.

    The best of luck with the future training.
  • Yes Kenny - Last year I ran Connemara in 4 hrs 25 mins. I did Belfast a month later in exactly the same time of 4 hrs 25 mins.

    I would like to beat 4hrs 16 mins in Belfast.

    The last 6 miles in a marathon are very tiring.
  • Hi Seamus - Can I ask if you know of any shorter races 5k, 10k etc that you or your pals know of in the month of July.

    I really want to made good use of the opportunity I will have to see the Ireland on foot while I am there in July.

    You all or so very fortunate to have such beautiful areas to run each day.

    Live to run - run to live!

    By the way - you guys are all fast! based on your posts....hope I do as well in my first Marathon.
  • Jackie - A useful website is

    You'll get all the northern races on this site and if you browse the links you'll get a few more. I wouldn't consider myself fast but I really enjoy running. It keeps you fit and you meet wonderful people at the different events. I hope you enjoy your stay in Ireland Jackie and keep running, Regards, Seamus.
  • Thanks James - I probably will see you in Larne. I'll use it as a training run. Sometimes the sea breeze is quite strong on the return journey. Its quite a flat course though.

  • i'm hoping to run Belfast this year for my first marathon - but I also work for the BBC in radio news and we've just been told the route of the marathon has been "tweaked" to take in Grosvenor Road/Lower Falls after complaints that the west of the city had been left out - we want to interview some runners about the Belfast route - too hilly in the past? Too dull? New route good/bad? No politics, just the runners' point of view. Any volunteers out there? Contact me at Good Morning Ulster at the BBC in Belfast 02890338664.

    Also - it hurts after 19 miles - is 26.2 much worse?
  • James - did you think it was too hilly?
  • When is larne then ?

    Chris Cappper - new route is complete toilet.
    The old route was fantastic, and not hilly, just undulating. It took in all the best bits of the city (the falls, lisburn, malone, ormeau etc.). If you want "hilly", try Lochness, which incidentally is also a bloody great marathon (which sells out every year), except that you don't see them changing it to a dull as dish-water course, for the sake of a couple of minutes, and managing to p!ss of half the population of the city.

    I'd love to do larne, its a bit close to FLM though.. Is it on Sunday ?

  • Hi Cartman - good trenchant views there - any chance of doing a quick interview for radio today/this evening?

  • James - are there entries on the day for Larne? Is it an OK event for 4hr marathoners?
  • bugger... I'm away Friday and don't get back to after 6 on Sat.
  • Greetings all.

    March is officially expunged next year as this years was carp.

    the past 2 wks have been a nightmare, running had to take a back seat due to work taking a front seat. An everything at home that could go, did go wrong.

    alas the trainers wnet back on in edinburgh sat and sun and some good hard miles were done around arthurs seat. i remembered why i sais never again during last years edinburgh mara.

    great 14 miles last night in 1.35, hills tues, bike today, quick stuff tomorra, larne sat and a good steady 20 on sun. hey back on track!!!

    so the mara route is changed agen. cant get a hold of the new route yet but am trying, suspect it may return to city hall, then howard st, grosvenor rd, divis to millfield then north queen st to york st/york rd.

    seamus well done, dont go too mad between now and belafst rest is as good as training.

    james give me a kick on sat, am aiming for 1.25 ish.

    kenny you will have to have a go at seamus on this course!!

    chris all runs are suitable for all runners, once the head gets over taht bit the body follows.
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