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  • Baldy I know what its like in those handicap races. When we run them I aways one of the first off and you push like hell to try and get as far as possible before anyone can catch you. I was laeding one only to be caught on the line but I had nothing left.
    Is it me or do other runners get twinges close to a marathon. Looking forward to a couple of pints after the run.
    I had a good run at Laganside a few years ago good flat course plenty of runners so you are never running on your own and tend to help you get round faster.
    Seamus I ran 57 miles last week thinking about doing a 15 on Sunday and then starting to taper is it too close to the marathon to do another 20.
  • Hi James training went well last night. We did the fartlek Baldy was talking about a couple of weeks ago 1,2,4,2,1 mins on 1 min jog recovery, 3min jog and repeat. We only 2 pyramids I think Baldy did 3. On Sunday I will be doing 14 miles. Are you interest in doing the Feet across the Foyle 10K on Saturday (2x5K races at Magilligan and Greencastle).
  • Paul and I are going we have to be in Magilligan for 11.00 to catch the ferry first race at 12.00 in Greencastle 2nd race at approx 1.30 in Magilligan.
    Hows the training going?
  • James dont do it, training gets even harder then!!!!!

    cooling down this week, rest today, 8x800 yesterday, 18 ish tomorrow, guess i will be on my own on sunday:-((

    got a sore knee at the mo, too late to panic now!
  • Hi everybody - Hope your training is going well.

    Ian - I had a sore knee on Monday night after hill training. I sat on the floor and with legs straight on the floor I used ankle weights to strengthen the medial ligaments at the side of the knee. Do you ever use this method. It is said to get rid of chronic knee condition (chondromalacia patella)

    James - A rest can help - you'll be more eager to get at it again.
    Kenny - I did 10 miles this evening and I felt good - I'm watching Liverpool now - They're doing well - they're into the final minute now - I hpoe they hold on.
  • Kenny - A great result for Liverpool. They could now win the Champions League as they'll be considered the underdogs for the next two games. Their defence was great tonight and Baros could have scored in the second half - a great result.
  • Hi all, a bit pathetic beside your suuper long runs I know, but I did the Queen's Round the River 5k tonight in 26 mins - 8m 22s mile pace which is the best ever race time for me, so I am pretty chuffed!
  • Hi VanFan - That's good running - if I was running at that pace I'd be very content.
  • Hi VF well done, 5K's are tough you have to push all the way. Its a great feeling when you have had a good race gives you the boost to keep going.
    Baldy I been waking up all week with pain any little twinge at this stage makes you worry that you will have to pull out of the marathon. Hope its just a twinge and goes away.
    Seamus when it gets to the semi stage anyone could win it just takes a couple of good perfromances and a bit of luck. Was your 10 miles on the road or the tread mill.
    I ran home last night 9.5 mile was very lucky just got in the door as the rain came on.
    Hi James did you do your 14 last night. Your going to have to teach Angela how to drive again.

  • Hello everybody

    is this knee thing contagious or something? Did 21m on Tuesday morning - went really well - took a drink on your advice Kenny and some jelly beans - but within minutes of finishing had big pain behind left knee - couldn't manage the stairs for a day, and then it went away....haven't run since because of work (and the fear I'll find out it's serious and the end of my first attempt at a marathon) - but will be out tomorrow with fingers crossed.

    Glad to hear everyone else still going well.
  • 21 should see you round hope the knees ok good luck tomorrow.
    I was reading about someone who takes 26 jellybabies with him on the marathon and eats one every mile. When it comes to 20 miles he then decides which one is next for the chop. This gives him something to think about during the last 6 miles when the going gets tough.
  • knee thngy is always contageous at this stage, legs are always tired and knock on affects everything else. then comes the two week taper where you feel slow, everything has a niggle. all sposed to be good signs!!!!

    that said Chris, make sure you swap which side of the road you run on, the camber really takes its toll on your knees if you stay on the same side for long runs.

    VF, great running, wish i had been there, come and do it all agen on sun at the Laganside 10k:-)
  • Hi everyone great event today Feet across the Foyle 10K. Went across the Foyle on the ferry 5K in Greencastle back on the ferry to Magilligan for another 5K. First race over a hilly course second on over a flat course, everyone was glad when one of the marshalls turned the runners at just over 2K so it turned into a 4K. Good event first time I've raced twice in the one day. Second race was realy tough. James ran two good races finishing 6th in both.
    14 miles tomorrow home in time to see London.
    Good luck to those running Laganside.
  • Hi everyone what about Paula this morning even with a pit stop she still wins easily. Loads of jellybabies slaughtered in London today.
    14 miles this morning weather was terrible wind and rain struggled round after yesterdays races. Thanks to James for pulling me round. Hope its not like this on marathon day.
    Well Baldy how did Laganside go?
  • Hi Kenny - Conditions were terrible this morning. I went out with a cotton T Shirt under a jacket intending to do 20 miles. After 5 miles and running into the wind and rain both were soaking and I was feeling very cold.

    I had to take off the T Shirt and continue with the jacket and was still very cold. I will never run in the rain again unless I have a waterpoof jacket on me. Ended up doing 15 miles as I was scared of taking a cold if I did more.

    But after an hour or so back at home you feel good at having done it. My time was 2 hrs 22 mins. I think that'll do me for long runs up until the Belfast marathon.

    I'll run about 30 miles this week and run 8 miles in the week before the marathon.

    What is your schedule for the next couple of weeks Kenny?

    How's everybody elses running going?
  • the weather was no better in belshaft either. The laganside was tough with the wind, dont mind the rain. Cnat really complain though, new PB 37.41 so something must be going right. Winner did 29.39, outrageous, he was tiny, thought he might fly like a kite inthat wind.

    good training this weekend everyone, Im doing 13 or so tomorrow night aiming towards 14/15 next sun with a few hills and a bit more speed work in the middle.

    glad you enjoyed yesterday kenny, we ahd snow in north down on sat what was it like up there?

    seamus, dont be getting all sickly on us now!!
  • Well done Baldy good time in those conditions. Yesterday was dry with us but cold.
    I got very cold today and even after a hot bath it took me a long time to warm up. Have a bit of a cold whish I hope clears up quickly.
    Seamus I don't think I could have run 20 today your a brave man trying. You need a good coat in those conditions. I am begining to taper now. Rest day tomorrow, Hill session on Tuesday, Circuits Wednesday, 6 miles Thursday, 6 miles Friday, rest Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday doing very little the following week.

  • Hello all

    Did 10 on Saturday - knee held up fine - on sunday I was in the middle of explaining to my eight year old daughter why runners don't need to go to the toilet during a race because they dehydrate and other plausible theories when Paula stops and does her thing - Dad now officially rated "stupid" and no more questions have been asked about running and marathons. Will attempt 19 tonight, and then start the taper - does anyone rate the taper recommended in the latest RW?
  • Good luck with the 19 tonight. It raining away here at the moment perhaps it will ease off. I am following the taper on this website.
    When I ran London I drank that much water because I didn't want to get dehydrated that I had to stop quite a few times. Glad to hear that the knee held up. When you've got to go you've got to go even if its live on TV.
    Had quick look at the long range forecast its to be cloudy with a chance of rain and 10 degrees with the wind from the N. Lets hope they have got it wrong.

  • Kenny

    Thanks for that link - at this stage almost everything I read frightens me that I'm doing it all wrong. Oh well, too late now. Tried to get long range forecast out of our weather woman Angie in the office here, but she refuses to commit herself beyond five days in it could yet be cool and calm on the second.
  • Yes James had a quick look sent one to the papers interested to see if they print it. I still have your CD will bring it tomorrow.
    Whats your email address.
    Chris can you not get Angie talked into running the marathon.

  • Kenny - Angie was talking about the London marathon along the lines of failing to understand why anyone would want to do anything quite so stupid - so it would be a bit of a task to talk her round. Interesting challenge though!
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