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  • no need panicing yet, there is still time for those final tweeks. didnt manage much more than a quick 5 tonight so will havce to go well in speed session tomorrow, 400ms. Then a good med ling run wed at mara pace.

    what about the weather now i havent thawed out form sat mornings run yet!!

    now is the time to start and increase the water, i find my body gets used to it better and dont need to go during the run. 3l min a day now.

    knee still twinges now and then but it wont put me off.

    anyone tried to print off the power point mara route yet??
  • 3litres of water a day is a lot I'll have to try but will probably end up running to the loo a lot.
    Baldy what do eat for breakfast on the morning of the race, I was for having 3 Weetabix with milk and banana, toasted bagel and mug of coffee about 6.30.
    I've caught the cold, so much of it about, was hoping I'd miss it. Better to have it this week than next.
    I've looked at the map but not the powerpoint one.

    How did oyu 19 go last night Chris was it not very wet.

  • Kenny - it was just wet enough to be cool and lovely - made it round, slight knee twinge but feeling ok today.......although did feel a bit of a chill last night.....

    look after that cold
  • sore throat for me, just means a few more hot drinks to help loosen it, and eases the water flow.

    3 rounds of peanut butter sandwiches for me 2-2 1/2 hrs before all long runs, white bread. previous tip from Runners World Towers.

    last night was quite nice to run in Chris, wrapped up well myself with 3 tops on!!
  • Havn't been to the shop yet James.

  • Is it better to set the alarm and get up three hours before the race to eat, or stay asleep if you've had a nervy, restless night and eat nearer race time?
  • Hi Chris glad to hear that you 19 miles went OK.
    You would be better setting the alarm because you don't want to arrive at the start and find that everyone has gone. Speaking from experience I will probably be awake anyway. I usually don't sleep that well.
    As we are travelling from Ballymoney we will have to up early anyway. Its not advisable to eat to close to the start time. The latest I would eat would be 2 hours.
    Why have they changed the start time to 9.00?

  • Thanks for giving me some interesting material for a bad dream the night before the race.....although there are worse things cd happen.....if the race starts at 0900, what's a good time to turn up at? Sorry - I'll rephrase that - how long beforehand should you turn up?
  • Hi James they printed you pic in the Chronicle (full size they didn't reduce it). I havn't seen the Times yet. Yes it was to start at 9.30 don't know why they changed it probably something to do with the change ot route.
    Chris I would try and get there early about 8.15 get ready and make way round to City Hall. We might be comming up by bus which is leaving Ballymoney at 7.15 should take us about an hour.
  • The one at start in Greencastle
  • Hi James got the Times now I know what pic you are talking about.
  • White bread, quicker digesting and the peanut butter is slower, gives a better balance apparently. either way it has done me well in 5 maras so far.

    last solids 2hrs before, but tea and fresh orange before and high 5 drinks for the time thereafter.

    a final nervous pee, and off......

    i get to belfast an hour before, then lots of time to chill, prepare and dander round to start.

    nice steady 9 tonight, bit quicker than mara pace 59.53 and felt fine, fingers crossed. Hills tomorrow.

  • Hello everybody - I have started hill running since last week. I did almost 7 miles of a hilly run this evening.

    I'll do a 10 miler tomorrow evening and then make up to 30 miles before the end of the week.

    Good luck in your training everybody.
  • Still suffering with this cold funn thing is when I am doing something I don't notice it but when I sit down to work at the computer or watch TV the old nose starts running.

    Keep it up Seamus only a week to go.

    Baldy I have been trying this 3 litres of water a day. Does this include tea, coffee, beer, etc or is it just water. The wife is looking for a new carpet for the bedroom as I have wore a track to the bathroom.
    During the marathon is the water in cups or bottles?
  • Kenny, i manage a cup of tea and glass of orange before breakfast. then 2l of water at work with tea and coffee as add ons. a glass of water/juice with tea and a couple of cuppas at night. about a litre during/after training too. have wooden floors!!!

    took a rest today, getting up early to run hills in am. most runs will be early am now in preparation.

    keep it up seamus.
  • Thanks Kenny and Ian - I don't overdo it with water now as on my first marathon I was stopping to empty the bladder every 3/4 miles. I drink plenty thje two days before but very little on the morning of the race.

    Look in the LIDYL Stores this weekend. I bought two good water bottle carriers at only £3.99 each, also a good reflector for £3.99. I think they're good bargains. There's supposed to be a week for running gear coming soon.

    James - Are you still clocking up the miles.

    I'm taking echinaeca liquids drops to build up my immunity system at the minute.

    Kenny - Your cold will soon clear up. Its better to get it over this week.
  • Hi Baldy must be getting used to it was not as bad last night. Trying to get more in earlier in the day.

    Seamus I was the same as you when I ran London everybody warned me about becoming dehydrated and I drank so much and had to stop about 4 times.

    Must keep a look out for Lidl have got some running gear in the past.

    The cold a little better today doing nothing until Sunday. Marshalling at the Prom Mile Tomorrow. Was tempted to run by the £1000 for breaking the 4 min mile but feel I have to do a bit more speed work or get a motorbike. Sould be a good days racing Prom shut to traffic race every 15 mins from 1.00 last race 3.50.
  • Hi everybody - Have done 16 miles so far this week.

    I had a tough week workwise and also trying to get connected to Broadband- was 33 mins on the phone to the warious departments and their usual 4 number options. Still have'nt connected as we are on the periphal of their signal area.

    I am a positive person and have used this in training to motivate myself. This 33 mins could have been better spent on 4 miles training done on a sharp run or 3 & 1/2 on an easy run.

    In Belfast I will be thinking of this and on last Sunday's cold wet windy run where I set out to do 20 but was still pleased to do 15 in those conditions.

    How do the rest of you self - motivate yourselves? This will help me in my attempt to break my PB of 4 hrs 16 mins.
  • Seamus, i think about everything being better than being stuck in being jumped on etc by the littluns!

    managed a good hill session yesterday, gentle 6 today and 16 at mara pace tomorrow.

    check belfast thread for water details!!
  • Hi everyone getting frustrated can't shift this cold and woke up on Friday with a sore achilles. Swelling were the achilles joins the muscle. Got a massage on Saturday and this has helped. Binned todays 10 miler hoping that rest will clear up both problems. Glad that all the hard training has been done just means that my taper will lack miles. Still hoping to be on the line next Monday.
    Big improvement in the weather.
    Marshalled at the Prom Mile yesterday great days racing runners from 7 to 60 running in the various age groups. Nobody broke the 4 min mile but open race was won in 4.22.

    Seamus you being in front of me should be all the motivation you need. I'll just be gald to be out there doing it.

    Take it easy there only a week to go.
  • steady 16 today in 1.48, felt sluggish. will have a good taper this week. slow with strides tomorrow, 8x400 tue, 5 wed, rest thu, slow 4 fri, rest sat, 3m sun with a few strides. and lots of sensible eating in between:-((

    what have the rst of you got planned.
  • Hi Kenny, Ian and James,

    Kenny - You'll shift that cold soon, James Galbraith swears by Boots Bronchial Cough mixture. I used it once about a year ago and it helped. Kenny - rest well and it will shift - You'll not lose any fitness because of it - maybe the enforced rest will make you stronger.

    Ian - I'm going to have a very easy week - maximum running about 8/9 miles - maybe a 4 miler and a 3 and a 2 - just to keep loose. I always dread taking a cold/flu at this time.

    James - How's the training going?

    I want to do Belfast in under 4 hrs 15 mins as I did it in 4hrs 25 mins last year. That's the plan anyway - I would love to break 4 hrs but I don't think I'm fast enough yet. Regards to all, Seamus.
  • Hi everyone cold still hanging on but the leg feels a lot better swellings gone down still putting the ice pack on will try running tomorrow night then go for another massage. If all goes well I plan to do 5 on Thursday and a couple on Sunday morning.

    The better weather makes running much more enjoyable.
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