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  • Hello all

    Quiet weekend - fast six on Friday, seven on Saturday including the hill at Stormont, and plan two hours this evening, half of it at mara pace, and half v. slow - then a few short outings and that's it......drank too much vino on Saturday, which may have wrecked the water-loading programme.....

    Everyone around me seems to have either a cough or a cold, so it's probably only a matter of time before I succumb too...

    Look after that leg Kenny

    Glad to have discovered the Belfast marathon thread - with only seven days to go......
  • Hi Chris you'll have to lay off the vino to Monday night.

    The leg feels OK going to try it out tomorrow night but won't be doing anything silly. At this stage all the training been done anything I do now won't make me go better next Monday.

  • Kenny - what are you doing about water/energy drinks etc for the race - will you rely on what they provide, or bring your own? I don't fancy wearing the belt for the race, but if I get tired I want to be able to get something in me quick.....
  • Chris I am going to wear my belt with a bottle of Lucozade and a few gogels. I am hoping to get somebody about half way to with another bottle. This along with the cup will hopefully be enough. I'd rather not wear the belt but will fell happier carrying something.
    Has Angie got any idea what the weather is going to be like or is she still sitting on the fence.
  • I also will be carrying a waterbelt and have 4 or 5 carbogels with me to refuel every 45mins.

    The best of luck to everyone in the last easy week.
  • Sorry guys dont do belts, have nike baggy running shorts which have a handy pocket in the small of your back, fits 5 high 5 gels nicely. should have water at each relay change thanks to friends!!

    Still deciding on which trainers, usual racers or slightly more cushioned pair, dilemmmas!!

    Taper has started, gentle 5 tonight and was up at 6am, only 7 early starts left:-)

  • I'm on early shifts this week - up at 0500 -does this mean I am accidentally adding something to my taper? Should I get up early on Saturday and sunday too (and especially on Monday........)?
  • I was last in Northern Ireland 4 years ago. I managed some nice runs around Portstewart (along the beach and pass the Convent) and Portrush (got lost on the golf course).

    Hoose-Goer, what did you graduate in? I graduated from Coleraine in 1990. Maybe we shared a beerin "The Derry" once or twice!!
  • Hi James I just ran at about marathon pace, the rest of the gang did 10 400 with a 1 min recovery. I ran just short of 5 miles. I could still feel the achilles. I iced it when I got home did a few stretches and then put a warm pack on. Peter massaged it for me this morning and I am going to see him tomorrow night. Resting today will stretch tonight and use the ice pack again. Will try another easy run tomorrow night. The cold is finally getting better.
  • OK ignore me then I don't mind!

    (Just kidding....)
  • Hi Moriaty
    Portstewart beach is were I began running many years ago. I started running as far as I could then walk and run back to the car it was a great feeling the first morning I made it to the Barmouth and back without stopping.
    I have been working in the uni since 1988 in the Psychology Dept. What did you study when you were here?
    Hoose-Goer only drops in now and again so he's probably not ignoring you.
    Are you still running?
  • I was only kidding about the ignoring thing...

    I was in the philosophy department.I was seeing for a while a lady who did psychology (her name was Lindsey).

    Did you know one of my ex-tutors (who became one of my closest friends) Stephen Mills?
  • No I didn't know Stephen Mills.
    Were do you live now?
  • I live in West London (Ruislip) .I left Coleraine in 1990. Took my wife back on a visit a few years ago and took the opportunity to do some decent running whilst I was there (that was the summer of foot and mouth so it was, er, interesting.....)

    Do you have any contact with the philosophy lot? When I was there Terry O'Keeffe was H of D and there was a wonderful eccentric called Jim Brown.

    There was also a half decent runner called Ken Jones but I expect he's retired by now.

  • Hi everybody.

    Moriarty welcome to the forum and may you have a good year's running - it good to share our experiences on this thread. I used to run the Benone Strand above Castle rock - running by the sea is good for the stress relief.

    Well Kenny - I'm glad to hear that your cold is mending - I hope the achilles tendon mends quickly as well. I usually run a cold shower over my legs after every training run - they say it prevents inflammation in tendons.

    I did 5.3 miles on the treadmill whilst watching the first half of the Chlesea/Liverpool game. Kenny - I told you that Liverpool can win the Champions League. They're nearer to the final than Chelsea are at the moment.

    Well Ian and James - How's the running going - It coming near marathon time . Good luck to you all.
  • Hi Moriaty I don't have much contact with the philosophy lot. I knew Ken Jones through running. He retired now I am not sure if he is still about or if he's moved on. He was a good runner and triathlete.
    Jim Brown is also retired and Terry O'Keefe is still about.

    Seamus five days to go I am feeling a bit better going to try an easy 5 miles tonight at marathon pace the go for a massage. Hoping that a few day more and I'll be OK for Monday. Seamus I think Chelsea are still the favourites and Liverpool have a lot to do to get through they will have to play a lot better at Anfield.

    See you later James.

    Chris 5 days to go has Angie given any clues as to what weather we can expect on Monday.

    Ian are you still on course for a sub 3.00 hour marathon.

  • Kenneth and rest, BBC weather forecast predicts sun and only light wind for Monday. Weekend appears to be rainy and bad. You never know with forecasts though...

  • Kenny

    Angie v. unprepared to commit herself until today - and then just repeated what's on the BBC website anyway......if it's right, looks quite good...glad it's not mara day today......

    Did 30 mins yesterday - felt heavy and slow....still can't decide whether to carry drinks or gamble on what's provided by the organisers and my support team (one adult and three children aged 10, 8 and 16 months).
  • I've been keeping an eye on the weather for the past couple of weeks it changes every day. 16-18 is quite warm to for a marathon nice for the relay runners who can catch a few rays while waiting at the change over points.

    Chris there should be plenty of water you may have to stop to ensure that you get enough. Its difficult to run and drink from a plastic cup. If its going to be warm you have to make sure and take plenty of water on board early so that you don't become dehydrated and suffer later in the race.

  • Thanks for that Kenny

  • Personal weather forecast from Angie - she says it will be "cloudy-warm" and almost humid, unless the cold front on Sunday moves through and "lifts it a bit", 13 degrees, wind fairly light from the south....adding, "It will make the pint taste even better after........"

    So there you go.
  • Thanks Chris is Angie buying the first pint

  • She's already coughed up sponsorship fiver....I'll buy you one on her behalf
  • James, Robert said that there would be room on the bus. I am planning about 5 miles at an easy pace.
    My Number 1s 522.
  • jsut as long as the light southerly is from behind all the way!!

    with regards water, little and often i find best. oh and avoid gulping ti leaves you with hic ups.
  • Hi everybody not long to go now. I ran 5 mile last night at marathon pace the achilles was OK after about 2 miles. Resting now until Sunday an easy couple of miles followed by a good stretch.
    James Robert says that a couple of people have droped out so plenty of room on the bus see you tomorrow about 11.
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