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  • Hi everybody ran 12.5 miles yesterday OK the first half but struggled in the second half. Begining to feel a little better don't think I race until Ballyclare 10 on 13 Auguts good race if you like hills.
    Glad you enjoyed the race Seamus and Michael will pass your comments onto the rest of the club at this months meeting tonight.
    Ladyluck much prefer being out on the road to being stuck inside hopefully Ann will hopefully be able to sort out the calf on Friday. I always say that theres more crack at the back of a race than at the front were everybody is so serious. Look forward to seeing the three of you in Ballymoney.
  • Kenny - Good to hear that you're improving in form. Ballyclare 10 will be a tough race. Its similar to Clogh but a bit harder.

    Kenny - Do you know anything about the Clogh, or Stranocum runs this year?

    I'm going to do some hill training tonight.
  • Seamus they haven't ran Stranocum since they year of the thunder & lightening (now that was a race never to be forgotten). I think they got worried if anything had happen who would have been responsible so they just have a 3 mile walk now. I asked Ballymena Runners a couple of weeks ago about Clough and they said they wouldn't be hosting it this year or any time in the fiture (not sure what the problem is there but I know the farmers had been kicking up a bit of fuss about it before). Pity because they were 2 good runs. Are you off for the summer now?
  • Yes Kenny I'm glad to be off. I've plenty of time for training now. Its a pity those two runs are off as they were great runs. Yes that night of the thunder was exceptional. I arrived home afterwards and the modem for the internet had blown. The computer technician said he never replaced as many after that storm.

    I did 68 mins of hills this evening. I think the hills strengthen you for the races. When I think I'm tired on the flat runs - I think of the hill training and it keeps me going.

    Everyone is quite quiet on this thread these days. Ian, Jim, Scott, James - Are you all still out there training?
  • Hi Seamus nobodies talking to us must be busy doing other stuff or away on holidays. Going to try hill session tonight to see how it goes. Planing to run the Dervock half on Sunday as our long run
  • Hi guys, off on paternity leave, still managing to fit a few runs in between feeds but feeling very tired. Going to enrol this weekend for Longford to give me the boost that I need. Will definitely be doing the 10 mile race in Ballyclare, considering I'm originally a Ballyclare man. Feel pressurised however because I ran a PB there 2 years ago and you are always disappointed when you fall short of your old times.

    What sort of schedule would you recommend for running for Longford, considering the limited time?


  • Jim - I enrolled for Longford yesterday. I ran 30 miles last week, I hope to do 35 this week and step it up to about 47 per week until mid August.

    I would like to break 4 hrs, but I know that if I get to 4hrs 15 mins its more realistic.

    I need to to be running at a faster pace in order to break 4 hrs.

    My best half marathon is 1 hr 51 mins for Stranraer. It would be difficult to run another 13 miles in 2 hrs 9 mins, afterwards, but you never know - We can all dream.
  • Hello all-back over in Norn Iron for August. Be grateful if anyone can let me know what races are on? I ran Cookstown last year and will do it again. I've heard there is a 15k in Letterkenny but can;t track this down.
  • Hi Bronwyn welcome to our thread.
    14 August Letterkenny Summer 15K 11.30am B. McDaid 086 811 3947 the link is below.
    For races in the North go to the NIAF web site Were are you from are you comming across on holidays if so when and we can keep you up to date on any races which may not be on the NIAF website.
    Seamus the serious training starts now if we are going to get selected for London 2012. Good to see that London has been selected maybe be able to get across and see some events without having to fork out a small fortune.
    Hills on Tuesday tough but survived going to do about 7 miles this evening.
  • Seamus-i would also love to break 4hrs best time is 4hrs 3mins set in my first marathon belfast 2002;the four marathons i have run since have all been slower.

    don't know if i could fit in 30-40 miles a week with the long hours i work will start to build my long runs on sundays from 10m to 20m until two weeks before marathon and fit in speed work on week nights.

  • Well Kenny - Good to hear that you're improving. Its good that London got the Games. It will have positive spinoffs for everyone.

    Sad to hear of the bombs in London this morning. Some poor people have lost their lives and others very seriously injured.

    Jim - So long as you do long runs you'll be OK. I did Dublin last year in 4hrs 4 mins and when I looked up my training diary, there was only one week that I did over 40 miles. Maybe the less miles the better.
  • Seamus just when London was on a high they get hit by these bombs sad that these innocent people have lost their lives.
    Jim if you build up you long runs and through in a couple of other runs during the week you should be OK. The important runs are the long ones. You may not get the time you were looking for bur you'll get round OK. Good luck with the training I wish I was able to do it too.
  • Hi everyone ran the Dervock Half this morning very warm but I felt not too bad on the way round and was quicker than I was at Lisburn.
    Has anyone been out over the weekend.
  • Good to see you are all still here, am afraid that work has got the betterof my posting recently.

    frotunately my runnign has not suffered as much, managed 48 miles this week, with a 14, a 17 today and some hills and speed aswell.

    Portaferry 10M next week, a testing littel jaunt so it is.

    Lovely outat the moment, the colour is coming back, should make up for the lack of a trip to the sun this year.

    Seamus not really training per say for Longford, just looking towards cardiff and getting the basics in, am just going for the runa dn will see how i feel on the day, hopefully good!!
  • hi everyone ran a hilly 10 miles this morning'still not feeling great'every run seems to be a struggle.

    i think i have put weight on and this is making me out off sorts going to look at my diet
  • Kenny - That's good to see your form is improving. I did 13 miles this morning but it was quite slow 2hrs 3.5 mins. I had a few glasses of wine on Saturday night and on Sunday morning it was 23 degrees.

    Ian 48 miles in a week is good - that's my peak marathon training.

    Jim its hard to keep the weight down, when you're lighter you definitely feel better at the running.

    Kenny - Where's the Dervock registration at?

    Also how do you get to Dervock from Ballymoney?
  • Hi everyone great weather for running even though it is warm. Went out yesterday at lunch time very warm but I was glad it was a slow recovery run and I could go out and enjoy the sunshine. Went out this morning and did 7.5 miles felling a lot better than I have for a while. Don't know if I am ready to race yet.
    Seamus Dervock is a village outside Ballymoney. If you travelling along the by pass Dervock is the second turn on the left after the Portrush Road roundabout. If you are comming from Kilrea direction go straight through the small roundabout at Matthenson's Chemist at the bypass turn left and Dervock is the first turn on the right it is well sign posted. Dervock is about 4 miles from by pass. Registeration is in a caravn in the park in the centre of the vallage. Travel down into the village you will see a closed filling station on the right the park is on the right a short distance after.
    Donna how did you get on at the physio?
    Baldy good luck Portaferry its a long way for us to travel to race keep up the training.
    Jim its hard keeping the weight off. When I was training for the marathon I cut out eating after I finished my tea it worked for me. I also think if you are training for a marathon you are more careful about what you eat. Good luck with the diet.
  • Glad to hear ur form is getting better, hopefully u will be racing soon. Went to Ann, thought she was fab. She was clearing my lymphs in my legs which was very uncomfortable, kept crawling up the bed. She also give my calfs a good spors massage. I am now doing isolated stetches and for the first time in such a long time I ran 6 miles with no tightness. I am so chuffed but trying not to get too excited. My fitness has suffered with the interuptions of injury but hopefully will soon come back. I am back with Ann this Friday for another painful session but it is so worth it. Been off work on hols and to be honest have over indulged which defo effects the fitness levels as well.
  • Donna for a wee woman Ann can inflict some pain but its worth it if it sorts the problem out. Hopefully another visit wil do the trick and you can get back to some consistant training without the worry that the calf will start playing up.
  • Kenny and everyone - Hope your training is going well. This evening was good for running - I'm only in about an hour from a 10 mile run. It feels good after a run.

    I'm looking forward to Dervock and Ballymoney. It hard to keep the speed work going. Good luck to everyone.

    Ladyluck - I hope your injury is on the mend for good.
  • Hi everyone hope the training going well. Weather a bit better for running. Had a good run tonight ran the Riada % in 40.34 my best run for a while feeling better every time I go out.
    See you in Dervock Seamus havn't made up my mind whether I will run or not.
  • That's a great time Kenny - and in a race you'll improve on it further. I always feel I'm at my maximun speed at around 8 min miles.

    Dervock should be a good run - If you feel OK you should run it Kenny.

    I'm finding it tough to keep the faster sessions going. Plodding is quite relaxing. Roy Keane would say that there's too many runners that like the comfort zone.
  • Seamus its much easier running with a group because they tend to drag you round. Speed work especially is a lot easier. I find when I am out on my own I would drift into the comfort zone.
    I don't know if I could go much faster at the moment Seamus but another week on the pills might make a big difference. I have noticed a big improvement in my running over the past week or so. I still tend to tire or run out of energy towards the end of a long run. It may be dehydration as my condition make me sweat a lot. Have to try and drink more a couple of days before.
    Stick with the speed work you should start to see an improvement.
  • Thanks Kenny - I will try. Its good to see that your form is improving.

    Yes Kenny - I run on my own and althiugh I try - its hard to always push yourself to the limit.

  • Was with Ann today again, she thought this appoint wld be my last for a while and u r so right Kenny about the pain thing. Thanks Seamus, hopefully this is it (fingers crossed) Cant run for 48 hours but will try 7 miles on Saturday hopefully outside. Hate running indoors in this weather
  • That good news Donna don't up the milage too quickly. After injury when you feel good you are tempted to try too much too soon and thats when problems occur.
    I had another good run yesterday at lunch time ran a 3.7 mile course in under 30 mins for the first time this year. Resting today long run tomorrow. Will leave the dcision on Dervock until Saturday morning. May do it as I will be stuck behind the computer at Ballymoney.
    Have a god weekends training.
  • hi everyone how is the training going.I done a 13 miller this morning and at last i felt good on a run.I start slow but felt stronger as the run went on and finished in a time of 1hr 57mins.i will rest tomorrow and try a speed session on tuesday night.

  • Kenny, Jim. ladyluck, Ian, James, Scott and everyone - I hope your training is going well.

    Jim that's exactly 9 min miles - very good running.

    I did a 15 mile run from 12.00 to 2.20 or so. It was very warm (25degrees). I was glad to have a long run in the heat, in case Longford is warm at the end of August.

    Kenny - that's a good time - you've inspire me to keep at the speed work.

    I'm going to do hill training tomorrow evening.
  • Hi everyone hope you are all well.
    Seamus I don't know how you ran in that heat but I understand what you are trying to do. Its difficult to race when its that warm a bit like Ballyclare last year when we tried at all times to run it the shade of the trees to keep a little cooler. I went out at 8.15 but it was warm by the time I was home took nearly 2 hours for 12 miles. Still strugling in the long runs I seam to run out of steam at the end.
    Jim your going well are you getting a good nights sleep or is junior still keeping yuo up.
    Baldy - Good luck tomorrow night in Portaferry.
  • Seen this thread and thought I would say hello. I moved to England about 6 years ago from Northern Ireland. I grew up in Antrim and visit home as much as possible. Got into running a few years back and hven't looked back since. Wish I had been incourged more in school to run but mainly football was the call of the day. Thats one of the promblems in Northern Ireland lack of funding for sports. Ive noticed since I have been here how much more different varieties of sports school kids are incourage to do and how much better the coaching is. Its a shame realy, maybe its just the school that I went too but all that was on offer was football 5 a side and even then there was no attempt to coach or help players improve.

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