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  • Hi everybody went out and ran 12.7 miles today. Felt good and was able to push up the last hill about a mile from home good training for the finish in Ballyclare. I still find hills tough so don't know how I'll cope on Saturday. Feeling a lot better and hoping to have a good run at Ballylare.

    Jim everybody has bad days and as Seamus 5 minutes over 16 miles isn't too bad. It was warm today if you didn't have a drink you were maybe a bit dehydrated which slows you down. Keep looking on the bright side rember your good runs and forget your bad runs. When I am training for a marathon I work out my schedule so that if I ran 16 mile last week I run 14 this and then 17 next week susposed to give you an easy week before steping up the miles the next week. OK if you have worked out your schedule and give yourself plenty of time to build up.

    Seamus I don't know how you do those miles in that heat. A full day wearing wellies is sore on the feet especially if its a warm day. What time are you aimimg for at Ballyclare? I'd be happy if I could get close to last years time of 85 mins which is good for that course.

    Ladyluck how did your 11 miles go?
  • I dont like hills either Kenny but I know it helps my fitness. You will sail through the run this Saturday at Ballyclare. I am sure your last run give you a lot of confidence especially finishing so strong.
    Welcome home Seamus, how was ur hols? Did u find having a week off effected ur fitness? I am going away on the 24th to Mallorca for a week and I am debating if I should bring my fitness gear. I am sure u r relieved to be at the tapering stage.
    Jim I agree with Seamus, 5 mins is nothing over 16 miles especially when things are so busy in ur life at the mo. I think u should give yourself credit that u are still able to fit in training round everything else. Well Done.
    I done 10.5 miles on Fri 1 hr 25 mins. Said I was going to ditch the watch but seem to be addicted to entering details into my running log. Started slow and finished strong. The GNR is not scaring me as much now that I am getting the miles on my legs. Just hope an injury is not lurking.
  • Hello all, sorry to crash your thread but can I ask a favour?

    I will be over in Belfast on business a few times over the next few months, starting this Thursday. I will most likely be staying at hotels in central Belfast near City Hall.

    Has anyone from Belfast got any suggestions for simple, easy to follow and safe running routes from the city centre? Something around 4 to 7 miles would be great. My knowledge of Belfast is very near zero, hence the need for simple directions!

    I would be very grateful for any ideas. Thanks.

  • Hi Skip I don't know Belfast well enough to advise you on safe running routes. Ormeau Park is good and there is also a path alongside the river if you are out near Stromont there are some good trails which they use for the cross country. The hotel staff may be able to give you some advise. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Ladyluck your going well the crowds at the GRN will pull you through. I take my training gear with me on holidays sometimes it never gets out of the bag but its good to have if you feel like a run and have a bit of spare time.
  • Hi everybody - Today was a great day weatherwise. I didn't run today but will do hill running sometime tomorrow.

    Ladyluck - Take your running gear with you on holidays and you'll feel better having it. I didn't feel any loss of fitness having a week of. Most people say that even up to 3 weeks off doesn't really affect your fitness.

    Kenny - I don't mind running in the heat - I takr plenty of water with me. I'm using that SIS Energy PSP22 powder mixed with a pinch of salt and I think it has helped me recently in the long runs. I don't tire as much as I used to and my lips aren't blue any more when I come in after a 20 mile run.

    Skip - I'm not sure which is the best place to run in Belfast - as Kenny says - the Ormeau Park should be alright. You could also run along the River Lagan and cross over at the different bridges to suit your milage. Contact the people at and you will get advice from there.

    Jim - Keep at the training - you will be raring to go next time.
  • Thanks Kenneth and Seamus. Looking at the maps, Ormeau Park should be easy to get to so I will head off there. Hopefully it's not big enough to get too lost!
  • Hi everybody hope the training is going well.

    seamus well done on your 22 miler.that's the distance i would normally go to when training for a marathon.but lack of time has prevented this. Going to run Ballyclare on Saturday and do a 13 miler the following week before Longford. Have taken the pressure off myself by just wanting to complete the matathon and not worry about time on this occasion.

    Could anybody tell me how long it takes to drive to Longford from Ballymena and is it hard to find?

  • Jim - I think its about 3 hours drive. Last year we went through Dungannon, Monaghan, Clones, Cavan, Granard , then Longford.

    Jim - go to Google - type in - route planner and you'll get the shortest distance from Ballymena.

    I might not make Ballyclare on Saturday as I may have to go to a funeral.
  • Hi everyone tough weeks training hills on Tuesday night followed by circuits yesterday were we worked the legs hard. Back a bit sore today hope to be OK for Saturday. Weather not looking too good not to be as warm as yesterday.
  • Hi Kennny and everybody - can't make it on Saturday as a colleague has died and funeral on Saturday.

    I hope you all do well - it'll be cooler than last year - Good luck.
  • Sorry to hear that you won't be at Ballyclare Seamus I was looking for you to drag me round. I think the weather is to be windy and cool with the chance of heavy showers. See you in Cookstown.
  • Hi everyone just back from Ballyclare. Had a good run finished in 83.25 three minutes faster than last year. Good well organised race with nice wee shower in the middle to freshen us up. Sammy had a good run a new PB 70.09. Look forward to Cookstown now.
  • Kenny - Very glad to hear of your good result. That's some going on a hilly course like that. I'm sure you're feeling good.

    I'm looking forward to Cookstown - I mightn't go all out as I don't want to be injured for the Longford marathon.
  • kenneth ran ballyclare as well and came home in 80.11.i am pleased with the time considering the poor form off's a tough course but i like it fighting the uphills and letting go on the downs.I checked the names and numbers with the time keepers to try and find you so i could introduce myself but i could not see you.
  • Jim - That's a great time as Ballyclare is a tough course. Ballyclare takes more energy out of you than a lot of half-marathons would.

    I did Ballyclare last year and it took me 90 mins. Jim if you can keep up those levels you could break the 4 hr barrier in Longford.

  • hi all

    a rare post from the balding one.

    things are hectic at work at the moment and i managed to take three days across the water at the end of july. not managing to run let alone surf. that means longford is a gonna and cardiff is looking the same too unless there is a drastic change which i doubt! cest la vie in afraid

    hope the rest of you are all fit and well and running with great gusto.

    am involved in the bangor classic rebirth in sept so i hope to see you all at the starting line for a very big day.

    keep running
  • Hi everyone went out and did 6 miles today nice and easy.

    Jim sorry I missed you at Ballyclare 80.11 is a good run.

    Baldy good to hear from you again I was asking Fred yesterday if you were still running. Any more details about Bangor is it the old Kodak 10K revived.

    Seamus was pleased with my run yesterday finished strong passing four runners on the up hill to the finish. Conditions a lot better than last year which helped.

    Keep up the running
  • Hello all. Congrats Kenny, Sammy and Jim on the ballyclare run. Youse done great especially going on what I hear about the course. Passing runners on a hill Kenny is very rewarding, ur fitness seems to be back. You never seem give up which is a great quality. Jim mummy and baby doing well. Is baby sleeping all night yet? I ran 11 miles yesterday, did not time it as I knew it was going to be hard due to drinking the night before and havn't been drinking really in recent weeks so think the few glasses of wine really went to my head. I got around but I swear I will never drink before a long run again, it was absolute torture.
  • Hi everyone speed session last night legs still felt heavy fom Ballyclare. Its funny how you forget how tired you are when you start to close in on some one during a race your body finds the energy to drive you on. At Ballyclare I picked off the first guy and could see I was closing on the next and just kept going.
    Ladyluck hard running with a hangover but sometimes its the best cure you feel a lot better after it. Long runs are all about getting miles in the legs and time on your feet so speed isn't all that important as long as you put the effort into your shorter runs. A guy who runs with us calls the long Sunday morning runs the social run when you run at pace were you can have a bit of banter. He runs a 3.15 - 3.30 marathon and is happy doing his long runs at 9 - 9.30 min mile pace.
  • Hows it going? I've just started running for about a month now. on the treadmill only at the gym (part of a weightloss programme) and love it. I've built it up to about 3 miles. After a weeks holiday I bought a good pair of running shoes from a very helpful chap called John at Up & Running in Belfast and decided to venture out on to the road for a three mile run. That was last Sunday morning. Since then my legs have felt like they have been attacked with baseball bats but are getting better and my left foot is a little sore. A perfect example of too much too soon but I'm going to tackle it again on Saturday after my legs and foot feel better. Any advice folks?
  • Paulie - Did you stretch after the run- you need to stretch the muscles after every run and run cold shower water over your legs after every run. Its probably only muscle fatigue at the beginning of training. The best of luck in your running.

    Kenny and everyone - I'm just in from my last longish run before Longford. I did 10 miles in about 85 mins. I'll run Cookstown on Friday night and then a 5 miler and another 3 miler before Longford. I just hope I don't get injured or have the flu before then.

    ladyluck - Good to hear that you're still enjoying your running. I think I run better after a few glasses of wine the night before - I think its the urge to shake off that groggy feeling. Good luck to everyone in their training. Hope to see as many as possible in Cookstown.
  • hi everyone run 4 miles last night at a quick pace felt beter as run went on.i will do a ten miler on sunday morning and one short run next week before longford.

    ladyluck if i run after drinking the night before it just means i am sick that bit quicker.then again 3 drinks these days and i am drunk' ps mum and baby joe are doing great got my first smile from him last week.
  • Hello all. can anyone recommend a good speed work session. At the mo I am walking 1 minute, running 1 minute at 7mph and 1 minute at 8.5 mph and doing this for 21 minutes with 5 minute warmup jog before and after giving me just over 30 minute workout. Kenny thanks for letting me know about ur friend's attitude to a long run, think I will do this instead of beasting myself on this run and ending up fatigued and dreading the next one. Hello Paulie, the next time u get trainers try ur first run on a running machine, that way if they dont suit Up & Running are happy to change them (done this a few weeks ago) but hopefully it is not the trainers that is causing u problems. Try sticking to 3 miles for a while to see if pain leaves ur legs and make sure u stretch well before and after a run. Hello Seamus, hope all is well. Was hoping to get to Cookstown but not working out, so disappointed. Jim, glad all doing well. the first milestones are great, bet u r doing a lot of baby watching. Me and nigel sometimes spent nights just watching baby mark, they are so addictive. Good luck to everyone for the Cookstown run, wish I could be there.
  • Cheers folks. I'll let you know how I get on.
  • Ladyluck do you do your speed session on a running machine?
    Paulie sometimes new trainers take a bit of getting used to. Running on the roads is a bit different to running machines. Keep pluging away maybe just your body getting used to running on the roads.
    Jim make the most of the kids when they are young they are not long growing up the time just seems to fly.
    Nice easy jog tonight before Cookstown tomorrow
  • Anyone out there doing the Gees waterside 1/2 marathon in Derry in September?
  • Calypso - I'm doing the Waterside half - its a good run and it a very flat course - although the last mile is slightly uphill.

    Kenny and Co - The Cookstown 5 had a great turnout and it was well organised. I managed another PB of 37 mins 26 secs. Things just went together on the night.

    Paul (Samuel) had a very good run.

    Kenny - You had a good run.

    I'm looking forward to Longford marathon.

    Jim - I hope o see you in Longford next unday. My race number is 73.. What's your's?

    ladyluck - You would have enjoyed Cookstown - it was a good course with some testing hills.
  • Hi everyone. hope you all had a good weekends training. Done a 10 miler this lunchtime and got caught in a downpour of rain 4 miles from home. Hope that I dont take a cold before Longford.

    Seamus - well done on your time in Cookstown. Starting to really look forward to Longford now. My race number is 131.
    I will look out for you (the form you're in I probably won't see that much of you during the race).

  • Good to hear from you Jim. I also ran a 3 miler during that rain. We definitely don't want the cold/flu this week. We should be alright.

    The Longford marathon starts outside the pub (PVs). Its good because you can avail of the toilets there up to the last few minutes.

    I want to try to break the 4 hr barrier - it may not happen - but I'll give it a go. However at mile 21/22 I may settle for less.

    The best of luck to everyone else in their training.
  • Seamus good luck with longford, i had to pull out of it and also Cardiff cos of work, couldnt do either justice and judging by my current form wouldnt get round either.

    managed a staggering 25 miles this week, pb for the last 2 months!!!

    hope to break the bubbly out and pass 30 next week.

    Bangor Classic 10k should be great run, am still managing to help with organising it, slight difference to old course but with a big field expected it should be dead on and hopefully quick.

    Kenny, hope you are fwell on the road to recovery now.

    james seems to have disappeared, hopefully i should be back with you all properly soon.

    take care and happy running
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