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  • Seamus you are going well must give you the confidence to go out and break that 4 hour barrier also you are getting closer to your brother with every race.
    May see you and Jim in Longford. Peter Ferris has offered me a lift if I want to go and do the half. He leaving at 5.00 on Sunday morning and comming back that evening will make my mind up later in the week.
    Had a bad stomach on Friday evening thought I was going to be sick on the way round but stuck at it and came home in 39.32 was hoping to go a bit better. Good well organised race on a testing course and a nice cuppa at the end. Did 1.28 this morning in constant rain but its warm rain at this time of the year.
    Calypso I will be in Derry flatish course but I never seem to have a good run at it but always go back for more.
    Baldy when is the Bangor run.
    James has signed for a local football club havn't saw him for a couple of weeks as he was on holidays.
    I am off to Silgo in the morning for a few days will be taking the trainers with me to do a few miles. Good luck in Longford Seamus and Jim I may be there to cheer you home.
  • Hello all. Yes Kenny, I do my speed sessions on the running machine. Is this good or bad? Enjoy you few days in Sligo. We sometimes do the Sligo run on the motorbike. My husband loves the sligo bends on the bike. Will probably be in Majorca by the time u get back. Well done seamus and kenny on the Cookstown run. I was in cookstown dropping someone off at the hotel and was panging like mad when I seen the runners. I am going to the Derry half to cheer on a friend. Hope to see some of youse there. Was tempted to do the Derry half but it is the week before the GNR so dont want to risk an injury.

  • Hello all

    Glad to see everyone still in the running.

    Just back from two weeks off - was in Yorkshire in the Dales with the family - only managed to run twice - big hills both times after reading that book about fell running by that journo - now they are a different breed. Definitely not tempted to try fell running. Tried a long run yesterday but could only manage 12 - need to pick up the effort for Derry half and Dublin mara. When is Bangor 10K?
  • Can I just remind youse all out there about the Pegasus 10k at Springwell Forest, Coleraine on 24th September - 2:00pm start. It's all on trail so trail shoes or trainers are fine. You can enter on the day and there's a nice t-shirt, spot prizes and plenty to eat and drink - and toilet facilities this year!!! There's an entry form on our website at If you need any more info and can't get me give Peter Crook a phone on 7711179131
  • Hello everybody - I did the Longford marathon today. It was a great run - it was tough and breezy. I didn't break the 4 hr barrier - my time was 4 hrs 10 mins 45 secs.

    Its easy to say that you'll go for a certain time - I found that the last 6 miles (again) are very daunting. Any way - I'm still very pleased with my run.

    Kenny - You thought it was very breezy as well and the retarring of parts of the roadways are very poor - they councils down there use very coarse gravel for the finishing layer (not good for running on)

    Jim - Although I didn't meet you today - I think I saw you - Are you a tall man - well built with sandy coloured hair. I was talking to you at some half-marathon a couple of years ago (I think so anyway). Its just that another runner at the start said that fellows from Ballymena - but the race was about to start. Driving home I put two and two together and I think it may be you. Am I right? After all that - How did you run go? It was a tough cours - even though it was flat. It was a bit like Belfast - sometimes too long and flat.

    Peter Ferris did well. One man completed his 500th marathon today. What a record. I thought Peter Ferris's record was very good.

    Hope to see you all in Derry - That's if our legs have recovered.
  • Hi Seamus that was a good run a PB for you on that course. Its hard to compare different courses as ome are easier than others and some suit you more than others. I found it very tough too many long straights with long inclines, I much prefer hilly courses. Reminded me of Derry half. I found the wind very difficult especially on the way back. I was hoping to break 1:50 and was on target until I had to to stop for the toilet. Lost about 30 secs and struggled from there to the finish my time 1:54:22. The road out at the turn was terrible the I could feel the large chipings through the shoes. Jim I didn't see you were you there? Good race well organised good goody bag and plenty of food afterwards. Tired and sore today lsft home at 4:50 and back home at 22:00.
  • Hi - Newry runner here!
    Just to let you know about a beautiful scenic run - the South Armagh Half Marathon held last Saturday (27.8.05)
    The views make the miles roll by!
  • Hi lo-no good to hear from you. Didn't know the run was on alway good to try something different. Is it an annual race?
  • This was the third year it was held and was definitely the best. Last years course was very up hill and I mean like mountain -uphill! - whereas this years was more balanced. It's well worth doing and there's even tea, sandwiches and biscuits in the Community Hall afterwards
  • I did 3 miles this evening after the heavy rain. Its great running after rain as the air seems to be fresher.

    How's everyone after Longford. I found Longford pretty sore on the legs.
  • Lo-no keep in touch I would be interested in doing that run next year. A cup of tea afterwards is a good idea stops people rushing off after the race and you get a chance to have a chat.
    Seamus I was very stiff and tired after Sunday. Cycled to work yesterday and did circuits at lunch time. Cycled home it that rain last night was going against the tide sometimes. Like a drowned rat when I got home. Running tonight.
    Michael will be at the Springwell run along with some of the gang.
  • Hello all, only back from hols so all refreshed and ready to go again although dont feel so fit at the moment. Over indulged quite a bit. Well done Seamus on ur time of 4.10, is that a pb? Kenny that was a long day bet u were exhausted. Well done on 1.54. My dream is to complete a half marathon under 2 hrs but think the GNR is the wrong time to try this. Is there any other half marathons after the great north run? Tried to run twice on hols. Managed 2 miles first day and 3 miles the 2nd day. So warm, absolutely exhausting but glad I managed to do something.
  • Welcome back lady luck glad to hear you had a good holiday. Don't know of any halfs locally after GNR as it is the start of cross country season. There is a 10 mile iin Armagh at the start of October. The rest will have done you the world of good and you can push on and complete your tarining for the GNR. Disapointed with my time in Longford but will give it another bash at Derry next Saturday.
  • Some day kenny I will be able to say I am disappointed with 1:54 finish (I wish). What is ur pb for a half marathon? I will be doing 12 miles on Friday but I am quite worried as it will be 2 weeks from my last long run although I done 2 speed sessions before hols and 2 short runs on hols during these 2 weeks. Will I notice the difference in my fitness/indurance level? Think I will get myself some Gogels for this run.
  • hi everyone hope you are all well.I have had a nightmare week or so.After all the training,pay entrance fee and booking hotel,i was not able to go to longford.My mum was taken in to hospital last thursday then the wife was ill and i had to look after baby.[both are ok now].I am disapointed but these things happen.I managed to do a 6 miller last night.

    Well done seamus on your time.I have tried to break the 4 hour mark on each off my 5 marathons and failed but 26 miles is a long way and i think anyone who compltes a marathon should never be disapointed.

    anyone doing dublin in october
  • Sorry to hear of the sickness in your family Jim. I'm glad all is well now. Yes being able to finish a marathon in any time is a blessing Jim.

    I'll be doing Dublin and am looking forward to it.

    Ladyluck - Yes 4hrs 10 is a PB for Longford, but my PB is 4hrs 4 for Dublin.

    Its good to be able to run at any level.

    Best of luck in all your training.
  • Ladyluck you may feel fresh after the rest don't worry about you speed just try and get the distance. I used 2 gogels on Sunday 1 at 6 miles and 1 at 10. My PB for the half was set many years ago at 85 minutes since I started back running about five years ago my best has been 1:42 I would like to break 1:50 at Derry and then after a good winters training try and and lower it a bit. This has been my plan the last few years but something always goes wrong.

    Jim glad to hear your family are feeling better I was watching out for you at the finish on Sunday and though you had run a realy good time or I had missed you comming in. Its tough when you put in the training and something like that happens but yor training won't be wasted if you are going to Dublin. I had planed to do Dublin earlier in the year but with sickness decided it wasn't a good idea.

    Seamus I think Dublin might be a better course to break the 4 hours if you get a good day. The last 6 miles of any marathon are tough as you only ever run them in the race. Maybe after Longford you will be stronger of the last few miles. Do you take any gels during this time. I also thing if you look at your watch and see that you are on schedule to break a time mentally you can push your self on. At Belfast when I saw I wasn't going to set a PB I tired very quickly and it was a struggle over the last few miles.

    Had a good run last night 6.5 miles and felt strong.

    Keep up the training.
  • I did Yassos for 6 miles this evening.
    Its running 1/2 a mile hard, then 1/2 a mile easy. I kept this going for 6 miles and it is a good form of training.

    If you can run a Yasso 1/2 mile in say 4 mins and keep repeating this for 10 times in a 10 mile run, they say you are guaranteed to run a marathon in 4 hrs. If you Yassos are 3.5 mins for 1/2 a mile and repeat 10 times in a 10 mile run then you can do the marathon in 3.5 hours.

    One of these sessions is enough per week.
  • Hello all. Kenny 1.25 is an amazing time, you must have been running full time to get a time like that. Jim sorry to hear u missed longford. Main thing is that everyone is well. I am going through something similar at mo. Went out on Saturday to do a hilly run. Pulled Achilles/lower calf. Limped home. GNR in 2 weeks and I dont know at this stage if I will be able to do it. I am going on cross trainer tonight to try and maintain fitness... not fair :(
    Seamus have been reading about yassos but never got round to trying it. As soon as injury heals I am going to it a go. Will be great to try something different.
    Hope youse are all fit and well and enjoying your training.

  • Hello everyone

    All set for Derry on Saturday - have discovered that my race number is hopefully see some of you there. Training's going well, still on for Dublin at the end of October (fingers crossed) and have invested in HRM which will tell me how lazy I've been since starting this running business nearly two years ago.

    What's Derry half-mara like? Does it start at the leisure centre, go down the dual carriageway and out the Limavady road and back - in which case there's a fair old hill just before the finish?

    Seamus - have always wanted to try Yassos too, but couldn't figure out an easy way of measuring the distance without going to a track.
  • Hi Ladyluck sorry to hear about you latest injury. Is it the same leg you were having problems with before? Try rubbing it with Tiger Balm I got it in Boots but I am sure the chemist would have it. I used it when I had the problem before Belfast. Even if your not fit to run you could go and walk it you'll have plenty of company at the back and plenty of fun. I ran the 1:25 when I was young free and single and was able to train six nights a week. It was one of those nights when I felt realy good but I was sick after it as I ahd pushed myself to the limit.
    You are right Chris that is the course unless they have changed it. There was talk after last year about changing the route but there was no mention of it on the entry form. You hit that hill at about 12 miles but once your up it it's downhill to the finish. I hate the course and have never had a good time on it even when I was running well.
    Seamus we tried something like Yassos at the club one time running 10x800m if you took 4 mins was equivalent to 4 hr marathon
  • anothre guest appearance.

    Derry is dead on so long as teh wind is with you both out and back, but tends to be a problem if it aint. try having a word with Angie, Chris.

    Might try and make it myself.

    Hope to see you all in Bangor next sat for the classic.

    Training is beginning to pick up a bit, but still some way off, now ive got to go see sports injury specialist about sore shins which ive been ignoring for months!!

    Hope the rest of you are well.


    dont mention the football, feeling a bit ofa sore point coming on.

    night night
  • Hi Baldy good to hear from you again the English national sport is now cricket until Tuesday. Hope to make Bangor but its an early start. The weather for Saturday not looking too bad maybe be a bit windy but not as bad as last year.
  • Hello everybody - I hope you're all looking forward to the Derry half. I'm going through a lazy patch of running - I seem to do 9.5 min miles on longer runs. On fast runs I have difficulty in running under 9 min miles.

    I hope my body revs up a bit for the Derry half. I think that after a marathon your body seems to shut down a bit.

  • Hi Seamus I think the marathon is still in your legs they say it takes a day for every mile to recover. Just run how you feel if you feel good push it. See you on Saturday.
  • did it today. my first 1/2 marathon in 12 years did 2hours 20 minutes i am happy enough though could have done much better. i was averaging 9 minutes a mile until mile 9 then I started to get blisters on the arch of both of my feet. it really hurt today the last mile. i couldnt believe the size of the blisters when i took my shoes off there were bigger than a 50p piece. ouch!!!!

    I am doing the great north run next week just hope I get these blisters to settle down.
  • Well done calypso its difficult to run when your feet blister I know I've bben there you try to place your foot so your in as little pain as possible your gald to see the finish line to get the shoes off. If the blister didn't burst I would sterilise a pin and puncture the blister and drain the fluid. I find they heal much quicker this way. I would try and harden the skin with methylated spirits before next Sunday, will stink a bit if the skin is raw. I didn't get into the GNR on the ballot but have run it three times. Good atmosphere just go and enjoy the day difficult to get a good time with the large numbers running.
    I was again aiming for 1:50 finished 1:51:41 but felt strong could have done with some one to pull me through the last 3 miles. Happy with my run conditions perfect and nice cuppa nad sandwiches at the end.
    Another good run Seamus I thought you might tire after Longford and I would get you in at the end but you just kept going probably boosted by passing Terrance. How's his ankle I don't think we'll finish in front of him too often.
    Chris did you not make it I was looking for you in the results but couldn't see you.
  • Calypso - Youll mend up in a few days, by Wednesday you should be able to run again. They're very sore - I had blisters in my first marathon - one the size of a plum on the right foot. You did well keeping 9 min miles for 9 miles.

    Kenny - That was a great run - I.51 is a very good time. I ran 1.51 in Stranraer - it was a PB at that time. The last 3 miles were tough in Derry.

    I ran the first 10 miles in 81 mins and it took me over 27 mins for the last 3. If I can be stronger over the last 3 miles I could still improve my times. But again it like the last 6 in the marathon - the going gets very tough.

    I was glad to get ahead of Terence even though he was injured, but I think on the next outing he'll move up a gear or two.

    Conditions were perfect in Derry.I'm looking forward to the Springwell Forest run already.

    The best of luck to everyone in their training.

  • Kenny - I did make it on Saturday - came in at 1'37". Great conditions for running right enough. Found it a little tough in the last two or three miles, but friendly and encouraging marshalls helped, along with that lovely downhill finish....
  • Well done Chris it was a good day and well marshalled. There were a few complaints the last couple of years about the marshalling but they seemed have got that sorted. Tough finish I was glad to see the traffic lights at the top of the hill knowing it was down hill to the finish.
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