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  • Well done all,

    just a gentle 8 for me today. Legs not bad whilst running (except for right knee which wont subside) but the shins are throbbing a bit now. Never mind will just have to keep plodding along.

    Club night tomorra and my turn to lead so it looks like a kenyan hill session, hope none of em are rading this!!

  • Glad to see everyone still v busy.

    Did 3 hours on Friday - from home down to Holywood then along the coastal path to Crawfordsburn and back again.....only chased and nipped at by the one North Down dog.....Unfortunately, apart from one short tempo run, that was it for last week, which is not good with Dublin coming up....Baldy - sure everyone loves Kenyan Hills, don't they?
  • Hello everybody - I ran 22 miles today - I had to wear a waterproof jacket for the first time since March. I took my time and completed the run in 3hrs 35 mins. The long runs are tough and even worse than running a marathon.

    Kenny - You did well in Springwell - You were just over 1 minute behind me and that's nothing in a 10K. I wouldn't have been as fast if I had not competed with Desmond Brownlie.

    Roll on the Dungannon 10K.
  • Hi Seamus the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse rain,wind and a sudden drop in temperature you may keep that waterproof coat out also the evenings are closing in dark at shortly after seven last night. Desmond is running well at the moment I used to catch him after a couple of miles but now I don't see him.
    Chris as long as you keep the long runs up you should be OK not ideal but should be enough to get you round. I find the small dogs are the worst you feel like sending them in to orbit sometimes. A few of the guys that I run with are terrified of dogs. One Sunday morning we running along a quite country road when we heard a noise in the hedge though it was just the cows in the field but two big German Shepards came out one in front and one behind. They ran along for a while until they got to their house. I was glad we were in a group not sure what they would have done if their had only been one of us. For some reason I can't get the guys to go along that road anymore. I hate it when dogs come bouncing around your feet and the owner says they won't touch you but they could trip you up.
    Seamus do you know what the course is like in Dungannon?
  • Kenny - I don't know what the 10K in Dungannon is like, but the roads around Dungannon are undulating. It may be a tough enough course
  • Hello everybody - I did a lot of training this week - From Monday to Thurday - I covered about 40 miles. 22 mile long run, 8 miles on hills and this evening a 10 mile run.

    How's your training going?
  • Hi Seamus training going well 5.5 miles last night in 45 mins. Forecast not too good for tomorrow. Would like to get a good run just to see how it compares with Bangor.
    Thats good running Seamus I wouldn't have the time or energy to do those miles in the evening. When do you start your taper for Dublin? Are you doing Armagh? After Armagh I will have a rest from racing before the cross country season starts. When you are going well you just want to race every week. Are you for doing any cross country this winter?
  • Hello everybody - The Dungannon run was very hilly - I think it was the hardset 10k I've ever been on. The first 5 miles of the Ballyclare 10 were similar as was the Clogh run.

    I managed a good time of 48 mins 42 secs. I was pleased with that. I'm looking forward to the Armagh 10.

    Kenny - I'll try and do plenty of miles for the first fortnight of October and taper well in the last fortnight. Even a week's rest is good enough before a marathon.

    You were running well in Dungannon Kenny. I think Desmond Brownlie tired a bit during the run. He had two terrific runs in Bangor and Soringwell Forest.

    Hope to see many on this forum in Armagh.
  • Hi Seamus tough run with the worst hills between 5 and 9K good downhill finish but by that stage the legs were gone. I ran 50:16 just missed the 50. Looking forward to Armagh then I am going to have a rest from racing for a few weeks. Well organised race.
  • may not make it to armagh, still having probs with the shins which are aching after 3 days on the trot. resting tonight then back out tomorrow for 7 or 8. have apointment for 2 nov with specialist.

    glad the restof you are on top form.
  • Hi Baldy - Sorry to hear about the shin splints. I think I read somewhere, that if you sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and raise each leg whilst you have an ankle weight on - you do repetitions of leg lifts on each leg. This is supposed to strengthen your legs and they absorb the shocks of running better. Check it out on Google - shin splints.

    I hope to see you in Armagh. The best of luck to all other runners.
  • bad luck with the shins baldy..

    training going ok with me.. have upped it a bit now to ensure I'm doing at least 1hr 30mins every day.

    did the cricklade 1/2m on the mainland at the weekend at marathon HR and did 1:27... thats about 2 mins slower than I hoped for.. Anyway its a good sign for a sub 3 in Dec (at marathon HR I can run even splits in a marathon).

    Anybody know if there are any 1/2m's coming in Oct/Nov ??
  • stil not confirmed splints yet seeing professor/sports injury specialist on nov 2 for diagnosis. cant wait!!

    no halfs that i know of but armagh is a great ten on sun cartman.

    still good to see the rest of you on highs.
  • Hello everybody - I did the Armagh 10 miler today. I was pleased with my run - I did it in a PB of 79 mins 2 secs. Last year I did it in 82 mins 32 secs.

    There were a lot of hills in the run - but it was not as difficult as the Ballyclare 10.

    How did the run go for the rest of you?
  • Hi everyone ran Armagh today in 83.14 went well first half then struggled but finished strong. Tough enough run and the wind made it difficult at times. Seamus you are going well I never saw you after the start you must be closing the gap on your brother.
    Sorry to hear about the shins Baldy its difficult when you are not sure what causing the pain.
  • Hi everybody - I did 7.5 miles of hills this evening.

    How's everybody getting ready for Dublin Marathon?
  • all this racing and mara talk, really makes you wanna smash the screen. Well done on some good times, especially on a not so good day.

    yes still hobbling, really down to every other day now, takes that long for pain to ease enough to run again. can still manage a good sub 7 min mile though when i get going, should i tell this to the specialist when i see him????

    am thinking about the lisbur relays if i am needed to make up the numbers, a wee 3000m in the park cant to be too bad for you can it??

  • Hello Seamus et al......

    Training for Dublin has not been as good as it should be - but last week quite good - 22 miles on Friday, tempo and hills this week and another long run slated for this Friday - feeling tired in the legs, but reckon the taper should take care of that before the day itself. On course hopefully to break four hours this time......

    Here's a question - I've never had gatorade, the drink supplied at Dublin - is it similar enough to lucozade, or whatever, that it would be safe enough to take for the first time on the marathon?

    Baldy - be careful!
  • I drank Gatorade for the first time in Dublin last year Chris and it was fine, a bit like High Five. I had no problems with it although I'll neck anything that's available without any trouble. It's got a decent reputation among the isotonics and shouldn't upset you though most advice would tell you not to try anything you haven't trained with.

  • Thanks Michael - I haven't noticed it for sale anywhere here - the only time I've seen it is in buckets being dumped over winning American football coaches. Like you, I'd throw anything into me on a long run and considering I don't exactly treat my body like a temple I imagine it will cope with just about anything on a run......
  • Exactly Chris - as long as the bars well stocked afterwards - shouldn't be a problem in Dublin - we'll be alright!!
  • Chris, gatorade was available last year, lot of reports of it not agreeing with folk and a few funny tummys after, i would stick to what you know and have tried in your training.
  • Hi folks hows tha tapering going for Dublin. Chris see how you feel when you get to the gatorade station if you feel you need a boost take it and woory about the side effects after. A couple of years ago at the GNR they were giving out power gels claiming they would get you over the hill at 11-12 miles. Feeling not the best I took one they were terrible but it gave me the boost I needed to get home.
    Baldy hows the leg?
    Started cross country training on Saturday good to get off the roads for a while.

  • Kenny - do you recommend cross-country in the winter months? There seem to be lots of events in the NIA fixture list - what sort of distances are we talking about?

    I'm starting to taper for dublin, but I don't think I've put enough miles in for a good performance.....only done about five three-hour plus runs......still, it will be a personal best if I manage to run the whole way so I'm not aiming too high.....
  • Chris sometimes when you go out just to complete a run and do not put yourself under pressure to run PB's you manage to get a better time good luck anyway.
    I enjoy cross country but I am too heavy and tend to get buried in the muck were the good runners seem to glide over the muck. I like it because it gives you something to do during the winter months. All the mags recomend it for building strength. Distance is uasually 5-6 miles. Vets races are uasually about 3-4 miles.

  • Thanks Kenny - I take it most of the events are open to, and welcome, all levels of runner?
  • When they let me run they must. May find that you are at the back of the field as it is mostly club runners. I've finished last a couple of times but so what someone has to. You get very few fun runners doing cross country.

  • Kenny - sounds like a challenge......
  • hi all pc been broken and have not been able to log on for a few weeks.still training ran 9 miles on sunday felt great.not running there no more road race this year don't fancy cross country.
  • Jim theres the Sealey Cup on 26 November. 10K three and a bit laps or Ormeau Park. Good race always good turn out.
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