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  • James, the course is on the belfast 2005 thread which you can find on the events thumbnail above. there has been reneweed interest so you should find it easy
  • Dont reckon much to it eh?

    will pass on your feelings to the race director, yours and a few others!!
  • Baldy,

    just in case you've forgotten I don't like the course either, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerlease can we have the old one back :-)
  • I wonder why they decided to change it. Just because of the closure of Maysfield?
  • What a way to put someone off, the half in larne, probably the worst lager in the world!!

    Mara route was changed to try to attract bigger fields as the main field is shrinking. To do this it needed to be a faster course therefore flatter therefore away form all the old areas.

    James get you along to to City of Derry AC good club with good coaches. The Bob Mullan series is well run and will get some speed in them there legs.

    THG also got the Ecos 5 in June see the events thread for that one.
  • Hi James great weather for running at the moment.
    The ECOS 5 is a five mile run at the ECOS Centre Ballymena a good run on closed roads and a cup of tea at the end.
    Provisional details of the Bob Mullan series of 5K races is on the City of Derry site the first is a city centre race on St Patrick's Day.
    Went to the International on Saturday weather better in Belfast than at home. Struggled in the mud but enjoyed watching the two main races.
  • Running tonight hill session with club lets hope it stays dry.
    Good size fields in most races on Saturday. The Internationals make it look so easy.
    Went out and did 11 miles on Sunaday slow after racing on Saturday. Need to loose a few pounds after over indulging over the holiadys.
  • Hi James we were out in Ballymoney last night. Hill session with the club 12 brave soles turned up. Apart from one section going to the hill when we had to run into the head wind it was OK. On the hill the wind was blowing across us but we were sheltered by a tall hedge the rain and hail came on during the session but once you've start you don't notice it. Good session, warm shower and cup of tea after.
  • James, did a short 4-miler in Belfast to break in my new trainers. Good thing I had a tailwind on the way home...
  • James was out at lunch time did about 5.5 miles. Weather fine still a bit windy got home before the rain. Stayed well clear or large tree and bridges last night. Never feel that safe going across the Foyle bridge when there is a cross wind. Good luck tonight with the eight miles weather to improve thie evening.
  • Got the Asics 2100 after buying the 2090 last year. They'll probably take a while to break in but once that's done they should be very good.

    I found 4 mile to be enough because they are not very supple yet. Have you any experience with Asics trainers? There have been some bad reports on the forum...
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