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  • Chris im another one at the back of the XC, the muckier the better and plenty of hills, tis good fun.

    Sealey is good race and fairly quick but the weather can be a bu**er in nov, always a breeze along the embankment.

    leg not good, reduced to X training, and still sore when i put it up to rest on he sofa, 2 wks to diagnosis and proper remedy, until then ill keep going as best i can.
  • boing to you too Lurker

    still struggling, had a wee run out today, gentle 5M, hurt like hell now!!

    anybody at the vets trials yesterday??

    things is awful quiet of late.
  • someone was looking to find out about 10K races in ireland and NI so i boinged you up
    but they never bothered to look!!

  • lo Baldy BTW

  • Hi Lurker are you for doing the Joe Sealey 10K.
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling any better Baldy the sooner you get to know whats wrong the better.
    Training going well having a rest from racing planing to do Ballyclare Xcountry in two weeks. Looking to have a good run at the Sealey.
    Hows the taper going for Dublin not long to go now.
  • I'm only in ireland once or twice a year kenneth so unlikely

    my in-laws are in Derry

    It was someone who was posting from the republic (i think) last night who was looking to find 10K races
    but they didn't bother to ask on here, which i though would be the best place to start looking
  • I ran 4 loops round the outside of ormeau park at 5:30am this moring (start at park road, down ravehill round the embankment, to the bridge and back again) and it was damn windy !!

    I can tell you if the weather is like that on 26th, there will be no PBs in the sealey cup.. Was almost reduced to a standstill at some points!
  • is now a good time to start asking about what route the marathon is going to take this year ?
  • Hi everyone I have heard that they are looking at the course again. Why not start at the Ozone centre then you might be able to get a shower at the end.
    Cartman if its windy you always get it on the Ormeau embankment lets hope that its a calm day.
    James good to hear from you. Was going to give you a ring. We'll be out on Sunday as usual had 10 out last weekend. Is Angela still out running we have a couple of girls running with us now who are for running London next year.
    Good luck to all running Dublin on Monday hope the weather is OK.
  • lets hope we get the old route back. We've just moved offices out to airport road west and I run home most days down that blimmin road and its awwwwwwwwful...
  • Hello Everybody - I couldn't get on to the site for ages and it just dawned on me that I had the PC updated and I needed to type in my password again.

    I've had a very annoying week - slight hoarse voice and am worried that it might go below the neck and ito my chest. So far it hasn't and I hope it stays this way as I would hate to miss Dublin after all the training that went into it.

    I think I have a chance of doing it. I wish it was Monday morning. I always feel uptight about taking colds/flu before a marathon. Its the most stressful part of my life - all that training and then no race.

    Do other runners feel the same?
  • Good to hear from you again Seamus. The last week is always the worst all the little niggles put doubt in your mind. Would be a shame if you had to pull out now. Good luck hope you are feeling better come Monday and finally break that 4 hours.
  • Hi Kenny - I did Dublin today - I didn't break the 4hr barrier, but I came very close.

    My time was 4hrs 45secs. I'm very happy with the result and I was happy with my run. If I was doing it again I would run a bit faster in the first half.

    At 13.1 mile I was 1hr 58 mins. I should have run this a bit quicker, say 1hr 55mins, but that's for another day.

    In Longford I ran the first half in 1hr 54mins and then faded to finish in 4hrs 10mins.

    Did any one else run Dublin? If so, How did you do?
  • Well done Seamus so close. Its hard to get the balance right if you go off too hard you fade more at the end. Marathons are not like other races if you miss your time you can go out in a couple of weeks and have another go at getting the time. Dublin must be a fast course because you always have a good time. Is this a PB. Well done Seamus keep it up you have improve a lot over the shorter distances during the year.

  • Hello all

    Seamus - like you I was battling with a cold right up to the day before Dublin - standing in the rain for half an hour before the off I was sure was going to bring it on again.......still, managed 3'39" - a 35 minute improvement on Belfast! Would have been even better, but cramped up in my calf at 20 miles and struggled a bit from there. Very enjoyable event, despite the weather (didn't notice it much really), good support, especially towards the finish. Despite the training and the long runs, a marathon is still a lot further than you think......
  • Chris - Congratulations on that great time. I'm sure you're very pleased. You've given me inspiration to keep on training.

  • Seamus -did you find the start of Dublin very slow? I clocked the first mile at 9'30" but I didn't think I was going that slow - tried to make up the pace and perhaps overdid it.........I doubt you need much inspiration - but how big a break do you give yourself before training again after a marathon.....I was wondering about the Ormeau 10K......
  • Well done Chris that was a good time. They recomend a day for every mile but most of the guys I know take a week off and then get back into it gently. I would wait and see how you feel as you can enter Ormeau on the day but its nearly a month after the marathon so you should be OK. Some people recover quicker than others and get back into running straight away.
    I was taking to Peter at work and he got stuck behind a lot of walkers at the start of the marathon so this is what could have slowed you at the start Chris.

  • Kenny - thanks - there certainly were a few (unkind) remarks made by runners towards the walkers in their way, but I thought I was pacing myself quite well - just shows you....saw a Springwell vest ahead of me, and a group from Foyle and Inishowen, among all the locals, yanks, europeans and others......
  • Chris - Yes - My first mile was just under 9 mins - I knew the pace was slow. I started far up the field at the sub 3 hr area.

    I couldn't believe how slow everybody was running. It was as if it was a slow jog. I thought most people in the sub 3 hr area would be flying at the start. Maybe other runners thought we were walking.

    I did the first half in around 9 min miles. I slipped a bit in the second half. However I think I learned more from running Dublin than in any other marathon. I think it was the amount of runners around me kept me focussed.

    I ran 3 miles this evening in 25mins 45 secs. I looked up last years diary and I did the same run last year in 25 mins 40 secs.

    I feel I could run a good half marathon next weekend. I always recover fairly quickly. I suppose it depends on the person. I think the training is more nerve wracking than actually running the race.

    Yea Kenny - the walkers should be made to start after the runners are gone, or if not possible, made start an hour before the race.
  • well done to everyone who was running in dublin.

    seamus unlucky for missing the sub 4hr,i to long to break that mark i missed it by 1min 5sec in belfast three years ago and am still gutted about it.

    anybody thanking about what marathon to do yet in the spring.did not apply for london [ran it in 2004] after the shambles of belfast this year would like something diffrent to look forward to.

  • Jim - I'm doing Connemara at the end of March - Its a tough marathon, but one with beautiful scenery.

    I ran a 5 miler around Lough Fea today. It was a great run and I did a time of 38 mins 48 secs. I was pleased with that time as I did the Dublin Marathon last Monday.

    Cookstown Harriers are holding a series of 8 races over the winter. The next is in Drumanor Forest (Omagh road out of Cookstown) on December 10.

    Best wishes to all runners.
  • Hi everyone went to Ballyclare yesterday for the McConnell Shield 5 miles over cross country. Course in good shape except for one realy soft bit down along the river. 42:21 was happy as this was over 4 mins faster than last year but the conditions were better this year.
    Jim I am thinking about Belfast next year its their 25th so hopefully they will make an effort and learn from the mistakes they made last year. I like Belfast because you hold off and see how the training is going before you send in your entry.
  • Hello - well done to everyone who did Dublin. Is there a date yet for the Belfast 2006 mara? Couldn't find any info.
  • Hi Bronwyn Belfast is on Monday 1 May.
  • Hi folks I've been told that the Belfast Marathon will finish in Ormeau Park next year. Anyone heard anything about what they paln to do with the course.
  • Never heard anything about the marathon yet Kenny. I did a long run of 10 miles today - I have a slight soreness in left ankle this evening - I hope it goes away.

    There's a run in Drumanor Forest on Dec 10. I don't know what time yet - I will post time when I hear.

    We had a great 5 miler last Saturday around Lough Fea. It was one of my most enjoyable runs for a while.
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