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  • Hi Jape I bought a pair of 2090 in the sale had a look at the 2100 but they were £20 dearer. I have been wearing Asics for a few years my first pair were 2050's and they take time to break them in. I usually wear them for a few short runs before atempting anything long. I like them because the suit my broad feet and provide the support I require, have tried other shoes but tend to stick with what I think suits me. When I was younger and lighter I always ran in Nike trainers but I don't know if my feet got broader or Nike shoes became narrower but I found I couldn't get shoes to fit me.
    I try to have a few pairs of shoes on the go so that I don't wear the same pair two days in a row. Once I've broken the new shoes in I use them for long runs and races. My other shoes I use for shorter runs and going to the gym.
  • James, very few people's feet are exactly the same size. Are there any manufacturers that make the same trainer in different widths, like some normal shoe manufacturers do. I think it would be a good idea.

    Kenny, bought the 2100 in a sale on new year's day. They do seem to take a while to break in, longer than Nike I think.
  • I don't come from N Ireland but was there over xmas in a very crowded house in Derry with my in-laws - hundreds of them.

    Getting out to run was a fantastic escape.

    i ran over the Foyle bridge a couple of times and it was magical to see the snow covered hills as i was running back. something i don't get in central birmingham much !!
  • Jape, Asics and New Balance do shoes in two widths I am not sure if any other manufactures do.
    Hi James, did about 14 miles yesterday good day for running although still a bit windy. My ankle is also a bit sore worse when going down hill. Apart from rotating it and moving it back and forward I am not sure there are many excerises for the ankle.
  • Ankle exercises - thero bands to stretch and strengthen
    wobble board
    doing household and general tasks like cooking or brushing your teeth on one leg

    these will improve strength AND propreoception
  • and skipping
  • Hi James how's the ankle. Went to the gym yesterday as my ankle was a bit sore and the legs heavy after Sundays long run. Hope to go out this evening but the weather isn't very promising, might be lucky and get out between showers.
    Got an email from Peter Ferris confirming the course for Belfast.
    The race will start at the City Hall and after taking in the City Centre will head out along the Shore Road as far as Hazelbank Park returning along the coastel
    cycle path to Duncrue. The course will then head out towards Hollywood along the motorway as far as the Police Barricks and return along the coastel route also, hopefully finishing close to the Odyssey Arena. Entry fee £25 and changing at St George's market, no showers.
  • Hi James, Kenneth and Co - I'm training for the Connemara marathon in Galway on Easter Sunday - March 27th . I hope to do the Belfast marathon as well. I completed 30 miles last week - hope to do about 33 this week. I did 8 miles on the treadmill today - I would rather do an outdoor run as the time seems to pass quicker.
  • Hi Seamus glad to hear you are still running you must enjoy the Connemara hills when you are going back.
    Hi James managed to get out last night very windy but missed most of the rain.
  • There is a 5K relay race at Springwell Forest, Coleraine 11.00 start. Its a fun event were all the names are put into a hat. I think its going to be handicaped with faster runner in one hat and slower runners in the other with a fast runner paired with a slow runner.
    I will not be going as I am busy decorating.
  • Kenneth - There's a 4 mile charity run at the new Sports Centre in Loughrey on the last Saturday of February at 12.30pm.
  • James you would probably go in as an unknown as not many people know you so you amy go in the fast hat because your young and fit not an old plodder like me.
    Seamus that the same Saturday as the Civil Service cross country at Stormont which we normally go to but I'll spread the word and maybe a few will go to Cookstown. I take it its 4 miles on the roads.
  • Kenny - It on tar/asphalt on the small roads in the grounds of Loughrey College. I was only on one cross country last year at Coleraine - Do you remember - you were faster than me Kenny - I also enjoyed the Ballyclare 10 miler - we were fairly evenly paced up until 5 miles and then on the last 5 you gained about 4.5 mins on my time - that was an inspiration for me to train harder at home Kenny. Best of luck in your training.
  • Seamus I think Ballyclare was my last good run I've been going backwards since then.
    Training away but making little progress. I am thinking about running Belfast in May stepping up the milage to see how it goes. If I don't do it the extra millage will not do any harm.
    We a thinking of going across to the Stranraer Half Marathon on the 5 March.
  • Was thinking about that too. How easy is it to get from the quay into Stranraer? Think it's cheapest to go as foot passenger.
  • Hi Jape if you go to the Stranraer website
    it tell you how to book the ferry as a foot passenger (£18) a bus then picks you up from the ferry and brings you back. Anyone I've talked to says it a good course.
  • Kenny - I booked the Stena for my brother and myself it was £20 each - it should be an enyobable run - I did 13 miles today in 1 hr 59 .35 mins - was pleased - it was my first time running to music - it motivated me to go faster - my best half-marathon time is 1 hr 53 mins- so 1 hr 59 + is not bad for a home run- I hope to improve on my times.
  • Seamus I am getting worried you are going better than I am at the moment. We also did about 13 miles yesterday in about 2:13 one of the guys was struggling which slowed us down a bit. Havn't tried running to music but run with a group which helps especially on the long runs.
    James how's the ankle. I am still having bother mainly on the downhill and uneven surfaces maybe I'll have to rest to see if it goes away.
  • Hi James was out today and tried to do a fast 3.7 miles, ankle still sore, I can get by on the slow run but when I try to up the pace it hurts. Bought a pair of sorbetane heel pads on Saturday they seem to help a bit but not a solution. I had the same problem last year but can't remember how I cured it. Might try running on grass for a while but the ground is so wet.
  • No I don't like running in the gym I prefer being out in the open.
  • James - There are 500 places for the Connemara marathon, 1,000 for the half-marathon and 150 for the ultra. Yes its in the Connemara mountains this side of Galway.
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