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  • 11.25m, 01:18:29
    Running - Tempo 2 mile warm up followed by 8 miles tempo and 1 mile slightly slower than tempo. Very happy with this run as right calf was still a little sore but seems to be improving with every run now. It was tough doing this run at 6.45 am.

    Split Summary
    1) - 1m - 8:16(8:16/m) - 126bpm avge - 142bpm max - 144cal
    2) - 1m - 7:55(7:56/m) - 137bpm avge - 144bpm max - 148cal
    3) - 1m - 6:47(6:47/m) - 147bpm avge - 155bpm max - 147cal
    4) - 1m - 6:35(6:35/m) - 155bpm avge - 163bpm max - 148cal
    5) - 1m - 6:35(6:36/m) - 158bpm avge - 164bpm max - 147cal
    6) - 1m - 6:31(6:31/m) - 157bpm avge - 164bpm max - 147cal
    7) - 1m - 6:41(6:41/m) - 161bpm avge - 164bpm max - 147cal
    8) - 1m - 6:45(6:45/m) - 162bpm avge - 166bpm max - 147cal
    9) - 1m - 6:52(6:52/m) - 162bpm avge - 165bpm max - 148cal
    10) - 1m - 6:48(6:48/m) - 163bpm avge - 167bpm max - 147cal
    11) - 1m - 7:01(7:01/m) - 156bpm avge - 166bpm max - 144cal
    12) - 0.25m - 1:43(6:50/m) - 157bpm avge - 159bpm max - 37cal

    Leg feels ok at the moment but will see how it is tomorrow for my long run of hopefully 20 miles.

    All the best to anyone raceing tomorrow at Albertville 5 or any other races. Really wanted to do Albertville myself but a long run is more important for me now after an easy week.

  • You're going well, and working hard, Rodney. I'll probably sound like a broken record here, but make sure you're getting a good whack of easy miles too. 8m MP on Wednesday and 9m MP / tempo on Friday are hard days, especially on a tight calf.

    Good to see Kenny going well too, and C75 over his brush with death.

    Apropos of nothing in particular, my week so far (and planned):
    Mon - late at work image
    Tue - 8+m incl. 4 x 1m with club, 6:06 average
    Wed - 9m at 8:05m/m
    Thursday - 10m "sub-LT" = 7:02m/m
    Friday - 7m slow this morning (8:20m/m?)
    Saturday - 8-10m easy
    Sunday - 22m easy

  • Some serious running there, you guys.  And those paces!  I have only gone that fast running downhill at Stormont.

    I had been toying with the idea of doing Albertville tomorrow, but having looked at last year's results think it's probably not for me.  There are only so many times you can sit at the bottom end of the table without feeling demoralised.  On top of that, I seem to be getting slower recently.

    I have a 20 mile run planned on Sunday, so I might stick to Parkrun in the morning as a tempo run.  I'll give it some more thought today, but will be along to cheer any runners on anyway.

    Good luck to anyone running tomorrow.

  • Cheers PTB. I was getting a bit worried with the calf and was planning to target Larne Half for a PB and then give up on the marathon, but things are looking better again. Tomorrows long run will be between 7.45 - 8.00 min mile pace and i will know more after that. Good to see you going well again.

    As i am missing Albertville tomorrow, I might fit in a Parkrun between Larne Half and Belfast Masrathon. Heard plenty of good reports about it and want to get there some time to see for myself.

    Mags, don't worry about the pace as it is how hard each of us works that counts and as PTB will tell you it is all about Heart Rate. I am putting those training runs on here to get feedback and advice from other runners and hope some of the slower runners aren't annoyed by it as there are plenty of others on here who are faster than me. 

    PTB, C75, BBT can look at this and give me advice, which hopefully I can take on board and learn from.

  • Yes good luck to all racing at the weekend hope it goes well toying with the idea of heading to the parkrun myselfimage

    Rodney good stuff hope the injury clears soon and you get a good clear run to Belfast

    PTB thats a good weeks running from you as well and nice to see you run slow sometimes

    My own training going well now and feeling good i know the ultras are my main aim this year and top of list is trying to run 100 miles at the 24hr race but i am starting to think i might fancy having a crack at a marathon PB Belfast out the window as i am pacing at it but thinking about Newry PTB / Rodney or anyone else who has ran it what is i like is it much harder than Belfast

  • Jim, I would say that overall it is about the same as Belfast for time but all the hills are in the first half. I did it after Belfast on both occasions and ran out of steam at half way each time but as you aren't racing Belfast I think you could run a good time in Newry.
  • PTB here's a geeky training question for you..

    What's the difference between Lactate Threshold and Lactate Turning Point? Is your 7:02 min/mile Lactate Threshold or Lactate Turning Point? Presumably the latter?

    Rodney my advice would be get your leg seen too as soon as you can. I can tell you from current experience that if you get things addressed ASAP and train on them then it will only exarcerbate things. Calf injuries can quickly turn to achilles injuries. Those things take a year plus to go and there are many horror stories about them.

    When an injury is not too bad easy running sometimes doesn't kill it but tempo and too many miles could...

    Your HR looks good on the tempos though. Your ideal is that your heart rate raises to a point and then flattens out(you will get a little drift). When you find your optimum heart rate for a tempo you will find you will be able to vary your speed,and know how to, and get your heart rate down a couple of beats to stabilise it.

  • Rodney - good running , good to see you are recovering.

    PTB - you are getting big miles in. well done.

    TG -  any progress with your injuries yet. 

  • Jim - I run slow a lot of the time image (although 'slow' and 'fast' are relative terms for all of us, Mags and Rodney are right. I do some running at 5k pace + 2:30/mile, and most of my running at 5k pace + 2min/mile). On Newry - all the hilly stuff is in the first half, so it's definitely one to start carefully and save your beans for the second half. The total hills (feet climbed) are probably similar to Belfast - it's just they are steeper (and therefore shorter...). So I think it's a little harder for that reason than BCM. Aside from that, the other thing to deal with is that you could be lonely - it's not a big field, so whatever time you run you might be alone for a good while. (Newry elevation graph below - y-axis between 20 and 220 feet)

    Liking the 100 mile goal, by the way. Is that same 24 hr track race on again at MPT this summer? (No, I'm not curious. Well, not this year, anyway) 

    TG - you're getting on to near-medical grounds there image. Background - this is following Hadd's preparation phase, and he's all about developing the biggest possible aerobic capacity, training yourself to move faster at low HRs, and then adding 1-2 runs per week at slightly higher HRs (but still below LT). So on these 'higher' HR runs, I've done a good few in the last few months at 10bpm higher than my easy effort runs (so 145-150), and now moved on (*) to 15bpm higher (150-155). The next level up - probably starting next week - should be marathon pace effort HR (155-160).

    (*) The "moving on" is done when you can run 10m at that HR, with no drift in pace or HR level at all.

    All this though should be done (except the last MP part) waaay in advance of the race though, before then going on to a specific training schedule for your key race. But I've lost time over Dec/Jan, so am having to cram it at the last minute a bit...

    So 7:02m/m is (in theory) 5bpm less than marathon effort, and 10bpm or so less than notional lactate threshold (I thought LT and LT-P were the same thing, but if they're slightly different I don't think it matters much here). If that's all true, then I'm in OK shape, around the same as last Spring - say 83 half and 2:59.

    But LT moves around the HR range, it isn't always at a set value. Hadd training tries to drive it up the HR range.  For me in the past it's been 163-165 (sustained during a 10m race or HM), but  there's no reason it has to be there right now. So if it turns out next month I'm not in 2:59 shape - that's the reason. Threshold HR is lower, meaning marathon HR will have to be lower, so pace will have to be slower. (Or to get the same result a different way - start out too fast and have to slow down later on...).

    Apologies to anyone (everyone?) for all that, but TG started it.

  • Okay - you lost me after the second paragraph image  Might think about starting to use my HR monitor though.
  • Cheers PTB I'm also a science / numbers nerd and like that kind of stuff. I had heard of the non-cardiac drift approach but hadn't read that much into it. I thoroughly believe in the HR science stuff - interesting stuff.  People will say x , y and z never did it but If they had done it maybe they could have been better who knows! 

    JMcC, thanks for asking, made some good progress this last week or two. In the gym most days doing stretching "rehab" routines and have done my first cardio of any sort in weeks this week. Not fixed yet I know but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

    Two weeks I think I'll be running easy.Plan is 2 months base work then a guy in the club is going to make me out a 12 week training program for a run at Laganside. I have a, rather ambitious, target of 34:xx in a 10k this year so still hope to make that but will park half  / full marathon ambitions...

  • PTB thanks for that Newry not to bad looking and the smaller numbers running might suit me better

    Yes MPT again this year for the 24hr baby its got Irish championship status this year and they are having a 12hr and relay option this time.Only need to go just over 3 miles further this time to hit my target image a lot easy said than done i think image

  • Jim do Newry it is right up your street as you are strong on hills. I am doing the half as i hope to PB at Belfast.
  • Welcome Mr Mcgerty aka The Legend image  Good to have you on board...

    Wee video of last weekends capers.
  • HMM - looks like a great day out -  cream buns and cakeimage
  • Very good I will stick to the road for the time being. I did notice the hold my nose entry into the sea very manly LOL
  • TG - no problems, always happy to put the dull hat on and batter away. Glad to hear you're nearly ready to hit the roads again. Nothing wrong with that target at all I reckon (just don't be trying to get there in your first week back). If you haven't read the infamous "Hadd Monster Thread" on letsrun (which someone dumped in to a word document to make it slightly less daunting), then I think you'd be interested. But you've got some repairing to do first.

  • @ John - you would have held your nose if you were following the Steede into the water image
    The story is that you've been teaching Jim a lesson or 2 at the hills on a Monday night image
  • Great wee video-good day out,looking forward to the next oneimage
  • No I am still slow and steady, Jimbo is the hill king but Stevey Brown is away doing secret training I hear.

    Great video even better feast,see you Sunday I hope to do 19miles slow and steady.

  • Cheers PTB - interesting stuff. The target is for seeley, it'll be  taken slowly.

     Good luck to all racing / training this weekend.

  • TG - Was hoping to catch up with you at Parkrun this morning.  Glad to hear you're making some sort of progress anyway.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer before you can start training again.   Take it easy.

    Another good turnout at Parkrun this morning, especially considering Albertville this afternoon.  A lot of familiar faces were missing.

    HMM - great video and a great day.   I watched it all the way through without any sound and then my son pressed the button on the speakers for me!  All these months I have had no sound on my computer and all I needed to do was turn the speakers on!  I'm such a technophobe it's amazing that I am able to post anything on here at all.

    Heading over to watch the Albertville runners shortly.

  • Super video HMM. Will have to get on one of those runs after the marathon.

    JamesT and Noel both got PB,s at Albertville today and from what I hear BBT ran very well too.

    I got 21.1 miles done this morning at 7.39 pace and felt good. Leg was only slightly sore for about 5 minutes and then no problems after that. Looking forward to Larne now.

  • Yes good race at albertville today. Well done james, noel and ray. Some good pb's lads. Nice to meet you mags. Well done on the parkrun.
  • Great wee run at Lough Fea today- just under 62:00 for (just under) 10 miles. Great conditions and a turn out of nearly 100, including JMcC- great to get a chat at the end, although I spent most of the race staring at his back or watching him vanish around corners! Good steady run- some great speed at the end J!

     Full on relax and a well earned bottle of red now image

  • Well done to all who got PB's at Albertville good to see Ray back out running. Rodney looking good for Belfast keep stretching and stay injury free. I hope to get 19 miles in tomorrow I had a good tempo 11 miler today and starting to feel injury free at long last.image
  • Some good running today everyone. Well apart from me, that is.  I tried a new tactic last night and only drank 2 glasses of wine whilst out at a function instead of my usual four.  It didn't work!  Methinks the more wine I drink the better I run.image

    I'm going out to a charity function tonight in Banbridge and then doing 20 miles tomorrow.  I will let you all know how I get on.

    It was good to see so many of you at the Albertville 5 today. I didn't have my watch on me so not sure of times yet, but hope you are all pleased.

    C75 - Good to see you back out again.  I had to do a double take when I saw you in your club colours.

    Paul OH. if I'm not going to see you at Parkrun I can gurantee seeing you at another event the same day!  Well done today.

    TG - I wasglad to see you at Duncrue today.  Didn't realise you were a photographer as well as scienctific nerd image.

    Ryan B - It was nice to meet you too.  I had followed snippets on here about you so was pleased to see you there today.  Hope the recovery continues and I look forward to hearing your progress.

    Right, I'm off to put my 'wine/running' theory to the test.image

  • Well done all running today.

    Really enjoyable day out to Sperrin Harriers Race at Lough Fea. Great conditions and a good running course.  Had a good chat and cool down with JR. ( i've just finished my bottle of red !!). Great run yourself JR. I was watching  you going away from me for about 4 /5 mile but was able to pick it up over last 3-4 mile.

  • Great run JMcC - and Joe - and welcome to the new member. Good to see BBT and Mags down @ Albertville. First race in club colours for me.

    Pleased with the outcome especially after my recent "brush with death".

    Thanks for TG for being camera man. Provided some dodgy photos and video clips for the club to laugh at.

    Looking forward to getting a few weeks of consistent training done now.


  • Sundays dont get any better a great hilly 20 mile run which i finished strong over the last few miles image a good soak in the bath a nice lunch and then a small matter of a match against the scumbags yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage 

    Well done to all racing yesterday some nice times

    What times MOTD on at tonight image 

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