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  • Some good running in Larne folks. Rodney, how are you today?

    Mags, had to read that twice. Did you get hit by a car? What happened exactly? Hope you're ok.

    Did Park Run yesterday. Getting faster..

    HMM - nice video.
  • Good video HMM.

    Mags I hope you are OK some drivers have no patience.

    Just over 8 miles this morning it was my first run since last Sunday as I have had a bit of a stomach bug this week.

  • Larne Video - Part 2.

    <a href="image" target="_new"></a>

    I had to edit a few bits out to keep under Youtube 15 min regulation.  Have some footage of Mags and friends will upload when I've the time. 

  • hey all, managed to have a good run yesterday despite a lingering cold, on its way out, aimed for sub 2 hour and came over in 1.59.29 so im delighted with that, 10 minute pb for me from last year so going in the right direction anyway! found the hills tough again, but plenty of support out along the coast. hamstring giving me bother but its onwards towards belfast now,

    well done all those who took part, was a good day for it, i felt it was well marshalled and traffic seemed quite well behaved for the most part but horrified to hear mags getting hit by a car, you would think cars would show some respect to tired runners, and give them some space, or avoid that general area of larne for a few hours!
  • OMG Mags, that's terrible. Our group of marshalls at Ballgally head were saying to each other after all the runners had passed, that the traffic seemed fairly light and calm this year. Really sorry  to hear that. If you feel inclined, I would encourage you to write as much detail as you can about what happened and send it to the club - maybe there's a tight spot on the road we could marshall better for next year.

    Rodney - sorry you had a bad day. Chin up, first of all - as the others said, that wasn't the A goal. Second - figure out what's behind it. Just getting to the bottom of that might leave you able to move on, without having to go and race in Omagh. I'm not saying definitely don't go to Omagh - only that it'll knock out some training time. 

    C75 - good to hear (well, it is the point of all that speedwork). Do us a favour and put a time down though, save me the triuble of having to go to the parkrun website for the results....image

    I didn't enjoy the rugby. image

  • Cheers guys.  I am perfectly okay, but sort of wish I could have used it as an excuse for my poor run!

     I was running along the edge of the road and not sure if it was the scream from the girl behind me or the bump that came first.  The driver of the car obviously recognised that I was running slowly and decided to give me a bump forward!  It would have been decent if they had stopped to check that I was okay.  Fortunately I had a nice supportive crowd around me at the time, including Alan B, and their rants made me feel better.

    I'm not sure what more the marshals could have done.  They did a splendid job yesterday and there is little you can do in a situation like that.  I was so shaken up at the time that I couldn't really give an accurate account of what happened and exactly where.

    Sorry to put a negative on what was an absolutely brilliant event.  Who ordered the weather by the way?

  • Lol, are you saying the driver DELIBERATELY nudged you Mags? That's a first. Some people..

    PTB: 16.33 - will be looking closer to 16.00 at QUB. Tight wee course at the waterworks. Will go faster on flatter.

    I did enjoy the rugby.
  • C75 - forgot to say, well done yesterday.  I could be bothered to look up the results image I wa toying with the idea of going along to Parkrun to cheer on my way to Larne.  Was TG there?  He's been very quiet lately.

    I'm thinking of giving Queens 5K a go next week.  I'll aim to come in around 9 minutes after C75.  Like Rodney, I need to exorcise the demons of yesterday's race.

    Oh and PTB - Sorry, but I also enjoyed the rugby.  Where footie is concerned, I'm England, but in rugby, it has to be Ireland.  My rationale is that I supported England in the footie when growing up there.  I only got into rugby when my youngest started to play for his school here.  He was a great player and was on his firsts from the age of 14 and I always dreamed of him playing internationally.

  • I wasn't there Mags. I did last week - I do 1 in 4 usually as we're pretty well staffed these days or if the guys who coordinate can't make it I fill in. I had a chuckle when I saw C75 as an unknown and knew he had the persistence in him to ensure it was put rightimage

    Some good running in Larne. Mags that sounds horrendous getting hit by car - whoever was driving needs a good kick up the backside! JMcC was that your first half? Great time. Rodney chin up - it sounds like you're carrying an injury anyway so if you sort that you will be fine.

    Comeback trail starts tomorrow. Starting it light with a few 2 milers this week and some bikework then building from there. Turns out something called the "TFL" was causing me great problems and was making the back issue recur. It's not 100% gone but the root cause is now known and it's on it's way out so a slow comeback for a few weeks to get ticking over then back into it.I have never spent so much time stretching as I have this last few weeksimage

    PTB I can't post without mentioning the rugby... Had it not been for dodgy ref against Wales we could have challenged for the championship (maybe lowers scorers though) but not to be! Still better a bad performance now than the world cup.

  • Oh, I could be bothered to go and look it up too, don't get me wrong. Tough day when 16:33 is only good enough for 4th, too image.
  • LOL PTB.  I thought you were too exhausted from your marshalling duties.image  Similar thing happned last week when Alan Ritchie posted on facebook that he had got a PB at Jimmy's, but didn't give a time. Totally agree about C75's 4th place.  Tough day indeed!

    TG - So glad to hear you are starting your comeback.   Not sure what TFL isi, but might google it later. Looking forward to hearing how you progress. Good luck.

  • Ptb/Mags, im not bothered whether I'm 4th, 40th or 400th so long as I run faster! Was great to see some fast runners turn up tbh.

    TG - will be good to have you back.

    Hear the "super club" merger ain't happening now..

    Anyone considering Olympic tickets?!


    Mags - don't worry they got their comeuppance later image
  • Cheers C75 was good to see you getting a race at parkrun  - it'll do you good for queens 5k.

    If this merger doesn't happen then some people are going to be very sorry because one club in particular is very far down the line with it! Hmm, be interesting to see how it pans out...

    HMM some good video taking there by the way. Music and all - very professional!

  • From your report Mags, I think my day went ok now. Hope you are ok.

    C75, I'm feeling a bit better today. Injury seemed ok yesterday, although I was aware of it, but it didn't effect my race. I was exhausted and light headed in the last 2 or 3 miles and felt as though I'd had a few drinks while talking to people at the finish line. Had a good nights sleep and felt better after that but pain in leg has returned, so taking more ibuprofen and considering a week off, but advice from others would be helpful. A week with no running and ibuprofen might get rid of the injury, but can I afford a week off at this point ? I have done 2 x 18 miles, 20 miles,21 miles and 23 mile runs to date and covered 15.7miles yesterday with WU and CD.

    Out for a walk today and considering not entering marathon now. Just running things over in my head but I'm sure my plans could change 5 or 6 times before the morning.

    Great to hear you are ready to start a little running again TG. It has been a tough few months for you I'm sure.

    Well done on the PB Lisoider, and sorry for my moaning and complaining yesterday.image

    C75, well done on your race at Parkrun yesterday.

    JMcC, I should have slowed down and and ran along with you yesterday. After saying to you that it was hard to slow to the right pace, I was silly enough to run on. Still was pleased to see you getting your tactics right and running a PB. Plenty more to come from you this year.

  • Well, that sure sounds like a tough weekends racing from everyone- well done!

    Nothing from me unforunately due to family events- maybe a duathlon next weekend, but having heard nothing from the organisers I might give it a bye....

     C75- Impressive stuff....image Competition must be getting strong at the Waterworks. Good luck w/ Queens- helluva target, something I dream about....

     Rodney- Sounds like you had a tough old time, strange symptoms on the finish line- was the nutrition okay? A week off with those miles under your belt isn't going to do you any harm- the rest would well worth it especially as you sound to be giving yourself and your poor old bones a fairly hard time at the mo. Might not hurt to get your head out of it for a while too.

    Mags- Heart in my mouth there, glad you're okay! I've been surprised in the past at how much slower I've been until my race legs kick in later in the season-don't be too disheartened.

  • Paul OHPaul OH ✭✭✭

    What a shock Mags, glad you're ok.  And you finished the race in spite of it, some performance!

    Enjoyed the day myself (what happened to the 900 runner limit by the way?)  Thought I was going to do a course PB, but that run-in is deceptively long and I ended up with 1:50.34.  Well done everyone, some terrific times there and thanks to Larne for another great event.

  • Rodney can I make a comment or two here... Ibuprofen won't cure an injury - it'll only help you in the aftermath. It'll wreck your stomach if you continue to take it. I don't think you sound to be too badly injured - see a physio and they should diagnose / sort you soon enough.

    If Belfast is a no go there is always Newry.

    Good running Paul. 1300 is a massive number alright...

  • Well done everyone on sat - some brilliant results.

    Mags - glad to hear you're ok but that must have been scary! I hope the driver is completely ashamed of themself. Hitting someone is bad enough but not even stopping to check if you were ok is unforgivable.

    Rodney - at the end of the day you are the only one who can decide how bad your injury is. Ibuprofen can help if it is combined with proper rest but there's no point in using it to mask the pain so you can run through an injury. I haven't been keeping up with the forum recently but have you seen a physio? I would suggest giving yourself a proper recovery from sat before deciding about Belfast and in the meantime getting the opinion of a good physio.

    Of course, I'm much better at giving advice than taking it and my own hamstring is still a bit tight but I have another sports massage (torture session) booked for tues night and hopefully a return to full speed training the week after that. I'm getting itchy feet to race again after reading these race reports but the next thing on my calendar is the Titanic 10K.

  • Well done to all on Saturday - POh, Rodney , lisoider , robin , Mags , Jason and any others.

    PTB - I gave you a shout on the way back - you probably had no idea who I was. wearing a glensrunners vest. 

    Well done on a great event. , well organised and well marshalled. Great parking in St Comgalls - close to the start /finiah area.  the bottled water was fantastic. I normally ignore the cups but took on water at 3 out of the 4 ( ?) locations. It was a warm day so it was welcome.

    TG -  that was my 3rd half.  2 last year ( Ards and Cookstown).  good to hear you are back running. you have had hard time with the injuries.

    Rodney - thanks . I think I may have peaked, but that one of the main targets out of the way ( sub 85mins ).  It was difficult to slow down with the breeze and sun on or backs on the way out but after 3 or so mile I put the brakes on a bit. I found the hill tough enough , the downhill probably too steep ( sub 6 minute mile !!) and the last 3 mile I was on auto-pilot . Ran most of this section with Philip from East Down and I think that kept me / us  going. I was not quite as bad as you described yourself at the end but after running into the breeze I was out on my feet.  Glad of the promenade railings to hold me up for a few minutes.

    Mags - glad to hear you have survived. Where did incident happen?  I found the traffic to be generally ok, apart from an impatient white van driver going up the first hill. 

    C75 - good time at park run.  you are flying.

    My feet were a mess after the race.  A line of blood blisters across balls of both feet !!.  I hope thats was caused my discomfort over last 3-4 mile rather than fitness level.  Limped ( can you limp on two bad feet?)  back to the car and was unable to do any warm down.   Wonder whats causing this?  Shoes / socks.  I wear size 10 runing shoes. There about 3/4 inch gap so don't think they are too big.  Maybe 9.5 would be better.  Advice welcome.

  • Mags,sorry to hear about the wee bump glad you are ok and HMM with the Ballymena runners got revenge for you.

    Rodney I tried to stay with you on the hill but not strong enough but finished strong so I am off to Omagh in prep for Belfast. I think you ran well maybe a bit quick as your splits shows at the start. Ibruprofen needs food as it will harm the stomach lining and is only used as pain and inflamation. Recovery is best done by physio and rest. Over training and racing before Belfast may not be wise but as most comments say let the body tell you.

    Well done to Larne I had a great day and well done on the weather. I hope to meet some of you at Omagh.  image

  • Thanks john. I was suffering on those hills and couldn't find the energy to speak to you much but recovered on the 2nd hill and got going again up to 10 miles where I suffered again.
  • JMcC - aha! I was wondering. We see a few Glens runners guys at Larne nights through the summer, but thought I didn't recognise you as one of them. Good run. Can't advise much on the blister troubles - did you do anything different on this run? Different socks or shoes, or lacing (chip?)? Can't imagine you ran through a puddle early on, or anything like that.
  • JMcC - going back to your roots? I wear half a size smaller in running shoes than I thought I would. Anti blister socks too. I imagine it's one of the two here as blisters usually would be excessive friction.

    5k at lunch there. First run in 2 months - felt it!

  • Size 9 normal shoes - trainers no matter what brand size 11. Always found irt kinda weird. Even Cat in UR doesn't get it each time I'm in to get fitted out image Anyone else got strange feet?
  • Well now the drama has died down I have had time to analyse my run on Saturday.  I said previously that I think that I may have started out too fast and this appears to be the case.  I borrowed a Garmin from a running friend for the race and she confirmed today that she looked at my splits and that I did in fact set off too fast.  She was cycling the course as support crew, and said she was surprised when she saw me keeping up with some of the guys from the club at the beginning.

    I don't know why I did that, as usually I try to take it easy at the start and save my energy for later on.  I just seemed to get carried away by the nice weather and the crowd, but paid for it in the second half.  Lesson learned!

    Looking forward to a nice steady 8 miles before work tomorrow - thank goodness for the bright morningsimage

  • Mags, at least you learn from your mistakes i.e. setting off too fast I do this every race and end up crawling over the line. I say every time I will set off steady and go for this thing called negative split but it never happens.

    HMM no I believe just you and I don't want to hear this as an excuse on our next outing LOL.

    My toe nails go black after marathons but not during training how can I prevent toe nail damage any suggestion? It has taken 6 months to clear/heal my feet back ready for Belfast in May.

  • Sports massage last night but just on the sore leg. She said I had a lot of fluid in my lower legs and asked if I had high blood pressure, which I didn't know as it has never been an issue. She took my blood pressure and said it was a bit high and she would check it again after the massage. After massage it had went down a bit and was 148/95, imagewhich she said is still a little high. My Heart rate on the other hand was 45bpm before and 41bpm after massage.image

    I'm not allowed to run until Saturday as it is all soft tissue pain and she says rest is the best thing. image

    On the positive side, my legs feel a lot fresher already after 3 days rest.

  • Glad to hear you can see a positive side Rodney - you seemed very down after Larne.  I can't wait to hear how your run on Saturday goes with another few days rest.  That's some heart rate that you have!  I have only had two massages and I can tell you that both my blood pressure and heart rate would have been much higher afterwards than before.

    I rested on Sunday and just did a Pilates class and an Abs class on Monday.  Yesterday morning I ran 8 miles before work and my legs felt great.  I did another 10 this morning and the first 7 were good but I could start to feel my legs getting a bit tired for the final 3 although I tried not to slow down.

    Oh, and re the toe nails John - I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have 10 toe nails again.  As soon as one grows back another one drops off.  I lost my big to nail after Dublin and it has just about grown back enough to drop off again after Londonimage

  • Thats good Rodney are you still doing Belfast.

    John I have had problems for years with blister tonails etc. I have tried numerous different socks but still suffer.

    Mags you seem to have recovered from you little bum on Saturday.

    Hill session last night 3 different hills 2 long one short 3 reps obn each hill jog between the hills. It was a lovely night for running but I was too warm with long sleeved top. Time changes this weekend great we will be able to get out of the town during the week.

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