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  • Kenny, still doing Belfast. Posted my entry today. 

  • Good man Rodney - glad to hear you have some improvement with the leg.

    sneaked out at  lunchtime today - nice easy 9 mile.  Glorious weather.

  • Rodney glad you are recovered from Larne I took yesterday off and feel great ready fro my 10 miler tonight. I am booking Belfast today so thats it no going back now full steam ahead.

     Mags & Kenneth, I will have to accept toe nails are to be black or fall off as part of running. I was a weeee bit worried but happy it was not just me.Thanks

  • That's good John. You have been training hard this year and the taper is now in sight, although I've had a couple of mini tapers along the way.

    Off work tomorrow and although I'm not supposed to run until Saturday, I am considering driving to Portrush (since the sun is out) and doing a few easy miles along the beach from East Strand to Whiterocks and back, followed by a dip in the sea. image

  • You lead such a rock and roll life style, sounds good. I will have to stick to early mornings and later nights at least we can see now (head torch packed away at last). I have two more 20 milers left and Omagh in the middle for the next three weeks and then taper,can not wait.image


    Thanks Martin for the heads up on this.

  • I did 5.6miles last night it was great getting out into the country (except for the smell) in shorts and T'shirt we got back into the town before it got dark. An hour less in bed this weekend.

  • Kenny - you should wash your shorts and T'shirt before going out into the country.  Smeel won't be as bad.
  • LOL-image

    Well done guys at Larne last Saturday.Enjoyed 4 days in the sun-took in World Cross Country Championships in Punta Umbria,Spain last Sunday.What a run by Merga(Ethiopia)sprinting away from 4 top Kenyans. Witnessed bit of a punchup in finishing straight between another Ethiopian and an Eritreanimage-most unusual!

    Jim-spotted Stevie G at the airport on Tuesday(Faro)-looked very fit and tanned-he didnt seen to know u when i mentioned ur nameimage

  • Sounds like someone has a mancrush on Stevie G..
  • Went to Portrush today and did 3 miles on the beach to test the injury and it was fine, so I ran to Portstewart and back again, then back onto the beach for another 3 miles and 2 miles on road to finish. Injury was ok but right knee a little sore in last mile or so. did 20.05 miles in 2.32 averaging 7.35 pace. Averaged 7.30 pace up to 16 miles and slowed in the last 4 miles. Easy run tomorrow and then hopefully 3 good weeks of full training and then taper.

    The sea was very cold, so I just went as far as the knees. Stayed in for about 5 minutes and couldn't feel my feet at times. Not as nice as I thought it would be.

    Very cheeky JMcC.image. You have trained well after Larne. Have you entered BCM yet ?

  • JMcC it was good fresh country air I'd forgot what it had smelt like during the winter.

  • Hi just thought id give a wee mention on the Norn Iron page image

     Im from Carrickfergus and am doing the Belfast marathon this year done the relay team last year and decided to go 1 better this year.  Havent done as much miles as i would have liked to so a walk/ run marathon for me.

    Wish me luck ill need it image

  • Good luck Robert you have a few weeks yet to get a few miles clocked up.
  • Rodney , just a little joke. It hard to beat the country smells at this time of the year.  

    You are obviously back in full swing with the 20 mile run. 

    Feeling tired today and have 3 x 2000m to look forward to tonight.  

    No BCM entry yet but I have enough miles in the tank to warrant one .  Still not convinced about marathon. Its a lot of effort for 1 run.

  • JMcC go for it, half marathon is a lot of effort for one run too.
  • Rodney that sounds like a nice run.......for info the Sea at present is only around 7C almost like having a ice bathimage.

  • Lisoider - have you any ideas on BCM weather + week before? Thanks
  • HMM - that is a little far of for any detail, still 2 maybe 3 LSR's between now and then....(22m an hour earlierimage in the morning).

    I am running Belfast but only decided to enter yesterday as also running Edinburgh. Going to go for a time in Belfast and then enjoy the weekend in Edinburgh with a crowd from East Down (probably pace someone round).  

    Just expect typical Norn Ire weather and then if better smileimage

    Latest for last week April.....The changeable weather is likely to continue through this period, with occasional rain or showers mixed in with drier periods. It looks to become somewhat cooler than average for most parts, with a return to overnight frosts and perhaps some wintry showers across Scotland. Afternoon showers will also become more likely as we get further into spring, these heavy on occasion. Rainfall amounts are likely to be around average due to the changeable conditions, with sunshine amounts also around average.

  • Lol lisoider + there was me expecting high 20d with clear blue skies + a soft breeze image

    How is Phil V from your club going at the moment. If you are speaking to Helen + Phil pleas pass on my regards.
  • Phil V is pushing it hard, I train regularly with him...he is looking for around 2:50 in Edinburgh (Helen doing Edinb as well for her first marathon). He is going well in training but was very disappointed with Larne, he just felt flat and heavy legged. However he put it behind him as we spent a good evening refuelling afterwards. I will mention you in the morning in the first few miles, after that I will struggle to keep up with him . 
  • I renenber Helen keeping me up to date with his first mara which was in Dublin - around 5 hours - some progress now.
  • His Dublin last  year was 2:58?  
  • Just 4.1 miles this morning as legs were tired from the 20 miles yestrerday and right knee was sore again from 3 miles. The other injury was fine, so it is one injury sorted and another one to work round between now and May Day. Will do ITB work on foam roller as it is on outside of knee. I had this injury in 2008 before Dublin Marathon and also have a knee strap to wear for it. Looks like recovery runs might have to still be replaced with rest days.  If I can just get through the next 3 weeks tough training and then recover during taper.

    Hope everyone else is having more luck at the moment with injuries and niggles.

    Enjoy the earlier run in the morning Lisoider.

  • Had a day off running today so went over to Parkrun to spectate, and then wished that I was running after all.  In fact an old friend of mine (he's 82) runs it every week and asked me to run the second lap with him and I would have been tempted only for the fact I was wearing 4 inch heels and  tight jeans!

    Well done C75 and Robin.  

    C75 - that was a fantastic run from you.  1 second slower than your PB after a gruelling/stressful couple of days and nights.  You made it look so easy.  Hope you and your daughter are both recovered.

    Rodney - glad to hear you got out for your run, even though it was a day earlier than advised.  It's very hard not to run when you're off work and the sun is shining. I hope you get through the next few weeks without any further injury.

    Like Lisoider I have a 22 mile run planned for 9am tomorrow.  Might have to go to bed an hour earlier tonight to try and make up for the hour I will lose.  I bought a Camelbak Ocatane 18x today in preparation for my Ultra training so I am going to try it out tomorrow.

    TG - you're very quiet at the minute.  How's your back?

  • hey all, glad to hear rodney going well after that injury scare, so close to belfast, I did my 19 mile run idea why i thought saturday night was a good idea for a long run, but am suffering now, just next weeks 22 miler to go and then taper time for me, fingers crossed no last minute injuries come up with belfast fast approaching!
  • Mags - back still in recovery mode but getting significantly better thanks for asking. I have managed the dizzy heights of 2 3 mile runs this week! Plan is a month / two months of low heart heart rate aerobic stuff to get the fitness back up and to get the mileage up to ~40+ a week. Still not 100% yet but well on the mend! Glad to hear your marathon training is going well.

    Good running everyone else. C75 looking forward to seeing how you get on in Queens.

    Rodney glad to hear you seem to be on the mend. A foam roller should sort any ITB out.

  • 15 @ 8.27 pace. Getting there. Lots of running/tri stuff each Sunday on Sky channel 502 (free)
  • My first 22 mile training run completed, and I feel greatimage.  That brings my mileage for the week to 51 miles - my biggest so far.

    The run this morning was made more enjoyable by the lovely weather and running with a couple of friends from the club.  Another nice part was bumping  into DS (remember him?) on the way out and running with him for about 9 miles.

    Alan B - well done on completing your first 20 miler - I hope you manage to lose the 'John Wayne' waddle soon thoughimage.

    Some advice please!  I am toying with the idea of doing Omagh half next Saturday.  Would it be wise just 2 weeks out from London?  I had planned to to a 15 mile run next Sunday so might swap it for the half on Saturday.  I'm not planning to break any records in London - except to try and come in under last year's 5.14 - as the Ultra this year is my main target.

  • mags I think omagh is too near to london, even though you would probably say "oh ill just treat it as a training run" we all end up running it hard and I think it will do you no favours in the recovery

    Ran 20  miles this morning with ballymena crew(HMM couldnt be tempted to go the extra 5 miles) and glad went early as it was getting warm when we finished , Last long run before london, so now cutting back now

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