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  • James busy decorating the living room so I am up and down steps which doesn't help. Be finished hopefully at the weekend so I'll struggle on and see what happens after that. I find running in the gym very warm especially in the uni were there is no airconditioning. When I was training for London three years ago I tried it one Sunday when the weather was bad ran for an hour and the sweat just poured out couldn't stick it any longer.
  • James this is the url for Connemara Marathon. They have 410 entries for the marathon on 18/1

    There was a half marathon around the coast years ago a nice run on a good day. Organising a 1/2 involves a lot of hard work and may take years to build up the entry you get at Larne and Omagh. The time of year is also important as some people use 1/2's as perparation for the marathon. You need to get permission from the PSNI for starters. Starting and finishing at the Leisure Centre close to the town centre is very busy with traffic and would require loads of marshalls to be safe. Big Sponsorship and loads of people to help. It takes a lot of people to take entries, marshall, man waterstops and record finish times. To get a permit it would have to run through a club and a risk assessment would have to done on the course.
  • well which of you lot is coming to glorious north down this saturday for the Junior cross country.

    not as young as it sounds all ages allowed just not previous winners of it or the senior

    6 miles around castle park

    hard but a good run out
    or for more details
  • Hi Baldy I'll be there running at the back in the vets race. I always enjoy the run but gald I only have to face that hill twice. Weather looking not too bad at the moment. What state is the course in after all the rain we had the past few weeks.

    James I don't know if Pegasus would be interested in organising a 1/2. You need good sponsorship for prizes to attract the top runners also its difficult to get the number of volunteers you would need. A race like this you may have to take a loss for a few years before it builds up a reputation and attracts large numbers of runners. You would need to run it on a Saturday and the town is very busy on a Saturday afternoon. This could be dangerous and you may not get permission from the PSNI.
  • see you there KB

    Give me a nudge...........before or after!!
  • well kb hope your vets race went better than my junior, calf went tight on teh 1st of 3rd lap and never loosened. Dont know why, not too bad today went out and managed a steady 14 along the coast.

    heading north to coleraine next for the senior on 12 feb, another tough course

    any one else for that?
  • Hi Baldy I was happy with my run the firm conditions suit me better that the mud. I had my best run for a while but still about a minute down on last year but I was in better shape then. First run in a couple of weeks were I haven't had trouble with my ankle. Went out yeaterday and did a slow 12 was going well but tired over the last 3 miles.
    Is anyone going to Roe Valley Forest Park, Limavady, on Saturday 5 Feb for the 5K forest run 12.00 start.

  • Anybody know when the next road race in NI is ? I'm itch'in to do a race, but the first one that I know of is the Larne Half in April !!! Does anybody know if there is aything earlier ?
  • Hi Cartman a full list of road races is on the NI athletics web site
    The next road race is tha Armagh International 5K Road race on Thuraday 24 Feb or the Albertville 5 in Duncrue Industrial estate on the 5 March, very few road races during Feb. Omagh 1/2 is the week before larne this year.
  • Hi James hows the training going we haven't heard from you for a while.
  • Hi guys - a bunch of us from my club are thinking of coming over to do the Masters X-C champs in Bangor on 12 March and then have a night out in Belfast on the Saturday night - any comments / suggestions on the race or the general week-end plan welcome!
  • James, everyone adn anyone. Good race, usually 6/7 miles, not flat!!!

    Boy Wonder, masters is in castle park i believe and is a 1.5m lap, the same as above for the Junior race. good old fashioned XC with hills and mud and uneven ground in luvelly surroundings.

    Bangor is good base for your activities too, post race. Lively seaside town with pubs for all.

    there is a over 35 race also so i will be doing that. the iaaf are looking to reduce the ages in line with the women.
  • James entry form for the senior xcountry are on the following web site.
    The distance is 12K (6laps around the university course) mostly club runners but you can enter as an individual.
    See you on Saturday I'll be marshalling so I'll gice you a good shout somewhere around the course. Be prepared for the killer hill at the end.
    The Belfast Marathon course i was told was one lap unless they have changed it again.
  • Kenny - Is that the Cross country at Coleraine on Feb 12 - is it 12K? - Was it shorter last year - I think it was only 4 laps

    Do you need spikes?
  • Seamus, maybe you are thinking of the pegasus race which is 4 laps and always in coleraine.

    this is same place but always is 12k. can be messy so spikes would help if it is wet.
  • Seamus the race you did last year was the pagasus race and we vets had to do 3 laps. This is twice the distance and spikes would be better especially if it wet.
  • James registration is in the visitors center at Roe Valley Forest Park, Limavady. Registration opens at 11.00 racing starts at 12.00 with the different age groups being set off at intervals.
    Huey & Hendersons are the only place I think you can gat spikes in Coleraine, price depends on what they have in stock or if they are reduced in the sale.
  • Hi James when you go off road your times are usually a bit slower than on the roads.
    I did 15 miles on Sunday tired a bit at the end. The roads were very slippy at the start but the thaw had set in by the time we were heading home.
    Have been entered to run on Saturday but not sure if I'll run. If the team are a man short I will run. I was around the course yesterday its soft in places so hopefully there won't be much rain between now and Saturday.
  • What's keeping the Belfast Marathon website? It was due to be launched today!
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