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  • Hi James membership is £15 and includes NIAF membership.
    We were out at 8.30 on Sunday weather was good apart from the ice.
  • Belfast site now up an running. Details of the new course.

    James a club vest is £10
  • dont know about sat yet james, got to see if the club got the entries in, missed out on mon due to work :-(

    course is south belfast, east belfast, south belfast, north belfast, centre, north down, east belfast. confused yet??

    am going to practice a few of the legs over the next weeks just to get a feel for it.
  • James I have just recieved a set of results. The reason I have not put them on our website is because I knew that there were mistakes as you and afew other runners did not appear in the first copy I recieved. I hope to put them up on our site soon. I have you finishing 31st in the open race in 28.12. Sorry for the delay but I wasn't going to put something up that wasn't correct.
  • I am entered but if this rain keeps up the course will be very haevy which will not suit me. I'll probably be last but will us it as a good training run.
    I tried to put the results up on our site but it is playing up at the moment will try again at home this evening.
  • James results now up on our site
    sorry for the delay
  • Was thinking of you on Sunday when we were out did about eight miles very tough when running in to the head wind.
  • I was going to do a long run yesterday but found the bed hard to get out of so it will probably be Sunday doing speed work tonight, circuits tomorrow and about 6.5 on Thursday.
  • Hi James we run at 6.00 from the Joey Dunlop Centre your welcome to come along. Runners of varous speeds faster runners come back for slower runners. We did fartlek
    last night 6x5mins on 2mins off good night dry and no wind. Went to circuits at lunch time today. Got rejected for the Great North Run today another ballot on the 5 March last chance to get in unless I run for a charity.
  • What about the Civil service next week, 5m and we all run together, none of the vets going on their own!!!!
  • James the civil service is x country. A good 5 mile race. Everybody goes at the one time. Early start for us to travel up. If there is not too much rain you could get away without spikes.
  • You can sign on on the day its atarts at 10.30
  • On for 16 tomorrow in 2hrs, providing i dont over endulge on the red tonight (birfday drinks and all). Am using th RW schedule for sub 3, week 5 this week for my belfast prep.

    done 8x300m hills today (not on schedule but i like to do hills each week on a thurs), why do they hurt even more when its cold wet and windy.

    Kenneth looked at the flyer at the club for saturday, first junior race is at 11, men at 1130. But 1030 is good enough not to miss it. There is usually a foootball match on in the bar too after the run.
  • James what about stranraer??
  • Hi everybody - I had a good week this week as I covered 48 miles. I did a long run today (18 miles) in 2 hrs 54 mins - quite slow 9.66 min/miles. It was extremely cold with a chill factor from the north wind. If I can do another couple of weeks like this and then taper for the Galway marathon I'll be content enough.
  • Hi James conditions were good yesterday I ran 16 miles 2:37 still some ice on the roads when we set out. Will see how I go in Stranaer before deciding on the marathon. You should try and build your long run up to 20 miles by adding on 1 mile a week.
    Weather forecast for this week not looking good. See you on Thursday.
    Thanks Baldy I think we arrived up for a 10.30 start last year to find the the race didn't start to 11.00 better being early than late and it gave us plenty of time for a warmup.
    Seamus are you doing your long runs on your own. Speed doesn't realy matter its about time on you feet. Keep it up. Are you going to Stranaer I need a some one to set the pace.

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