Training help needed

I have a place in FLM but I my work takes me to Sunderland an area I know not, the company I am working at has a gym so i joined in order to keep training whilst away from home. from Jan contractors are banned from the gym and this will result in several weeks without training in the 3 months before the FLM. I am long past PB's but I need to train if only to get round in under 4 hours any ideas.


  • Would it be possible to seek out a running club in the area you're working and ask them if they mind you running with them for a few weeks? Good Luck with your training!
  • Being a northerner I know for a fact there are a few clubs in the area.
    And dont be put off just cos they have Harriers behind their name, they cater for all types of runner.
    And seeing as your training in Makem land you could train on the streets and be sure of a PB by running away from all the thieves trying to pinch the trainers of you feet.

    (Heh heh,Toon army)
  • Sounds like a delightful place Nicko!!
  • Why do you think I moved down south???????
  • Nicko, no idea why you moved south. Were you suffering from some form of mental instablilty when you took the decision to move?
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