Stockport 10

Really enjoyed the race despite (because of?) difficulty of course. Organisation was great as was the atmosphere. Enjoyed the announcer’s impression on Norman Collier at start but would have liked a full lap of track at end to finish.

This was only my second race - I took up running last year after "retiring" from football as getting too old (42) and too many injuries, wish I'd done it sooner. As a novice, I was looking at the mile markers to pace myself and agree with others who queried the accuracy – I gave up trying to use the mile markers fairly early. Nevertheless finished in 1hour 5mins 24secs which is a pb as my only other race was the Wilmslow half marathon (I found Wilmslow easier than this).

This leads me to the question, was the race really 10 miles?


  • I finished in 1:04.52, a pb for me as well, but I also have my doubts as to whether the course was exactly 10 mile.

    Fair enough they were forced to change the course at a late date, but they also said it was officially measured and certified.
    I'm saying it was as much as 400m short, so if you had done a lap of the track to finish it would've been about right and I would've still got a pb (1.06.30-ish?). I'd rather run long than short.

    Other than that it was a great race.
  • I queried the mile markers too.

    Apparantly, the start was moved further around the track because something wouldn't reach on the morning of the race when the mile markers were already in place. So the first mile was longer than it should have been and the last one shorter.

    Perhaps Beav can come on to clarify.

    I enjoyed it too
  • I also heard the mile markers were out.We are having a de-brief meeting on tuesday about the race.Once i find out what the problems were i will get back to you.One thing i can clarify is that it was measured and certified accurate.
  • Just to clarify that chip is correct in what he says.The start was moved so it would be 250 yards longer 1st mile and the same shorter for the last mile.But the course was 10 miles.
  • Chester - does anyone know if there is a run in Chester this year?
  • Chester round the walls is boxing day, no entries on the day though
  • Thanks Chip.
    I'll be far away from Chseter on Boxing Day anyway.
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