Dartmoor discovery

Any discovery veterans out there ?

Enjoyed the race very much last year- first time- and was blessed with actual hot weather in June - unusual for the moors !!
Anyone planning it again for June ?
Anyone not aware of this race- a superb scenic 32 mile road race- takes in some stunning scenery of dartmoor. Lots of ups and downhills- sore toe nails and quads after !
Anyone seriously fancing joining me in doint it in fancy dress this time ?
I am trying to locate a giant egg costume and run both London and this one in the egg.
Anyone fancy being a chicken/etc, i would seriously be interested in hearing from you. All to raise awareness of ectopc pregnancies- a devastating condition close to my heart.
Mr mac/shades/etc.. ???



  • there's a thread already up and running with DD veterans and newbies on... I'll boing it up....it's on the Ultra threads.
    Hi Hubcap - hi there, we have a thread already on this race, I think it's on the Ultra section.
    Sorry, there is no way I'm dressing up as a chicken. If you dress up as an egg you'll be able to just roll down these hills!
    Please copy your message on that thread to see if you can find a chicken!
  • Oops sorry guys ! didnt mean to confuse things and start a new thread !
    How do i copy thread over ? Thanks
    Select the text in your posting, right click and select copy, then go over to other thread and paste.
  • Cheers !!!
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